Thursday, May 31, 2007

And he still goes on.

When will he shut up? Here is Blair going on about giving away more and more of our money, this time to Africa, again. Read here.

Although it's too late for him now. He can't just cut a cheque and send it off by the time he is gone all this will be forgotten or we will just bomb Sudan or something and say each bomb was £1K and we used X and we will count that as aid.

In reality Gordo won't mind slipping a few mill. After all the commons tea expenses are greater than that but he needs all the real money to keep his bloated public sector above water. Think of it like the local single mother slipping a quid into the envelope for the red cross. Makes her feel good, she can't really afford it but it won't break the bank.

Although now Gordo is in charge can't he have a Kelly done to Blair. They must have trees in Africa.

Sometimes you upgrade.

And sometimes you don't. Read here.

Although to be honest Billie didn't do to well the first time either.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shoplifting as a career plan.

After the latest news that shoplifting will be dealt with less than dropping litter in the street I think it has now opened up to be a more acceptable career path and should be advertised as such. Like all careers there are pros and cons. For example the Police get to arrest and kill innocent people but the downside is 2.5% of the time they may be wet by having to go outside. You can see that you can't have everything in a job.

So let's look at the career path for a shoplifter.

Like all career paths you need to practise your technique. Start young, after all by 12 you generally know if you have a chance of learning to read/write and/or do sums. Start small, the local sweet shop or corner store, they won't have sophisticated equipment nor people willing to wait 10 hours for a copper to get there so you can claim you were molested. The worst that can happen is you get banned. How did you get caught? Learn from your mistakes.

Then as you gain experience you can move to the big chains. This is the more lucrative market as you can sell this stuff on for a reasonable amount. But, as with all things, the greater the prize the greater the risk. Well, when I say risk it's relative. After all you are not going to get hurt or maimed at work by machinery or in an accident getting to work in rush hour. No, it will only be mental such as embarrassment or shame but after a while you will become immune. A bit like bee keepers and electricians getting used to being stung or shocked. Only you will manage it quicker. All you need to do is keep your head low for a few months after you have been caught, go back to the low risk stores and keep yourself going. Don't forget as well as the income from the goods you acquire you will have some money from the government to keep you in your basics plus free dental and health care paid for by the suckers who also subsidise the goods you acquire. Either via insurance or a premium on the goods. So it's not really hurting anyone as such.

Like everyone else you worry about the future, where is my latest fix coming from, what's on the telly tonight and so on. Pension paid for by those suckers again and you don't have to contribute a bean. Plus those suckers will get kicked out of their homes to pay for their old age and you won't. Stay where you have put down your roots.

The best bit is it is not as bad as speeding, parking incorrectly or not putting your bins out at the right time. After all these serious crimes have severe penalties where as yours is seen as just a bit of a lark and is treated as such.

And if you ever feel down about what you are doing. Shrug it off. If stealing from other people, having no skills and being a parasite is good enough for our politicians it's good enough for you. After all if it was bad there would be some sort of punishment.

The downside however is that your declarable income will not really get you a mortgage so you will just have to stay in one of the local council houses. Get yourself down there as soon as you are able and make sure you get your share. It's only right that you get what is yours. Don't forget to claim some money for a cooker, bed etc. Oh and if your bird is a bit of a goer and you want to keep her then get her up the duff. That will increase all your benefits and you will have someone to help give you some sort of cover for your activities. Prams are great for hiding things in and nothing distracts like a baby. You could make it a family business if the missus wants to get involved.

Oh almost forgot. Career progression. Once you have a fence there will be lots of other areas you can expand into. Guns, drugs, DVD copying, fly tipping (careful with this one it's a high risk of getting caught but with toxic chemicals or general rubbish is a lucrative business). Once you have your DVD set up going it appears you need to send a percentage to a terrorist group. It's some sort of rule. Gerry Adams may be a good contact as I understand his political career is going downhill.

That's it then. As you can see much better than slaving in a dead end 9-5 job where you hardly bring anything home after paying taxes and putting money in a pension. No skills required and you work the hours you want. Can you see yourself with any job better than that?

Is the climate change debate over?

I keep on hearing that the climate change debate is over and it's our fault. Greenpeace won't even debate it any more. Read here where Iain Dale requested someone to take part in a debate and was turned down. Yet I see that the more time passes more scientists stand up and be counted on the side of the sceptics.

Once the tide changes the politicians will drop this like a hot brick and it will die alongside all the other back to the stone age green initiatives. At the moment the politicians can ride it for what it is worth and they know they already have a scapegoat waiting in the wings. When it all goes wrong the greens will be standing alone getting the blame for everything that is happening. Our politicians, who already know this is a false theory, will claim they were duped, but so was everyone else they will cry, so let's just move on. Sadly we will and although the whingy whiney greens were the ones pushing this the real damage will have been done by our politicians not the greens. And they will get away with it as usual.

So, although at the moment the popular view is that climate change is our fault and we are being forced to make sacrifices we must remember that less than 400 years ago the popular view was that the Sun rotated around the Earth, the Earth was thought to be flat and less than 10 years ago Labour was a good political party1. Things change. We learn, revise theories and most people are not that stupid.

We just need to keep on about those pesky facts. They screw everything up for those that have a hidden agenda. Although with the greens it's not so well hidden. That's why they can't face debate. Their requirements and the facts don't add up.

1) Updated to make it sound funnier.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Teetering on the edge of a political philosophy.

I've always classed myself as a Libertarian. At least what I understand to be a Libertarian which is someone who wants minimum government and minimum interference in someones life. Leaving people to get on with their lives. Real punishment for crimes so the juice is not worth the squeeze, so to speak. Defence of the realm and policing to be paid for by taxation. A few well defined laws and responsibility for your actions. Social services at a minimum and as a safety net not a bed.

At the moment I seem to be teetering on the edge of being an anarchist. It's only a little step from where I started but the name change seems a big step. Although I do not agree with the general principles so I can't be one. Sadly I'll just have to stick to having a boring title rather than a cool sounding one.

On the other hand we could have a Lib-An. Bit like a Lib-Dem but to actually have some characteristics from both of the names. Such as Liberal and Democratic. I'll have a bit of Liberal and Anarchist. Is there really common ground when you get down to the details? I'll have to think about this. After all how can I take over the universe when one aim is to get rid of any government? Bit of a tough technical issue there.

Blogpower Awards.

Seems James at Nourishing Obscurity is having an annual awards bash for the BlogPower community after just a few months. He clearly likes to keep busy. It is timed in the gaps between the Oscars, the Baftas, the Banthas and before Iain Dales next group hug. It will ensure all the major stars won't be booked up.

The deadline is pretty tight. James doesn't seem to stop so get over there, via this link, read the timetable, nominate a category and then later on have a vote. It's title is '[that's it] we've had enough' but I'm not clear on what we have had enough of.

Monday, May 28, 2007

What a brilliant title.

So simple yet so encouraging. Labour 'to be out of power soon' .

It's only Wales, which was a disappointment, but it's a start.

Pity the next lot seem to be shaping up to be no different.

Oh dear. People find ways around rules.

That seems to be a bit of a surprise. Read here. Government makes rules. People find a way around them. Who would have thought it?

The old stuff still works just as well.

Olden day robbery still works well. Read the article at Strange Stuff.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Talk about salting the earth.

Blair screws even more of our liberties as he packs up and gets ready to go. Read here. The proposal is that the Police can stop you and ask for your identity details, what you are doing, if fact, anything they want and refusal can lead to a £5K fine.

A final screw you from him so to speak. God I hate that man. Why can't he just go?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Deal with it right or it gets dealt with badly.

Just reading this article on the BNP at The Waendel Journal. A blog by a Tory councillor Tony Sharp. It made me think. It's about the BNP being racist thugs. Now I don't see the BNP being a mainstream party at the moment because of it's history but I certainly think they are more popular now than they have been for a long time. They are no longer just the party of thugs and racists they have now gained people concerned about the things the BNP have been warning people about for years. People like you and me. If they had been standing in my ward rather than just the three clone parties I would have voted for them. It seems to me that they can only grow in power. All the areas that have a significant number of immigrants are the ones that the BNP does so well in. What do they see day in and day out that we don't? Well, don't see yet anyway.

So far from them being seen as the racists and bigots they were it seems that their problem is that most of us yet don't know why they are the way they are. Once it is too late we will start to move. Of course by this time we will create different problems. But such is life in our lethargic country. The BNP offer one solution when others may be more appropriate but instead of dealing with the issue we do nothing because it is too sensitive. Leading to the rise of people willing to do something even if it is the wrong thing.

I'm all right Jack.

Now we watch while our government forces it's philosophy on large swathes of the population but because we don't think that it will impact us personally we do nothing. Imprisonment without charge. Imprisonment for having a book. Imprisonment because someone in authority does not like you. There is no smoke without fire you say. It really is history repeating itself and because a few things are changed we are so docile that we really don't see the danger and do anything about it.

They came first for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me,
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

So many woes can be substituted here to fit the current bogey man. Be it terrorists, frequent flyer's, motorists, hunters, fishermen, smokers, drinkers, pedophiles, etc. One by one they will all be targeted starting with the ones nobody likes and ending with you. It will keep on going until we are all dull, uneducated drones with little or no thoughts of our own and with no power to change. Unable to move because we may stub our toe or something without clear instructions.

Perhaps we deserve this. Perhaps we deserve what is coming. Our current society annihilated. Gone with a whimper rather than a bang. The last of us fighting futilely because the people that tell us to turn the other cheek will already be gone and we finally realise what is going on but not before they have dragged the trojan horse in and it is too late. Our society will be replaced by something stronger and more determined. If we can get past the whingy whiney people before they screw it up it can be us. Us without the do gooders, H&S fascists and greenies. The way it was when we forged an empire and the way it was in the US just 50 odd years ago. If not there are plenty of other people on the planet who have not grown so soft they still have fire in them who can expand and fill the void we leave.

Isn't it time we had our own revolution. They seem to happen all over the world. Why can't we have one? We can't wait until everyone is ready to go. Did the US wait until everyone was on board. Nope. They started it and it grew from there. Why can't we have some visionaries ready to go? We have actually see how our system of government is no longer working. One person can corrupt our whole society. We need to fix this. Redefine our rights and take back our society and future and make sure it does not happen again. We should call on our US buddies to invade and help give us regime change. Fingers crossed that Bush and Brown end up falling out.

Now in the 70s it was Citizen Smith and the others calling for a revolution. Now here we are at this end of the spectrum and it really is time. Viva la revolution. It's coming. It's got to. Get your length of hemp here. Sharpen your machete here. We know where you live.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Dig Deeper. Much deeper. You can afford it.

I'm glad I don't work in Manchester any more. Read here about the latest move in the scheme to fleece the motorist of every last penny.

Unfortunately, there are many who don't have the option and like London it will soon just be recognised as another cost of working. Usage won't go down, it can't, and yet more of our money goes to feed the greedy government.

That seems to be what we do best. Just put up with more and more. It'll end badly and we need to remember who these people are that are introducing this. We need to make sure that we don't take it out on the poor saps that have to walk the streets enforcing this. Although we must consider that these people are collaborators. that is probably why traffic wardens are universally hated. Some of the best comedy sketches show traffic wardens getting dealt with appropriately. If only. Not long to wait I think.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

What a surprising next step for recycling.

Well it seems that despite being told we would not be charging for rubbish by weight it looks like that is what is coming. Read here.

Those ID Tags, missing from our bins at the moment, will soon be in place. Our council is always up for screwing us out of more money.

Now they say that no ID means your bins don't get emptied. So if I want to be a rebel I will lose the only thing I actually use from my council tax. It's going to be too much hassle removing them from everybodys bin for them so I'm looking for some sort of mini EMP generator I can fit to my car so wherever I drive it fries the tags.

Now come on someone must have some plans for something like this. I'll quite happily drive up and down my town and nuke every tag there is.

I'm beginning to see no alternative. Nobody is interested in what we want and for what each of us pays I could have a third party come every day, pick up every bit of my rubbish, sort it, recycle what is necessary and landfill the rest. If we all got together we could even subcontract it out so a street at a time could be done. No! Let's be ambitious our entire town could band together pay for the service and then we could save a mint. Oh! Wait a minute. Looks like I am going to pay twice for the things in life I want. What a nightmare.

We can't have it both ways.

It seems the story at the moment is Patricia Hewitt sticking the knife into Remedy UK. Read here.

Katy Newton at DKs is incensed. Read here. This has since been picked up by a few others.

Now the problem I have if this was not that bunch of useless politicians sticking the knife in a bunch of Doctors would we be bothered that costs are allocated. We continually moan about having the pick up the costs of people fighting officialdom on our money. People that we don't like such as the Muslim woman fighting her school about the headscarf.

We can't have it both ways. There are many people in jail because they were right but the law is not interested in justice only the law. In this instance and the case they chose to bring forward Remedy UK were wrong. Morally No, legally Yes. So the 'injured party' in law gets their costs paid. Not out of the public purse. Just as we wanted.

The best we can do is send them some money as suggested here at Aphra Behn. (Visit, even though they do have that annoying Snap pop up turned on) When you send the funds in you might consider a suggestion that they sack their legal team and get one that pick their fights with more care.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Government Accounting

I think I have heard it all now. Sadly, there is still more to come.

The local rag has an article hidden in the middle where it says that the local PCT has managed to make the £13.7M saving required by the government without impacting the customer service.

On reading the detail it seems that this was achieved by a £13M non repayable loan from the SHA which enabled it to make this remarkable achievement. I bet this is balanced on the SHA's books with a corresponding loan or is written off under some financial trickery. The SHA will make it's targets as well I'm sure.

The part that is starting to annoy me is that when I mentioned this to one of my workmates as a comment he said 'It shows what they can do when the are forced to' WHAT? I had to explain it in detail before it clicked and he is supposed to be one of the intelligent ones. What hope have we with most of these dozy Labour supporters?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Democracy takes a back seat.

When the government needs more money to keep it's bloated mass afloat it doesn't matter what we want.

Read here about how road charging has moved to the next stage.

It must be time for a revolution.

Monday, May 21, 2007

KGB open branches in Shops and Government Offices.

The first thing they need to set up is a bunch of informers. Read here.

We are getting more like Russia when it was at it's worst every day.

We need to destroy Socialism. I propose we go to electronic voting booths and when they hit the Labour button a squirt of Sarin is squirted in their face and a trap door opens to remove the body. Seems the most effective way to identify them. Wait a minute, are not the Tories picking up the same policies? That will be a problem then. Some areas only have two parties to vote for. There will be a massacre. Or maybe not as turnout seems to get lower every time. This way we will get rid of the die hard voters who vote for the same parties no matter what. That must be a plus.

I think I'm turning into an Anarchist.

Interesting choice of informers from Charity Shops though. How exactly are they going to identify people and how are they going to survive the backlash? Some poor 60 year old granny who only wants to help the less well off is down as an informer. That won't be good for the recruitment drive. I can see the advert now. 'Pay Zero. Get no satisfaction and inform, or be imprisoned, and lose all your friends. Join now and make a difference'

Is this how the KGB started?

Loose lips sink ships. And royals.

Over at Cryptic Subterranean there is an article on how although we are at war the media still provides intelligence to the enemy.

In previous time this would be an act of treason and execution would be the resulting sentence.

Seems I'm not as dirty as DK.

From a link on DKs. How dirty are you?

I was fined £610.60. The maximum was £1110.60. Obviously I only failed the legal ones.

I just checked if you stuck to what is legal the bill would still be £905.60. Being dirty and breaking the law does not amount to much.

Funny how that 60p keeps on turning up. It must indicate something. It sure does there is one item for 10p and another for 50p. Nothing too controversial though.

Looks like we are in trouble now.

It seems that actually having an al-Qaeda training manual is now illegal. Read here.

Now that must mean all those manuals on making other items such as Ragnar Benson's set of books on explosives is illegal. Does it include his other books and the manuals from Mr Luty and the like? I wonder if it means that having a chemistry book is also illegal. What about knife making books? Where do we stop?

Its a very slippery slope. Murder mysteries like Jeffrey Deaver and he ilk where techniques are mentioned must be on the list. Won't be long before the al-Qaeda manual is one of the only books available plus sunflower growing. OK so that includes the Bible and the Koran. As much violence as we are legally going to get and ironically two of the best books to ban.

All the controversial and dangerous books being removed from the market and burned in a big pile with drooling idiots dancing around them.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Seems I am a Terrorist.

I am an "animal rights extremist"
Find out if the government thinks you are an animal rights extremist - click here

Mmmm. Sometimes solutions are so simple.

How to kill two birds with one stone.

Solve Global terrorism (theoretically) and Global Warming.

Read a comment at Joe Huffmans blog.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A simple solution.

I have been reading about the Police complaining about their target culture. Read here.

All the comments about police losing the respect of the public and how they don't like the culture now but I have not read the most obvious one.

Stop doing it then.

Stop arresting three year olds chalking on pavements. Arrest the complainer for wasting police time. That will soon clear them up. If certain coppers think it's safer nicking five year olds then send them to the next Operation Trident call out and tell them it's another kid and see if that focuses their minds. Their bosses won't care if they nick a five year old or a whingy whiney thirty five year old. It'll still do their stats good and we will feel a lot better towards them. I know I would.

Why should you not be able to build as you want?

Seems that there are plans afoot to cut some of the red tape involved in building extensions. Read here.

Although some of the comments coming in are from the usual whingy whiney people with the Chair of the Local Government Association, Lord Sandy Bruce Lockhart, said "We need a faster system, but obviously we can't have people simply building a garage where they like, if it cuts out a neighbour's view". Why not. I can understand blocking light or access but a view. They should be thankful, it will keep their rates down.

Once we have the land we should be free to build on it however we like as long as it meets certain criteria. It should not block a neighbours natural light, block their access or change the environment, sound and light but everything else is OK. What I do on my own property should be up to me.

About time something was relaxed although I am a bit suspicious that it is this area. they clearly want to get as many things built as possible before the GestapoCouncil SnoopersEvaluators come round to rate your house.

Comic talks about Islam. You must watch this.

It seems that there is a row brewing in the US over a Brit Comic taking the mickey out of Islam.

Link to the article, on here, and watch the video from there as well.

Seems he has made a couple of these articles on other subjects so I'll have to go looking for the others.

Update : And here they are on You Tube.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Local Election Turnout.

Local Rag came through today. It has the election results and an analysis. It seems some of the other wards had additional boxes. One guy who was kicked out of office says it was due to the War. He said 'It was unfair because I'm only a local councillor'. I think he meant 'was'. I was nearly in tears but managed to hold on. Anyway that ward must have had a box that said 'Tory but I would have voted Labour if it was not for the War' Strange it was missing off ours. Seems it was nothing to do with their policies. That's OK then.

Anyway it seems that across the wards turnout was 30.33% with the lowest ward being 22.5% and the highest 47% both in predominantly Labour areas although both remained Labour. I did wonder what the turnout was.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Crime running out of control. Soon anyway.

Seems that not only has this two year old been nicked for littering, read here, but there have been others, read here.

Why can't they just make up a name and pass it on? Of course, it seems that although I can't photograph my own kids because I'm a latent pedophile but the council staff can video and photograph whoever they want.

Maybe it's time to start accusing these people of various crimes. 'Your nicked because your child dropped a wotsit' 'Call the police this (wo)man has been photographing my child and just touched him/her up Isn't that right Wayne/Waynetta' Looking to their pals as a witness.

Either that or we just need to kick the crap out of them and leave them lying in the gutter. I'd lean towards this one because of the instant endorphins rather than the stress involved in reporting a crime and waiting to hear that the case is dropped because council worker, like police are immune.

When is it that the Police are planning to go out on strike? Better get my plans in place.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First the internal wheels come off.

Seems that the Police are giving the government a hard time over pay and conditions. Read here.

There is even talk over pushing for industrial action rights to allow the police to strike. Which has been discussed in the past.

Now if I am right this would mean that they would not respond to burglars, muggers or assaults but the speed cameras would still be working and the kids making hopscotch squares would just get their terror postponed for another day. In addition I would have to wait for the computer generated crime number to make any claim. Mmmm. Tough choice.

One interesting thing that was said was that Reid made the statement 'he would not make them promises he could not fulfil'. Strange statement for a politician to make. Unique even.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do your bit to make the UK a better place to live.

Warmer weather and a way to stick it to those whingy whiny people.

Increase your Carbon Footprint here. I might even get a T-Shirt but I'm concerned that possession will have a mandatory death sentence attached with our current government.

Gosh! this is unusual.

Seems that the aid being sent to Somalia is not getting to the needy. Read here.

That does come as a big surprise. Must be some sort of reporting error.

I note that they are also saying it is now worse than Darfur. That must take some doing. I'm sure aid is not the answer though. Some sort of Nuclear device perhaps.

I think I may have misread this.

It seems Road Safety Advisers are calling for the ban of mini skirts and crop tops.

Mr Ettinghausen said: "Anything you do in the car is a distraction, whether it's eating, drinking, using a mobile phone or smoking. But smoking in particular can be very dangerous." Read here. That is for the 25% or so of smokers in the UK.

Bag from Perverts Anonymous said "If you a girl in mini skirt and or a crop top, your concentration on driving will immediately vanish.". That is for the 50% or so males in the UK assuming gays of both sexes cancel each other out.

Fair enough. It is true. To be honest it's the only reason I go out in the summer. Otherwise it is too hot for me. In addition It's why I've looking at a Hummer as my main car. To make sure Summer lasts longer.

These whingy whining people are going to ruin everything. Suicide will seem like a bit of excitement in our lives. Make sure when you go you take as many of these whingy whiny people as you can.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Syria fights terrorism as well.

Seems this guy has been arrested and forced to confess to being a terrorist. Read here.

Strangely he has now been released. He faced no charges and did not get to see the inside of a court. Lucky him. If he was Syrian over here he would still have another four years to go.

However, he is now requesting that the British authorities complain to Syria. Good luck with that. I do not think we have the moral high ground now and it gives a green light for all these countries to do what we do and claim terrorism justifies it.

If I was the Syrian authorities I would be revisiting my release programme. They need to ensure that he is released providing he does not talk about his ordeal or he has to go back. A la David Hicks.

These Syrians have a lot to learn from the experts. But, they have barely started using our legal systems so they just need a bit longer.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A serious blow. I don't think so.

It seems that the Taliban Commander in Afghanistan is dead. Read here. Another one bites the dust.

The part I find interesting is that 'the insurgency has received a serious blow'. How does that work then? He will be replaced now. How do they pick these guys anyway? He will simply be replaced with the next down homicidal maniac. 'Lunatics and homicidal maniacs. This is you new leader' Oh joy. Another high up we will never see. It can't be worse losing a commander that is rarely, if ever, seen when you are losing family members right next to you.

It's a political coup. And only of benefit to the people back home in the invading countries.

The futility of a gun free world.

An interesting article, via The Beagle Express, with a writers view on the futility of gun control. Read here.

Of course confusing the issue with facts does not stop our leaders taking this road. The reason being is they see themselves as the strong.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reid could save us a fortune.

It seems Reid has urged a shake up on the human rights front with a call for a constitution to enshrine the rights of individuals. Read here.

Clearly that will replace the latest 3000 laws put in place by labour over the last ten years, remove the requirement for ID cards, £5B saving alone, and enshrine our right to self defence. We could even get our guns back.

What a guy. Who would have thought it. Clearly once you are removed from the trappings of a totalitarian government role you can come up with some common sense ideas.

Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that that is not the way it will go. I suspect that the document will be so poorly written and define so few rights it won't be worth the paper it is printed on. As for getting the right to self defence, never mind our guns, I must be dreaming.

I thought it was a foregone conclusion.

According to the BBC Brown is making his pitch to lead Britain. Read here.

I thought that the Leadership was already stitched updecided by the Labour MPs.

Maybe it isn't so cut and dried after all or it's just the BBC trying to make it look more exciting than it is. Tough choice.

Friday, May 11, 2007

One law for all.

Instead of a charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice we have a serious case of 'management advice'. Owwwww. I'm sure that will be enough he will be quaking in his boots.

Read here about the police blunder that cost a man his life. Clearly a catalogue of mistakes but nobody is going to be at fault and even the cover up afterwards was just a silly misunderstanding. Try that if you are in court for bumping someone off.

What was that about one law for all and nobody is above the law. What a bunch.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I hate waiting.

And why should we? The 27th June is so far away. What is the point of waiting? Is it just to annoy Gordo or is it to make some sort of point by doing things between now and then knowing that there is no comeback and this gutless lot won't do anything.

A gaping hole in education. Or is it?

It seems that the option to home school children leaves a gaping hole in the education system. Read here. Now for some reason they are not looking at any regulation. It must be a first. Why?

Now, call me stupid (and for good reason I hear some say) but to me if we are sending people to prison for not sending their kids to school but at the same time we are legally allowing people to not send the kids to school and do not actual check they are getting any education at all seems a little strange. However, these things happen under all governments not just our useless one. Whenever you complicate anything there will always be ways round them. That is why there are so many accountants.

But still, why is our legislation happy government not rushing out to plug this gap? After all, theoretically, every home schooled child may be getting no real education at all. It is possible that they are spending all day memorising the K....Bible (Trying to keep head).

Then I thought about it.

It's simple really. Our government would love people to take their kids out of the government funded education system, either by paying twice or just simply opting out altogether. It's deliberately left this gap. Double bonus, this allows those that want to spend all day learning the, err, Bible can do so without them claiming we are stepping on their toes and save our heads but then it can reduce spending in education because each school get paid for how many pupils it has on it's register, not how many are in the area. So,not in school and a privately funded school gives the same result. This of course would not be compatible with a voucher system because unlike the other socialist paradise who keeps on getting mentioned who have vouchers want to educate the children our lot are not bothered about the education but are about the cost.

Those that are really interesting in educating the kids can pay twice, those that want their kids educated to a really minimal standard can stick with the government funded schools and those that don't want to don't have too. Just follow the rules.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Politics for a dummy like me.

I was reading this article on Strange Stuff and about half way down I thought this is too complicated for thickoes like me. It may be OK for Chris, the author, but it's way to complicated for me.

I'm a simple person with a simple mind and it shows. The election can be examined and people can have many opinions on the results. So, as you knew, I have an opinion as well.

It's not too complicated.

People don't like Labour. Even those that suck on the teat of government employment and social security.

People don't like the Tories either under Cameron.

People don't really see any of the other parties to be mainstream. The protest votes as such. The Greens of course are now starting to impact on people and not in a good way so they seem to be getting unpopular and will undoubtedly disappear. God forbid that they should ever take power and I think most people are coming around to agree with that nowadays.

So bearing in mind there are a few hard core voters for each party who would vote for them even if Hitler was reincarnated and was their leader. This hard core means that there will always be someone voting for each party. Therefore someone has to win. No main party will get zero votes.

So Labour is the most hated party this century. Even core Labour supporters are leaving it in droves. Yet they didn't get the drubbing they deserved. Why? The answer is the Tories are not that much better. So people don't see who to vote for and abstain. A common understanding on why voter turnout is declining.

So the election results are a sign of the state of democracy in the country. Nobody to vote for and all the parties so similar that there is nothing to differentiate them. Yet, there will always be a winner and they will crow it's the will of the people and the losers can use the facts of the election as a +ve spin for them as well in some way. All Win Win for the parties and the big loser is democracy which is seen as a farce now by most people.

The only glimmers of hope there really is on the horizon is that David Cameron is lying to get elected or that the UKIP makes the leap to mainstream politics due to the increased role of the EU and the fact that with so much corruption and dishonesty it looks like they are at least acting like a mainstream party. They just need a closet gay to top it off from what I can see and they will have it all. DK do you have anything you need to say? :)

The sad state of democracy in the UK.

A problem that could solve itself.

Well it seems that the latest environmentally friendly car may have a couple of minor issues. Read here.

Well, I for one, think the DoT out to make exceptions for these cars. Let the people that would rather we went back to the stone age and died in droves buy them to show their green credentials. I will stick to my trusty old rust bucket belching noxious fumes into the air and pay extra for the privilege. They can die in droves in accidents with the buses and pedal bikes. That should help cut down the production of greenhouse gases.

Thinking about it for a moment. The vehicle was designed with Greens in mind. Maybe the lack of safety was a design characteristic. To aid the reduction of the number of humans on the planet. Just thinking out loud but think about it. All the greens and the trendy politicians buy one. They all die in accidents involving pigeons and pedal cycles taking them with them. Human population comes down, especially the green component, problem solved. Less greenhouse gas, less humans using valuable resources. It's Win Win.

Perhaps we should expand the use of these vehicles to government employees and those on the dole. Just thinking ahead.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It gets interesting when there is nothing to lose.

Seems Sir Patrick Moore has an opinion on the state of the BBC. Read here. Personally, I would not think it was women who were doing this. It's just that will the people in the BBC it's difficult to tell the difference. They all seem to be like women with the agendas they have and the way they go about things.

But, I will defer to Sir Patrick. He is closer to the situation than I am.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Catching up with the gossip.

Talking to the next door neighbour about the magpies that have been around lately. Seems they went in his shed to see what was going on and another nicked food from one of his kids plates.

Anyway, he brought me up to date with the gossip. It seems the guy that died last week, read here, didn't get a beating that went out of control as I thought. It seems that he had an argument with his missus and was kicked out. He went to the pub to drown his sorrows and when he went home the locks were changed. He then climbed up a ladder onto the roof and slipped. Drinking and ladders have turned really dangerous since Newton invented gravity.

Splat. I knew him. He was slightly younger than I am and worked for RM. He was also a classmate of my neighbours. Just shows what a simple error can do to you when you use alcohol and try thinking.

I wonder if his missus need comforting.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dangerous Streets.

Questions are being asked about if the streets are more dangerous for Police Officers. Read here.

Well Duh! It's more dangerous for everybody and partly because of Police Officers. I suspect that this will be another call for the regular arming of our police.

I really wonder when they will finally think about the root causes of this issue. The law and order that we were going to get fixed as we got tough on crime and on the causes of crime.

The part I find strange is that our leaders seem to think that it's dangerous for our police and they need to be armed but the people at the sharp end who are the ones the police are supposed to protect but only if the miscreant is armed and stays on site for enough time for a H&S check and the arrival of a significantly superior force.

Why is it that our leaders think it is OK for the general population to be unprotected while they spend so much of our money on protection for themselves. They have armed bodyguards, they have armed police on instant call yet we don't even get a response unless we say they are armed and even then they are not there to protect us, that is the secondary objective, they are there to contain the criminal.

So when we are under threat we have to wait, sometimes for hours, and yet when the police feel threatened, even by table legs, bullets fly. So much for our protectors. If they are all armed then they will be little different from the US police who seem to shoot people with the slightest provocation. Now I'm all for shooting the people threatening others with knives or guns but not everybody on the whim of the officer who, in the UK, seems to be immune from prosecution. That can't be right.

As a strange anomaly the only other things they seem to send the police out for are kids chalking on the pavement or something they can schedule like a visit to a shop selling golliwogs. Just don't understand that.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Karma meter.

I got 19 in case you were wondering. I'm no saint clearly.

Karma Gold - 19 to 24 points.
For you, it feels good to do good. "Virtue is it's own reward for this group," says Stephen Post, a professor of bioethics as Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio, and author of Why Good Things Happen to Good People. You may not be after a payoff, but it's there. "Scientifically, we know that in general people who do good things are happier and healthier," says Prof.Post.

Via the Croydonian, try it yourself here.

Reading blogs makes you optimistic.

After the results came and all the politicians made their statements which show that they really are well for their party I was left with a big disappointment.

It seems that despite all the feedback given from the blogs and the people I talk to that most people have fallen into three camps.

1) The hard core voters who regularly vote for a party and only death with change that. The core voters for each party and strangely unaffected by any data at all. They don't see anything beyond the front pages of their favoured rag and the words of their favoured politicians whom they believe all the time.

2) Those that are unhappy with the status quo and would do something but have no real alternatives. The believe all parties are pretty much the same and look for a fresh new party to vote for. There are few around and none in their area. They they can vote for a party they don't believe in just to make a point or they don't vote. Either way a wrong message is given. the first is if you vote for another party then they see it as support for them. Then if you don't vote the hard core get their wish. You can't win.

3) Those that don't believe any party is looking after anyone but themselves and their group of swing voters. They see no point in voting at all.

Now after a while reading the blogs I was convinced that change was due. A message would be sent but what sort of message could be sent when the three candidates in a ward were Labour, Tory and Lib Dem. What could really be done when you have the choice between Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. Some had alternatives but I'm sure that most did not. I thought from the tone of the blogs and the people I met that something was going to happen.

Could it mean they are saving their candidates for the general elections? I do hope so.

As I've mentioned before, and had it thrown back at me, we are spilling the blood of our troops forcing democracy on foreigners who have no concept of our freedom yet we don't really have a decent political system or real freedom here. The last ten years have shattered our illusion of democracy when one man can cut a swathe through our rights and moral convictions and replace them with his own.

I also keep reading about how Socialism has failed, we have learnt another lesson but it looks to me that the general public in the UK are all tied up with what they are getting to such an extent that they actually believe all the things they are told. They are ill educated, by the state, yet believe the state is there to help them. If people actually learnt anything then Socialism would have died in the 50s for ever. Personally, I'm hoping that the split of it's power base in Scotland has done for Labour. Sadly, that leaves just one other party but so similar that it's impossible to tell them apart from their main policies. Reminds me of the Star Trek episode where the guys with the black and white faces were killing each other. One party is led by someone who is intend or removing our freedoms and taxing us to death, the other is..... Oh!. Ok, one party is lead by a smarmy git who wears a suit, rides roughshod over their own parties principles and talks the talk but fails to deliver, the other is..... Oh, OK. OK, the colours are different one is Red and the other is Blue, Oh, wait. I give up. I know, one has screwed over our country for the last 10 years and the other looks like he will do the same for the next 10.

I'm off to see the local drug lord where I can stock up with enough drugs to make the next 10 years pass in a haze. May as well stock up on weapons and ammo for the coming revolution while I am there. I wonder if the coming NA Alliance will invade here to introduce democracy? Will I be one of those cheering in the streets?

I suppose it could be worse. I still think that eventually something will push it's way through our conscience but I'm reminded of the Russians who thought that the USSR was great and look back to the cold war as the good old days. Does our species really have a chance?

Fingers crossed though. It seems like I am building up some Good Karma.

Friday, May 04, 2007

It's Star Wars Day today.

Just listening to my son telling a friend it was Star Wars Day today. Took a while for the penny to drop I tell you.


Is it me or is all the problems with the votes in the areas where the SNP were expected to do well?

Results are in.

Seems the results are in for our local wards.

Seems Labour lost 2 to the Tories but otherwise unchanged. Labour still hold the council.

I don't really know what to read from this. Our area has always been strong Labour and the Tories have not exactly differentiated themselves lately but I was hoping for a strong message. Seems that the lack of choices and the state of the political parties means that only the hard core turned out. I wonder what the turnout was?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

What a downer.

Just finished having a nice spot of tuck from our local pub. It's swapped owners again and the new landlady has done some remodeling. Seems it gets some work done every time it swaps hands and not before. Nice meal, served by pleasant people in nice surroundings.

Anyway, a few of my friends were there having a drink. So went over to have a chat. After being brought up to date with what was going on and life as we know it I turned the subject on to the election.
'Have you voted yet?' I asked innocently.
'Why would we want to do that?' was the response.
'Just to do your bit for Democracy' I replied.
'Well, do you remember what you told us only a few months ago?'. Now they had me. I've had so many discussions about so many things I had little or no chance of remembering what he was talking about.
'Well when you vote for a party they see that as support for their policies. Vote Labour and it is seen as you agreeing with the policies over the last fifty years and we want more of the same. Vote Tory and it is seen as a vote for whatever policies they are churning out to get elected.'
The veil lifts and I remember this discussion. Over a year ago when we were deciding what was best. Getting involved with your local drug lord, with the associate risks, and purchasing a Mac10 or building your own from scratch a la Mr Luty. Now the feeling then was that there was no point in voting because there was no difference between the parties and in our area there is very few outside the main three to chose from. In our particular ward none at all outside the main three. As you can see my conversations go all over the place.
'So' He continued ' We can't vote for any of these clowns1 and therefore my brother in law is putting his life on the line to put so called democracy in a country when we don't really have democracy here'
At this point my petard was creaking overhead. I always love using phrases used by others against them in their discussions and now it was my time again.
So I asked 'What were your choices then?'
'Labour or Tory. So we didn't bother wasting our time going. I'm not giving anyone a push forward'

Democracy. Got to love it. Looking back at the people who died, and are dying now, for it makes you wonder.

1) Words changed to protect my 15 rating.

You are feeling sleepy. Sleepy but Happy.

Well looks like our government has given up on actually educating people and letting them get on with their lives. Happiness is clearly a state of mind and they are going to fix it so the generation after next will always be happy.

Happy lessons in schools. Read here and despair for the future.

Seems the Matrix was right. We will look back at the early 90s as the pinnacle of our achievements. certainly it looks like there will not be any more real progress coming along. Hopefully after the looming global war we will pick up and continue. But could we look back at the 1990s as we currently look back at Atlantis?

Fingers crossed for a good kicking today.

If only it was literally as well.

The polls are open. I'm going for some strawberry plants and will vote on the way back. Our ward has so many to choose from and I've not decided yet. No BNP, UKIP or National Socialists so it'll be something a bit tame.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's getting closer.

I don't quite live in an area that has rampant crime and violence but today I drove part a mass of police cars and one of those forensic tents just round the corner from where I live. When I got home I was told that someone had been killed there this morning. Gossip is it was a beating that went wrong. As if that made it OK.

Interestingly it looks like every one of our police officers was there in their cars. Most were talking and drinking tea. Looks like today would have been a good day to try out my bank or PO raiding skills while we still have them.

So will be awaiting this weeks rag with interest to find out what happened. Fingers crossed it's not someone I know.

Blind Justice.

I've always found it interesting the fact that Justice is blind. It weighs the facts and pronounces a verdict. It sound excellent. However, can we honestly say that today Justice is blind. A man assaults a youth. Charged and fined by a justice system that looks at basic facts. The mere fact he was defending himself is seen as irrelevant. Theoretically the youth is facing justice at another time. Sadly, this is unlikely today and I just don't see that as Justice.

So here is the jury from the Iraqi memo leak being told to put aside their views on Iraq and just look at the facts as a stand alone case. Read here.

All well and good but the real criminals, the ones who cost lives and a hell of a lot of money are not going to be facing any sort of Justice. Not even our pretend justice where they get some sort of slap on the wrist.

So we need people like these. people who are willing to take chances and let us know what is being hidden behind the Official Secrets Act and government red tape. Of course if their releases do threaten lives or are for political or financial gain then the law is there to deal with that. But whistle blowers. Funny how our government wants them to blow the whistle on friends, employers, neighbours and the general peasants but when it comes to them. Official Secrets you know.

And they call it Justice.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Terror Trial.

Now I must confess to be a bit lost here. There are a few things being released after the trial which indicate that these people were up to no good. Yet I am still unconvinced that these guys could have pulled off a terrorist coup to rival 7/7.

Nevertheless they did appear to be working on one and so they paid the price. I sincerely hope that later on we don't discover this is a politically led travesty just because it's election time, to help cover up the cash for honours or just to give our security people a feather in their cap after the apparent failings over the 7/7 plot.

Sad I should think that but there you go. In the meantime the real workers at our security services will undoubtedly be beavering away working on even more suspects.

DK's site has an article, by Martin someone, defending MI5. I do agree with that but up to a point. Everyone needs to be accountable but as far as lives are concerned when your lives are forcibly in the hands of a government organisation that organisation needs to be accountable. I know it goes against the policies of our current bunch of politicians but I don't care about them. At all.

I am firmly of the believe that our governments policies have increased our risk and now we are paying the price, financially by the additional costs for our security services and the impact of new legislation and as a society by our reduction in freedoms, the impact of legislation, our immigration policies and the cost in lives.

Politicians. They should all be executed for treason.