Thursday, August 31, 2006

What is going on with our political parties?

I've said before who really wants to pick up the chalice of power from Blair. Read here.

Successors in the existing Labour party I can understand. Pension of a PM and the kudos, let's face it what can they screw up that isn't already in tatters. They don't really expect to win the next election so they will get what they can before it goes down the pan.

But wait, seems the Tories don't actually want to win the next election either. They have put in a Blair clone. They are following the Labour party line and now talking about introducing green taxes. They are not making any moves to differentiate themselves from Labour at all. In fact they seem hell bent on alienating their own voters in the way that Labour are doing. Why?

The Lib Dems do not look any different either. It's tax this and tax that. Their leaders are covered with the lies about Kennedy's drinking. Sleaze, albeit in a milder form as a weakness rather than illegal acts. Their voters seem to be disillusioned also. Do they not want to win either?

The UKIP, which is now the party DK has signed up for, seems to be very quiet as well. It may be higher up in peoples estimations but is still seem as a one issue candidate. Maybe they can change their image as DK discusses quite elequently for him. At the moment I don't see them in the running but they do look like something to keep your eye on.

The bulk of the UK electorate have shown that we are so stupid that we cannot recognise that what is being said to their faces is so out of touch with what is happening that it does not make any sense to believe these people. Give them a smiley face and snake oil salesman and they lap it all up. No wonder con men make such a good living in this country. Based on this understanding then is it surprising that no one actually wants to be at the wheel when the train hits the stops. We all know who gets the blame when it all goes wrong.

I can see the political broadcasts now. Well, we are going to get rid of 10M useless government jobs. We are going to reduce the number of people on benefits by limiting what they can claim without legitimate reasons. We will limit government control on all fronts. We will leave the EU and we will pull our armies back to defend the UK. That will go down really well.

Where are we going to go from here? How do we turn round a decade of change that has changed so much that we can never undo it all? Hundreds of years of shining democracy, the Magna Carta and leader in human rights and all down the pan in ten short years. Who would have believed it in 1996.

Do I see a win for the BNP? They seem to be the only consistent ones. If they win it will allow this country to explode. In a nice legal legitimate way. Go BNP, racists fascist thugs, Go for it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I was surprised I was surprised.

Reading this article at Samizdata on no freedom of speech for councillors. Initially I was surprised at the revelation that people that spoke out were hounded and persecuted in what is clearly an abuse of power.

Then I thought about it and in the current situation in the UK I was actually then more surprised that I was surprised by this bit of news. Only the people that follow the line are allowed to have an opinion. Everything else is classed as bigotry or crushed under the wheels of bureaucracy.

So no real surprises then. At least until the next revolution.

This can't be good.

Reading this article about Ahmadinejad proposing a TV debate with Bush. That would be worth watching but it will never come off. Having an intellectual debate and not getting to use the superior weapons platforms will not be viewed well in the US. Might equals right. Read more here. Although, wouldn't this be a good way to view a lot of our differences. Once some of these people see how unreasonable they are they may change their mind.

The part that I found most disturbing was when Ahmadinejad mentioned twice in the same interview the US and the UK together. With an explicit statement on the US and UK taking advantage of their "special privileges", saying he thought they were "the origin of all disturbances in the world".

I can remember when it was just the US seen in this way. I'm sure Blair said that we were not in any more danger because of his decisions. It's strange the bad guys now seem to have raised our profile. That can't be good.

Discrimination in the name of political correctness.

Experts are saying that women who's body weight falls outside their specifications should be denied fertility treatment. Specifications based on weight. At the moment. Read more here.

Personally I don't think it goes far enough. We should stop the ugly ones as well. We can take photographs and get a review panel make up with blokes, let's call them 'experts', to decide who can and can't have kids.

OK. I'm only joking. To be honest I don't think we should fund any fertility treatment on the NHS. It's hardly a disease and it's a lifestyle choice. To save costs we are not funding cancer treatment so in reality we are allowing older and ill people who paid into the NHS to die to allow women to have babies. Does that sound right to you?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The UK. Next for invasion and pacification?

It seems that our closest ally, the one we screwed everyone else in the world over for, is now having second thoughts about our relationship.

Yes, the US is now looking at us like a suspicious wife. One which is a potential threat and needs to be handled like any other threat. It seems the Muslim extremists in the UK are of great concern to the US. So much so that we are now the number one security threat to the US. Congress is considering action. Yippee! Finally under Blair we are number one at something. Read more here.

Hold on, that could mean we are ripe for invasion and for a more US friendly government to be installed. And they say there is no God.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Do gooders. They will be the death of our entire culture.

I was sitting in the car waiting for the kids and thinking about the hell hole the UK has become earlier today. My ramblings started when I was watching a music video on a big TV across the way and in the video a broken mirror was covered by the blocks reserved for squealers on crime shows. I think I see the end in sight.

Our most influential pressure group nowadays are the do gooders. The ones that say 'I don't see why anyone would want to do that' This then changes when there is little resistance to 'Because I don't want to that Let's ban this as I think there is no reason to do that'. Throw in a few 'It's for the children' and 'Even if it saves one life' and wham we have another nail in the coffin for freedom. Currently our most powerful set of do gooders is our current government. It has employed droves of people to check ratios of black against white, ensure that adverts don't say this and that what we watch doesn't breach the moral opinions of a select few. It's even got to the stage when we are not allowed to offend anyone. If there is one complaint then it needs to be stopped dead. A new law every day they have been in power says a lot.

It's been crossing yourself, England flags, guns, air rifles, conger eels and the McDonalds special burgers for starters. It's smoking, driving, drinking and talking. It's the emphasis on forcing employers to take on people who if they were not of colour do not have the skills necessary to get a particular job. It's the emphasis on rehabilitation of criminals and removal of our rights to defend ourselves. It's also the editing of the past to remove anything we find offensive now. Take Tom and Jerry. A big corporation caved in to one complaint. It's sticking their noses into everything and with little or no benefit. It's death of a million cuts.

Now the annoying part is that when you look at each cut individually they actually make a little bit of sense. We should be careful what we show our children about smoking. We should make sure our childrens lives are safer. Why do people actually need guns in suburbia for home defence? Why should people have to put up with insults and predudice because of the colour of their skin? Why should we have to breath other peoples smoke? It's all good stuff and is difficult to argue against without making yourself out to be some sort of irrational bigot. So we all moan and talk a lot but for each issue there are usually only a few people impacted. Nobody cares about them after all they are only a few selfish odd bods. There can't be anyone in the UK not impacted by a new rule now. Although half of them don't know it or believe it does not impact them. So people moan about things and them vote these clowns back in for more of the same. Mainly because most of our politicians are all cut from the same cloth with only a few differences. What really is the difference between Blair and Cameron? Remind me again why our system is better than the others. Especially after the example of the last 10 years.

So what is the real problem?
The first and main one is that none of us actually live in the Utopia that our current leaders seem to think. For example, the population need protection from the evil doers and the common criminal. To remove the capability of self protection and leave a void just leaves the general population without protection. Of course our current leaders are well protected. They are surrounded with people armed and ready to protect them as they drive by the riff raff. The only view they have of crime is what they read in books and the papers and they believe it is a load of fiction or a few isolated cases. The never have to face up to the consequences of their decisions. They don't live in the areas where all the criminals are. They don't get attacked when bad guys strike out in revenge. Imagine how it would be if 'Well John, your recommendation that 'The Kiddie Fiddler and killer' Mr X is allowed out on probation is excepted. We have set him up with a flat next to your daughter and grandkids.'

The second is that when they look at changing something they never ever seem to gather all the facts and make a reasoned decision. It is all knee jerk and made to fit several agendas. The repercussions are never thought out. I find the recent discussions on rape cases a good example. If you remember it seems that of the rape cases reported only a small percentage of them led to convictions. Our wonderful leaders jumped into the action and announced it was changing the law so the burden of proof was on the male because they were getting away with this terrible crime. Despite the possibility that quite a few of these were simply women using this as a tactic against ex-husbands or boyfriends as leverage over money and they may have low convictions because they were prosecuting on one persons word against another. Why was it not looked at for the real reason rather than someone's opinion? Our latest bit of good news is shoplifters won't go to jail. What dimwit thought of that? Is it someone hired to make a quota? We will never know.

They are intent on turning each and every one of us into a society of mindless robots with no soul and with no thoughts to the future of our country. All at the lowest common denominator. After all, what has Blair got to worry about, him and his family will be in the states in a few years with well protected and with cushy jobs.

To make matters worse it seems that power has already been handed over to this massive unelected organ called the EU. It too is hell bent on changing Europe from one of the most enlightened and intellectual places on earth to be a third world continent. From the influx of barely literate immigrants who have no wish to integrate but turn us into a outpost of their homeland where their loyalties really lie to reducing the existing populations into rule following drones. Where is democracy in this behemoth?

Will this not sort itself out? Won't we eventually throw the yoke and the wheel turn full circle? I don't think so because we won't have time. These do gooders are making our society one that will be unable to resist the take over from the middle east. We are sleepwalking into a dream world that does not exist and by the time we wake up it will be too late.

As our American friends keep on saying. If Europe continues the way it is going it will soon be a djimmi state. Of course if we do get our act together and kick out these do gooders from positions of power there is always a more active way for the threat from another culture. This is from the US but there are more than a few here and if you don't think so then try catching up with recent events.

I don't want my kids to grow up in a society where the girls have to cover everything but their eyes. Where freedoms are restricted to what time you eat your breakfast and life expectancy is based on rank. I'm leaning towards sorting out the do gooders quickly. If they shut and go peacefully we may not even have to kill them. We can then get out of the EU which will collapse under the weight of it's own ineptitude. We can then ensure that immigrants integrate like they used to and preparing ourselves for the real threat we face from the middle east. Unfortunately, because of the way it will happen the chances are it will be a massive overreaction and people who have integrated will find themselves persecuted in the short term. If we stop the rot from within we may not even have a big issue to deal with from abroad. If we can't sort it out then we have spent a lot of money on nuclear weapons over the years. Might be classed as overkill but we don't want to put any of our countries defenders at risk nor do we want to leave any potential new recruits. We can always drill for the oil through the glass.

I believe most catastrophes are cascade failures. It's where one thing on it's own is a problem but it only gets to be a catastrophe because there is something else in the mix. This is one of these. We can handle either by various means and they would get sorted out but together they can bring down our entire culture. That would be a catastrophe and we need to act. Sooner rather than later. I don't see it being done peacefully either. Maybe finally our leaders will see some feedback for their actions.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shoplift till you drop.

It kind of has a ring to it doesn't it.

Read the article in the Express here.

Yet, making the sign of the cross gets the full weight of the law.

Good or Bad shooting.

What do you think? Read the story of the Israelis firing a rocket at a Reuters car here.

I suspect it was an accident but it does seem coincidental that it was a Reuters car. This is how conspiracy theories start.

Keith Richards in trouble again.

Seems Keith is in trouble with the smoking Nazi's in Scotland again for smoking whilst performing on a Stones gig in Scotland. Read more here.

I bet he is really going to be upset about the £50 fine. That will hit him hard.

It won't be long before bands start sticking smoking breaks in their performances. 'OK, guys just wait 10 minutes and listen to the tinned music from our last album while we go off and have a smoke' 'Don't do anything while we are gone.'

I was right at the back in Hampden Park and I swear I could smell the smoke. It's not doing me any good you know. Although it was very loud as well. I'm not sure that is good for my ears. Any politicians listening?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A think tank thinks we have strengthened Iran.

The Chatham House think-tank think that the West's War on Terror has strengthened Iran and Iran is now the number one influence in the region. Read more here.

That's a bit of a bugger. But, not to worry a Pentagon advisor said Iran had it's own problems. He said that there were calls for autonomy by the Azeris, the largest ethnic minority in Iran, an insurgency by the Kurds and said that growing secularism meant some believed the government was out of tune with its people.

Whoopie Do Dah. That must describe quite a few countries, including ours. The English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh want autonomy. Insurgency from our embittered Muslims and the Irish and our government is out of tune with it's people.

With advisers like that I think I know why we seem to be in a little bit of a pickle.

It can't be April already.

I thought it was April Fools day for a minute as I read this article on a Celtic player being cautioned for making the sign of the cross.

And, No, it is not a joke. Read the story here.

What is going on. I'm scared to scratch my balls in case I get arrested for using fingernails in an aggressive manner.

I'm a manager not an administrator. I think.

I'm getting fed up at work at the moment. I'm covering a couple of projects this month on another Account while people are on holiday. I was warned off the Account as it wouldn't suit me but I thought because I had finished my last project I could do this as a stopgap and stop myself getting bored. After all it was only four weeks. Boy was that a mistake. I'm three weeks in, only a week to go, and so far all I have done is fill in 'quality' paperwork and forms. The only exception is I interviewed three people on the phone for roles in India. That is it. It seems to be the way the job is going. It's getting to the point where some people can't actually do the job but they are great with the processes and paperwork so people don't really notice until near the end. A new sub culture. Anyway, I'm really frustrated with these as I'm an old fart that likes to get my teeth into things. It doesn't make me popular.

The only plus side is that I have not had to work as many hours for the last few weeks as I normally do and I've done less hours over the last few weeks than I have ever done in any two week period over the last six years working for this company. I actually finished at 16:00 for the last two Fridays and I have caught up with all my archiving, updated my CV and browsed the web, a lot.

I've been asked if I want to stay on the Account but I think when I said 'Nope' so quickly they got the idea.

Friday, August 25, 2006

And we wonder why our bills are so high.

The local free paper came last night and with it came a leaflet from the local council on, wait for it ........ mosquitoes................. WTF

I don't actually think we have a mosquito problem around here. There are a few marshes but let's face it if you live near there you either know how to deal with them or you should really be moving out.

No wonder my council tax bill is so high. Next thing we will be getting through is a leaflet on leeches. Not the political kind though.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Congress admits the US lacks intelligence.

This article talks about how the US lacks intelligence on Iran intentions. Read here.

They have no idea on weapons capability, including its possible plans to develop a nuclear bomb. How can that be? I'm told Iran is developing a bomb and they need to be stopped at this stage. Now it appears they don't have a clue. Something that we have been aware of for some time. For years people have be talking about middle east countries and their ambitions as if they are fact. Look at Iraq. Yet, they have no real idea what is going on. It is all guesswork and feelings.

Wonder how this revelation will play out at the UN particularly when Iran refuse to back down knowing they won in Lebanon and knowing the US can't find any more troops and the rest of the UN won't pony up. How can the US insist they know differently. Iran could very well use this as an excuse to start a programme. Knowing that we have no real capability to analyse the intention and because we have cried 'Wolf' too many times in the middle east nobody will believe us.

It could cause a problem for us making all these claims with no way to prove any of them. I hoped that we had learnt from our previous mistakes. Or, maybe it is me that needs to learn. We made it up last time and it worked with all these sheep. So it will work again. Nobody would think we would do the same thing twice in a row.

Iran is dangerous to us. The nuclear angle is only one way. We need a coherent way forward with them before it is too late that covers the nuclear angle to Iran's satisfaction as well as ours. It's called compromise for a reason. Both sides have to give something.

It's all OK now.

This guy was stabbed and nothing was done. Now he is dead. Unbelievable in our police state where they would rather nick you for defending yourself than the criminals.

But the police are sorry they did not pursue the stabbing. Read here. That makes it much, much better.

Anyone have a 9mm they want to sell without all that troublesome paperwork? I think we are all going to need one in our current society.

Does this smell a bit like revenge?

Under our laws this guy has been tried and found not guilty. Our wonderful government then tried to jail him in his own home with no contact and that was overturned by a judge. Now it looks like they are willing to send him to Algeria. Despite concerns on what will happen. Read the latest here.

Still it isn't their risk. What a bunch.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

An interesting viewpoint on the middle east.

Found this interesting article from a site mentioned by one of Michelle Malkins stand ins. And quite interesting it is to.

The article I was referring to is about our Islamic threat. Read here and tell me it is wrong.

The site is called I'm adding it to my sidebar.

This does not look like it is under control.

Despite what is said about being under control. To bring reservists in who only report one day a year sound like desperation. A last ditch attempt to bolster the forces. Read more here.

Now remind me again how we are going to deal with Iran and Syria.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Let's not confuse the issue with facts.

After thinking we might have someone after all I started to look at the data they were gathering. Seems they have 6Tb of data to sort and yet in less than a week they have enough to charge them on. Obviously not very sophisticated then. Then I read 400 computers. WTF. Even if they are classing digital watches as computers that is still a lot. Hold on though. Is that right? I have over 1Tb on my systems and if I include off line storage I must have about 3Tb. So 6Tb on 400 systems does not sound like much. What is going on? That works out at 15Gb per system. Even my old laptop has a 30Gb HD. This does not include off line storage which they say they have. This does not add up.

Then I came across this article at Blairwatch which does it all for me. Read it here.

I'm starting to get suspicious again even if they have charged them.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Doesn't time fly.

A fact I would have just walked past.

Read this interesting snippet here at Blairwatch.

Could this be the real thing? Charges are made.

Seems like they have started charging some of the people arrested in the raids. Read here.

If this is the real thing then it will be interesting to see what happens with them. Especially as they have been brought in ahead of schedule as we speak.

Let's hope it is real bomb making equipment though. I'm fed up with car body filler and a box of matches being sold as a suitcase nuke.

I'm thinking of moving here.

Ian Blair has finally found us a safe place to live. Yay!

I'm moving to this planet, which is called Haringey, probably after that $h1t hole in London, but it seems some old style living is available there. I wonder if it is safe from terrorist attacks or more importantly our police state.

Read more here about this utopia according to Blair. I think he is finally losing it. He is clearly confusing what he would like to see with reality. Read some Haringey residents views here.

Unexpected consequences.

As in all things in life when people make knee jerk decisions based on little or no investigations then things happen that are unforeseen.

Read this article about have a knee jerk political ban on CFCs has had unexpected consequences for global warming.

But, no need to worry. Another political cock up will be along in a minute to fix this hiccup. Jeez, incompetence just can't explain what has been happening to us since the 1980's. Nobody seems prepared to think and come up with anything sensible.

Is it possible that the 1990's will be the peak of our civilisation before we return to the savagery that Islam wants to introduce?

Ignorance is bliss.

Reading this article on the Latvians being asked not to put a national emblem on their gifts to NATO delegates.

I couldn't believe it. The Latvians have been using the Swaztika as a local folklore symbol for centuries. To quote 'its feared that delegates, unfamiliar with local folklore, may take mittens decorated with swastikas amiss.' Read more here.

WTF. If our delegates could not be informed beforehand that this was a traditional symbol and delegates, who you would think were some of the more intelligent from each country, should understand. Just like we have to ignore foreigners doing things we don't like because they are foreigners. After all the Saudi's, well some of them, don't drink but do they insist we all don't when they attend parties at the Russian embassy in London.

If I was Latvia I would be complaining and making the mitts anyway. If some people don't want them then they can refuse them.

If the swaztika itself has such a power then surely our muslim nations can legitimately complain about the cross of St George. After all it too was a symbol and many muslims died under it's banner.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

And what are you going to do about it?

Oh dear. Seems after their remote victory in Lebanon the Iranians feel just a little bit emboldened to make a statement ahead of the deadline. Read more here.

Now after our increase in the armed forces we are sending back to Iraq and Afghanistan. Is there in reality anything the US and UK can do to Iran. None of the other Western nations are going to do anything bar talk. The Iranians, despite their obvious stupidity, know this.

The preferred option was for the US or Israel as a proxy to strike the disputed sites from the air. It's still an option but if they think the Iranians are just going to say 'Oh well!' and just carry on as normal they need to seriously look at the world today and ask themselves can we really start something with Iran at the moment? I thought it would be difficult at the best of times but while we are mired down in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon this is Iran's best chance to show the world the West cannot handle everything. If we attack Iran and the middle east all stands up and attacks Israel are we really in the position to do anything?

Of course, if it all escalates out of control and Israel looks like it will be wiped out. They won't go quietly the middle east can become a big sheet of glass and the Iranians gets their wish for entering paradise.

So the question still is. What can we do about it? Ordinarily, I would say better minds than ours will be looking at this now but history is showing that these minds are not in fact working on these problems. None of them are in our governments for a start.

Next week is either going to be extremely interesting or a complete non event. I suspect it will be a non event.

Brainwashing the kids.

Reading this article on Spiked about our government manipulating our kids.

Not watching a lot of telly, I clocked up 30 minutes this week, and watching no children's TV, unless the Simpsons count, I was unaware of this manipulation of our children.

When you add in the the fact that our schools are also making sure our kids are green and will stand up to their parents on fatty foods. They don't have time for such boring stuff as Maths, English and any Science.

Remember the first of the new generation of teachers that can't teach are already here. I bet they are $h1t hot on the benefits of recycling, the fear of global warming and the right way to vote plus lots of other useless things.

Looks like the indocrination of our children is a lot further on that we think. We are now on our second generation who will be unable to think for themselves.

John Prescott is a thinker as well as a boor.

John Prescott has gone up in my estimation. After reading all the reports he must see and getting all the briefings he has the penny finally dropped and he recognised the roadmap was crap. Of course he has denied it but he clearly was lucid for a short period.

That is more than I though he was capable of.

Iraqi violence chart clearly shows increases.

Interesting chart published on Thursday which I missed. It is about Iraqi deaths. Even if the total figures look doubtful the trend is clearly shown as increasing violence across the months with a couple of peaks at key times and not one month since March 2004 even dipping to the peak of 2003. Read more here.

Now it is inconceivable that our leaders did not have this type of graph generated monthly yet they continued to state that everything was getting better with 'surges' of violence. I can only assume they thought that these suicide bombers would eventually just run out and the gunmen just give up and then they could go home. Now the US has recalled 300 troops on their way home from Iraq and some had just returned home. It clearly shows that the war is not going the way the West wanted it to. I'm shocked. I thought it was all hunky dorey.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's all down to the implementation.

It's all well and good for the UN to ratify a ceasefire. But it seems they may have difficulty keeping their end of the bargain. Never mind the combatants. One of whom is not happy with the make up of the UN troops and the other has said it won't follow the terms.

Seems nobody wants to send any troops. The US and it's satellite are going to send admin. France is going to send 200 troops. Wasn't it their plan? Doesn't look like there will be many more takers and they want to send 3,000 troops. Read more here.

Seems nobody wants their troops to be used as Hezbollah armour. Kofi will be calling for his own troops again.

Friday, August 18, 2006

A public step forward. While others are quietly released.

Reading this article about some bomb making equipment found in a suitcase which was front page news. Great something positive from the case. Then I noted that already two of the 24 arrested had been released without charge. Amazingly enough this seems to have happened a week ago for one and the other on this Wednesday. Funny, don't seem to have heard anything about that. On the plus side we have a bomb making kit.

Fingers crossed it is not some car filler, wire and a pair of pliers. Although you have got to assume that when the cast a net over so many at least one of them is actually what we are looking for.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Now we are for it.

While reading some articles about the security farce at our airports I came across this article about staff finding an intruder on one of the planes.

In a direct quote from the article 'The man was discovered inside the plane at 1.10am yesterday, and was holding a briefcase, the airline said. When challenged, he disappeared.'

Wow! Disappeared. Either teleportation or a snazzy new stealth suit like the one the alien had on Predator. Maybe suitcase sized at the moment but once the Japanese get hold of it it will fit in a pen.

How can we defend against this? Our government needs new powers and we need to give up some rights. Especially with suitcases. Oh, and pens in the near future. That will fix it.

Concerns about the latest arrests.

Well it seems that there are quite a few concerns about the timing and process behind the latest arrests. Especially considering that some of them didn't even have passports.

This article by Craig Murray kind of puts it all in perspective. I wish I could write as well as he can. But clearly, I was learning a new language while I was at school and did not do so well on the old one. I passed my English exams but nothing to be proud of.

I now have no doubt that those with computers will have child porn on, those with cars will be prosecuted for having items usable for terrorism, maps of the UK and some body filler, and maybe, they might find someone with something substantial, like a gun. The rest will walk. Sadly, we have no idea if this would have shown something different if we had waited. I doubt it but you never know.

At least our leader didn't have to cut his holiday short and we have been told again we need to give up more freedoms so it did it's magic.

I've a jar of handcream. Take me to Cuba.

Reading this article about the woman who has been arrested for carrying handcream and some matches. So much for the extra security which has worked out to be a real farce.

Seems she was restrained and the plane had to divert. I'm not surprised that people are starting to lose it. The human animal can only put up with so much before it explodes (Bad choice of words there)

Now why did the plane have to divert? It seems that the intention is to get the plane on the ground as soon as possible. Could this be a new tactic for our terrorists to use. Go on a plane with no weapons rant and rave at the crew and get arrested. Plane gets diverted everybody gets fed up. Two jet fighter are used as an escort as well. Additional costs for the carrier and security services that they will not get back from the nutter.

People are not rational at the best of times and these processes just make it worse for everyone. What sort of strategy is this? Why can't they just continue to where they are going and get the nutter dealt with there?

We don't seem to be able to do anything right. I'm coming to the conclusion that these processes were devised by a bunch of students in the 70s and have not been updated since then because screwing us around seems to be a standard ploy.

I'm sure we will get more of these as frustrations rise. Jeez, it's bad enough with just the normal bureaucratic cock ups.

Bringing the UK to it's knees.

I have said that the terrorists are almost unstoppable due to their numbers and willingness to die. A few will get through no matter what we do. A competent leader with a couple of dozen of these guys could bring the UK to it's knees in a few months. All it would take is a capability of performing basic tasks and with a lot of money to back them up plus an actual plan which revolved around not just blowing yourself up. But luckily so far they seem to be lead by incompetents. That surely can't last long.

Most of our defences are actually built around the principle of the bad guy wants to get home to his wife and kids and get away with it. Be he bank robber, police officer, soldier, burglar, etc. So we don't go on clear suicide missions nor do we let our identity get out to avoid retribution in one way or another. If getting away with it is difficult then we have a rethink and, if necessary, give up for something else.

That is not the case with these guys. They are not bothered about being identified nor of escaping. In fact it seems to be the case that they don't even try. They go in with no intention of even coming out. It's almost as if they don't want to take the chance of bombing somewhere. Escaping and being captured alive. Now if they planned for getting away but were also prepared to die if cornered like rats. It would not be long before the West would be really in terror of these guys. And not a government led terror either. It would be our governments that would be in fear. What would happen then would depend on who our leader were.

Long may they be disorganised.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A sad state of affairs. Will it open our eyes?

I followed a link from Right Wing Howler to this article at Black Five. Sadly it talks about the Virtues of Killing Children. Something I had previously discussed with one of our soldiers as an out of the box idea. Now the issue we had was that we in the West are really softies. Generations of the easy life where your life is not really in danger and we are unlikely to starve have made us weak in the face of the new enemy we face. We have a weak spot for the innocents of the world and none are seen as innocent as children. Read the article here and think about it. It does make a kind of horrific sense.

I'm slowly coming round with the latest on Hezbollah armour in the Lebanon and the way we are going in the UK with appeasement. The latest being the view that this passport photograph would not be acceptable in a muslim country. Now correct me if I'm wrong but don't their passports have women entirely covered with a slit for their eyes? Are we heading the same way? What a bunch we have in government. ID cards of women all covered in black with a slit for the eyes. Wait a minute, this one looks like that terrorists Ali Baba Jr, So does this one. Jeez they are all the same photo. One sitting provides four passport applications with photos. Oops, off on a tangent again.

When will we learn that giving in to these people, even on little issues, is not seen as a compromise but instead a step in the direction they want to go. I don't want Sharia law in the UK to please the 1% of our population that want it. More than that seem to want to break all our other laws and screw children. Should we bow to pressure from them? What is going on?

I want my children to live. And that's not live under Sharia law but the freedoms we, once had, in the west and will again. If that requires the extermination of all the radical muslims on this planet then that is their call. Only take a few more atrocities and large parts of the UK becoming no go zones before we in the UK wake up though. Once our lives are in real danger and the risks are higher we will take the gloves off. Israel at least will welcome our help.

I'm now coming round to the notion that this war is inevitable. Better start stocking up.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This can't be good.

This looks like the conflict in Lebanon is now going to be a poster for the middle eastern resistance. It shows that you can stand up to the west and win if you play the dead children game. Read the middle east take on the ceasefire here. It's not far away from a few western views as well. The only ones in the west who see this as a win is the Peace by any means brigade. I think their time is coming to an end.

I hope we have not provided a big boost for Hezbollah. It would be unfortunate if these guys just stock up their ammo and then started again. Bolstered by this win which will bring a few more martyrs into the next conflict.

If the politics play out the Israelis may have a slightly different slant on this next time.

UK foreign Policy. What a mess.

On the one hand we have our muslims complaining that UK foreign policy is causing us issues. On the other hand we have a government spokesman saying it is OK. Read here. Now, for one of the few times I agree with the muslims on this. Our foreign policy is chaotic and has put us directly in the line of fire. It has reduced our presence on the political world stage to merely a spectator and we are seen by the whole planet as a lapdog of the US.

Our government, of course, does not accept it is behind the radicalisation of Muslims. As if that is the only question here. Mmmmm. Maybe it didn't start them off seeing as the were going centuries ago. Got to admit that. So clearly our government doesn't think there is anything they can do to change it. If so what is the point in making these policies anyway?

To be honest I couldn't care about what our muslims thought of the policy if it was reducing violence across the world and making the UK safer. But, it clearly is not. Therefore how a few politicians protected by armed police and told how wonderful they are on a regular basis compares to people actually impacted by this on a daily basis is beyond me. Clearly they don't even read the papers.

When people like myself can see that there is cause and effect, we invade Iraq, people tell us they are upset by that and blow themselves up to say so. Kind of makes a point. After all there is not that many ways to protest nowadays. Write a letter, get ignored or get a standard response. Phone up, just don't get through. Go on a march. Nobody sees you because you haven't go permission from the KGB. Attack someone. Front page news. Sadly, the message you pass is ignored. Why did they do that? They have been doing it for hundreds of years so it's them being nutters and nothing to do with us. No problem here.

I'm not a muslim but I think our foreign policy stinks. We should change it from 'Follow what the Yanks do' to something which fits into our values and our needs. We don't want to take over the world. If we do we should just sign up and become a new US state. At least we can get some benefits out of that. At the very least we get rid of the FCO.

How can these people teach others?

Seems like we have finally churned out a whole generation of people with low literacy skills. Now they are lining up to be teachers. Read more here.

How anyone can expect these teachers the improve the situation is beyond me. Maybe we need to bring in some foreign exchange students to teach English and basic maths.

Talk about the lowest common denominator. Soon everyone output from our state schools will be the equivalent of a C in the old CSE level way back in the 70s. At the very minimum it will be a standard. No one left behind.


Dying for your beliefs.

I was reading an article on a US blog where someone was comparing the 911 terrorists, US soldiers and the 911 rescuers where they were all brave people prepared to give their lives for what they believe in. I tried to leave a comment but couldn't create an account1.

Now I said myself in the past that the terrorists are almost unstoppable due to their numbers and willingness to die. A few will get through no matter what we do. They are brave but that is based on their belief system. After all they see death as a transition into another life where the land is milk and honey and they basically get to actually screw a woman. Heaven indeed for most of them. Because of the willingness to die a competent leader could bring the UK to it's knees in a few months if they had a couple of dozen of these guys who could perform basic tasks and a lot of money to back them up. But luckily so far they seem to be lead by incompetents. That surely can't last long. Anyway, I digress.

Our guys on the other hand do not all believe in an afterlife. Atheists have died in Iraq. All want to go home and see their wives and children. They are not willing to line up and die in droves but their bravery comes from the fact they are willing to die if necessary to protect something they believe in. Our guys go into risky situations confident that they will make a difference and if they don't make it then they may save others.

Firefighters go to work every day knowing they could die but are prepared to put themselves at risk to save people. Our soldiers go out to fight knowing they could die but prepared to do so because it is protecting their country2. This is true sacrifice. They weigh up the odds and consider their deaths as a risk. Most will go into a burning building if a child is inside. Just for the chance to save them. Willingness to die to protect something and, potentially, give something up yourself. None of our guys would walk into a situation where they knew were going to die and they could not see a benefit. Even our 911 rescuers though they could do some good.

The terrorists are doing this just to pay a fee to enter heaven. Which is actually quite selfish. The more unbelievers they kill the better and even their own families are fuel to be consumed by the hatred. The mindset involved in sending your children out as mine detectors, suicide bombers or using them as PR is beyond most of us in the west. We would rather die ourselves.

Brave the terrorists may be but it's hardly in the same league as our guys. I salute all our armed forces, security services and emergency services. Keep up the good work and God3 be with you.

1) The guy must know me.
2) Let's not get into the Iraqi war debate.
3) Substitute whatever deity you consider your own.

The pendulum of Justice.

Who nowadays feel like there is Justice in the UK?

The Police catch them even with all the rules and PC bull they have to follow.
The CPS lets them off on technicalities or for some arbitrary political reason. The only ones who seem to get prosecuted are those with own use drugs or those that fill their recycling bins wrong.
If real criminals go to court and are found guilty they are given a really pitiful sentence which does not provide justice. This seems to be down to two things. Sentencing guidelines from some politically goody two shoes and a old out of touch farts feelings on the issues. After all the criminals are only that way because of society. What a load of crap.

Of course like everything in government peoples feelings are eventually heard and with a lot of creaking and screeching the pendulum of justice swings and of course yet again ends up in somewhere stupid. Already we have these draconian anti terrorist laws and our criminal justice system and it looks like we are getting pushed again for summary justice. This is the police feeling they should do something to stop the people they see slipping through their fingers but the problem is not actually at their end. They do have issues with bureaucracy etc. but these powers will do more harm than good. Ordinary people will not see justice carried out but persecution.

Why do we need a pendulum anyway? Justice isn't about black and white as there is grey and it never seems to stop in the right place. It's not just us. I don't see Justice being applied anywhere we look nowadays. Look at this guy from the US. That can't be Justice. Although to be honest I think the justice system in the West is about the best in the world. It could do with a little tweaking though.

In our attempts to tweak, using sledgehammers, we don't seem to be able to organise anything in the UK lately. Sledgehammers not being tweaking tools. Everything that is introduced is either rubbish before it starts and clearly so or it has side effects that cause issues further down the line which a bit of though would have predicted. Nothing seems to be thought out and it is all knee jerk responses based on something that has happened and other, simpler, changes could fix it but we have to go the whole hog and smash it to pieces. We never learn. I don't know how we survived without all these changes in the past. For hundreds of years we had a system that worked reasonably well. In the past decade we have changed so much that people are running wild. Crime is out of control and people are defenceless.

Now, when I rule the planet there will still be miscarriages of justice but they, hopefully, will be identified and corrected. The areas that need to change are mainly in the sentencing areas. Crimes like cannabis or other no victim crimes will not result in prison but instead with fines. Burglary, assault etc. will have their sentences increased and also on a sliding scale where the number of offences makes a difference. I've ranted about it here.

Once people see that crime has a punishment there will be less crime. Alternatively, they will be locked away so there will be less crime that way. Win win.

The police don't need any more powers. It's the stages after that that provides the injustice.

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's Ironic really.

Watching Michelle Malkins video on ANSWER. I was intrigued by the comment that Muslims are up in arms, how appropriate, about being asked their views on TWOT at the US border.

Now to be honest I originally thought that it would be a waste of time asking questions like that at a border because what was going to happen?
Border Guard : Have you come here to murder westerners?
Muslim : Yes but I thought I would get a visit to Disneyworld in first and find some goats as I won't be needing them when I am finished here.
Border Guard : Your nicked. (Or the American equivalent : Book him Dano)
Muslim : How did you know? Do we have a traitor in our organisation?

But after talking to a shrink I know he has convinced me that trained and experienced questioners can detect nuances in people that can raise suspicions. Not for well trained spies and the like but our Al Quada guys are not exactly nuclear physicists.

Now the part I find ironic is that people that want to introduce Sharia law to countries they have immigrated to can demonstrate about freedom. The talk about being left in peace and how they are all not killers but anyone who dissents has to be killed. They burn our flags but if you touch their holy book wrong you die. I was particularly surprised to see all these women there without covered faces. Tut tut. Boy would they be in for a surprise if they had their own way. Kids as well, looking younger than ten, shouting about Hezbollah and the PLO. I suppose they have to start early if they want to make mindless drones.

I've known Muslims for years. Before 911 and all the ones I know don't push their religion on you. They just get on with it and don't scream and shout if you have a drink or have a pork sandwich. Of course in this current PC world I'm too frightened to talk to them about their religion and see what they really think. I don't know them that well.

Well it's on after all.

The ceasefire begins. Now let's see how long it lasts and who does what first. Although I think the returning refugees are being a bit premature but what do I know?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Or maybe not.

Here we are just before the ceasefire is due and it seems that there is a last minute hold up as it doesn't seem Hezbollah won't stop until the last Israeli has left Lebanon and the Israelis won't leave until the area is secure. Read more here. Of course, if the Israelis actually believed Hezbollah would see this as an end they would be more flexible but surely nobody believes Hezbollah will just stop because of this. After all they know the UN and the west's media is working against the Israelis.

A Ceasefire is agreed.

Well, it looks like a ceasefire has been agreed by all sides. It's going to start at 05:00 GMT tomorrow. I'm just wondering why the Israelis agreed so quickly. Must be pressure from the western media who are clearly no longer even covertly pretending to be reporting the news rather than making it.

I wonder how long it will be before Israel is under attack again? Someone else firing indiscriminately into Israel or walking bombers in. Will it last a day, or two? Does this UN mandate have the caveat where if the ceasefire is broken then Israel can carry on where it left off?

How does this whole UN mandate thing work anyway? Since I've gone off the UN I have looked at some of the things they do and it seems to all come down to how much pressure can be put on the players. Basically, the US does as it wants because there is no pressure big enough to make it do something it does not want to do. Others who don't care but have no reason for the US to interfere are left alone. In addition all they want to do is interfere in the internal workings of other countries. That is no different from the US but at least the US is doing it to keep their country strong. The UN seems to be trying to weaken every country to the same level.

I still believe in many aspects of what I thought the UN was about but still believe they need to start with the achievable and build respect by doing things right. What is there is useless and corrupt and needs to go.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Finally, A news article that talks sense.

Let's treat the plotters as common criminals, not soldiers in a global war.

Go and read it here.

Heathrow, we have a problem.

Now it seems to me that if our flights can be brought down so easily with a couple of shampoo bottles full of liquid we have a major problem on all flights. All over the world. So why is it just the UK that seems to be going through this panic. No internal flights in Oz or the US are stopping all hand luggage. Yet, surely they must have the same concerns.

Meanwhile back in the UK, already the carriers are saying the checks and delays are not sustainable. Read here. That means that our next batch from the remaining 240,000+1 remaining disaffected Muslims will have a clear run pretty soon providing they don't get too ambitious and try to do more than one or two at a time.

Personally if this type of attack is likely to bring down aircraft then we have, in reality, no chance of stopping them. They are bound to succeed. The law of averages are on their side and if they can smuggle guns and grenades on as they have in the past what chance have we to stop liquids which could even be held internally.

However, I don't believe that these explosives they are concocting can bring down our aircraft. Maybe if they got into the cockpit or had free access to certain areas on the aircraft but not from within the passenger area.

So we are either going to see a retraction of the power of these weapons and a return to the mere paranoia we had two weeks ago or we see naked passengers having full body XRays for every flight or we say goodbye to flights as we know it. That would be good news for the environmentalists. Only people in their private planes flying. Goodbye cheap flights and travel for the masses.

1) Based on 1M muslims in the UK and 24% are with the terrorists. Probably growing daily.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I think the Americans might have something.

Seems that their profiling skills are a lot better than ours. They seem to have come up with a theory. Watch the video here.

Can't quite work out what they are trying to say though. Could they be on to something?

One nagging question.

After reading all the articles on the bombers and what they were doing and everything over the last 24 hours. One thing has been nagging away at me. I can't make any sense of it and so I thought I would just write about it.

These guys were going out to kill themselves and take some of us with them. Sounds like each had a flight each and was going to take some explosives on board to bring the flight down. Now ignoring the questions on how that was going to happen and talks about explosives, they were going out to die and they knew it.

So why was the first action of our security services to freeze their assets? They would have tidied up before they went the same as we all would if we knew when we were popping our clogs. So there wouldn't be much traffic now. They wouldn't be in the position of having large amounts in their accounts being cannon fodder. Nor are they in the position to be writing out any cheques for a while. There seems to be a big thing with these guys about this. It's mentioned in a few articles on the BBC site here and here and is plastered all over the Bank of England in a special article. I don't remember our Red Mercury guys or our Forest Gate guys getting this treatment.

It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Oh dear.

Seems like the people arrested yesterday have been identified. Read here.

Unsurprisingly, they all seem to have things in common. For example none of them are names John, Paul, Dave, Bob etc.

Can't work that out though. Based on this information it will be really difficult to profile them.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Busy day for lots of people, good and bad.

Seems that there is a lot going on at Airports today. People have been arrested and people are not allowed to take hand luggage on aircraft. Read more here. A threat on a plane also caused it to return to base in a seemingly separate incident. Read here. Things have clearly come to a head today with these checks and 21 arrests. In a way this makes this as big as 911. Plus, and this is worse, rumours seem to be these are guys from the UK but the authorities insist is it not one culture against another which implies certain things to me as I'm sure it does to you.

Of course relief that they have caught these guys has now given way to wondering what they have in the way of something they can prosecute and I'm not at all suspicious this comes after Reid made his speech about us losing more of our freedoms and especially as they are now talking about 'lasting changes' to security at our airports.

Let's see some prosecutions and with good evidence. Not an overheard conversation in a pub where someone was going to get blown in the air.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

With one modification.

The Tories are looking at a new logo. Another 'investment' that is intended to show them in a different view.

To be honest. I think it looks OK. The only change I would make it to show Cameron and Blair hanging from the branches. Could they use Blair on their logo?

Cameron, even alone, dangling on some hemp would be a vote winner.

Finger on the pulse.

Seems like our beloved leader does not have his finger on the pulse at the moment.

He has one low level guy resigning over the middle east while half of the MPs seem to want an emergency session. If there is one surely Blair can't miss it. His old chum Jack Straw gets to make the call apparently. I can almost here Blair burning up the secure lines with calls of 'I've just got here' and 'Cherie says....' It's sad having so much resting on his poor worn out shoulders.

He could always, well, resign.

Although, thinking about it. What the hell can they do anyway? Just make a point to our leader and Bush?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Thousands of Terrorist collaborators a year could be in the UK.

At least 4,000 Japanese and 11,000 of various nationalities are filming terrorist targets in the UK every year according to a poll I performed1. Some of these are Westerners, American, Australians and Canadians who clearly must have divided loyalties and need further attention. Some of these are using sophisticated equipment not currently available in the UK2.

This total fabrication is based on this article about a Iraqi man who is in court on terrorist changes because he had a) Videos of the Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye and b) A video of Osama spouting his views.

I wonder how many of the hundred of terrorist attacks we have thwarted were tourists who have had their holiday snaps stolen by our security people and allowed to return home with their details on our super duper immigration systems and absolutely nothing else. They won't be back again, attack thwarted. Well done boys.

With the load of rubbish I am writing here I could apply for a job in one of our wonderful rags. Loads of facts but absolutely crap and meaningless.

1) I just made up the figures. I asked myself how many tourists go to London and film Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye. I had absolutely no idea at all so I guessed 15,000 would video all three. I've videoed Big Ben and Parliament but have never seen the London Eye so I'm clearly OK.
2) The Japanese and American tourists always seems to have excellent bits of kit we have to wait six months to acquire. Lucky sods.

A motive for the Israelis to keep this going.

I don't know about you but I have taken my eye off the Iraqi ball over the last few weeks. Although I have looked occasionally to see what is going on.

I'm now thinking that in a way it was lucky for Bush and Blair that this Israeli issue had started. It seems to me with the killing in Iraqi hitting another *cough* surge and more dying daily with what looks like bigger attacks as well. Add in the increase in attacks in Afghanistan where we are losing quite a few of our soldiers.

Almost as if Israel is doing Bush and Blair a favour and taking the heat of them while they have a few days respite from the arduous task of ordering more of our troops into danger.

I can see it now. If you do this to give us a few days of something that is not our fault we will stall the UN and keep you stocked with weapons while you take the opportunity to even a few scores. It's worked for Bush but Blair seems to have the dirty end of the stick again because he is alienating all his supporters at home. Sad really.

The more I see him the more I'm convinced he is still well out of his depth. Although I can believe he thinks he is doing a good job. I see so many of these people in my work.

Totally ineffectual. Our foreign policy.

Well seems our beloved leader has gone on holiday for a *cough* much deserved rest after his tireless work on the Israeli issues.

Of course absolutely nothing has happened nor is it looking likely at all. He did do one positive thing before he went, he errr, well he left someone else to do the dirty work. Although they clearly will have to make their own conference call arrangements so he will be sadly missed.

I remember when the Americans used to call themselves Canadians because of issues they had around the world and I always wondered why they were not so proud of their country. I even remember discussing this with an American who was working with us on some comms equipment. He just said it was not worth the hassle for the idiots that hated America who would not even consider another view to their own.

Well, now I understand. I'm going to tell people I'm French. That says how bad it is.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Soon he will no longer be required. Just like here.

Interesting that our beloved leader should spend so much time on the phone and all of a sudden it clicked. With the advent of conference call facilities where everyone can speak together and listen to each other all from the comfort of your own home there is still one role Blair can do. Someone has to arrange all the calls. Someone has to speak to all the participants and arrange a suitable time.

Although clearly he isn't too good at that either. Some of them going to New York for a meeting at the UN.

Our leader will have to replace a couple more light bulbs if he wants to remain carbon neutral, or does he give up his trip to see what is going on and get his photo taken with the movers and shakers of the world. A hanger on.

Cherie must be happy to get rid of him.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Adverts shape our decision processes because we trust the media.

I've been following the excellent articles on EU referendum and the staged media show at Qana. If you are not reading this already then go here and catch up. EU referendum normally deals with other issues but have done an exceptionally excellent job on this non-EU issue. You will need to go back quite a few posts if you have missed the start. I must confess to seeing children, especially dead, used in this way upset me but I'm just a big softie.

There is also a short story on Pallywood. Seems like the Palestinians do have an industry after all. Watch it here at Samizdata.

These guys are using our compassion against us. And like the idiots we are we fall for these things every time. We think we are in a world where things are black and white because things are so simple at home in the West. We take evil creatures close to our hearts and trust them not to attack us. Won't be long before we will see their propaganda used against the axis of evilUS, UK and Oz.

It will not end well. Unfortunately the idiots that support all this never seem to be the ones that get wasted when it all goes wrong. For example. Blair, Bush etc. attack a country. Civilians and our soldiers get wasted daily. Blair, Bush etc. are untouched but are all cut up. Awww. So that's all right then.

Labour's definition of leadership on the world stage.

Well it seems that despite being on the sidelines at least two of Blair sycophants have come out and said he has shown leadership in his handling of the Lebanon conflict. Read here.

Well I suppose he has in a way. The Labour way.

Let other people get on with doing the work and doing something useful. We call it actually working on the problem. Then get credit for being involved even though nobody wants you really and you just waste everybodies time. With the added bonus of where it goes wrong you can say that it was not actually your idea later and you will be right. That is the Labour way.

A leader on the worlds stage. What a joke. I often wondered why they called it the worlds stage. With Blair in charge I'm beginning to put it together. It's a panto really. In the olden days the UK was one of the leading characters. Now we are sidelined into being one of the less savoury characters. Fagin springs to mind. Blairs boys empty our pockets to spend on raising his own profile.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sidelined. The UKs place on the worlds stage.

Seems the US and France have agreed the wording on a ceasefire in Lebanon. Read here.

Blair was sidelined and the best he got was to welcome the agreement. Read here. So much for our presence on the worlds stage and our wonderful leader working on the middle east problem.

Maybe if he is good he will get to stand by them when the announce this to Israel and Hezbollah. Maybe they will even imply that others, including the UK, helped on it. Save a bit of face there if they do that. With the US involved this will already have been agreed with Israel. Getting Hezbollah and Lebanon to agree will be the interesting bit but in reality they won't have much choice if they don't want to have others lined up against them. They can always restart in a few weeks.

I think that Blair could leave for his holiday only a day late if the reason is really the conflict in the middle east. Of course if it's the conflict in the Labour party he has been working on then he better wait a few more days. Use the middle east crisis as an excuse.

Ruthless killers caught on camera.

Photos of these ruthless IDF killers we read so much about. See here. Found these on Currency Lad after following a trail.

I'm all for equality but this certainly has the right leaning for me.

What the threat levels actually mean.

It seems that the UK is now publishing it's own threat levels like the US. See them here. We surely needed our own as the great unwashed have no idea what is going on.

Unfortunately, they don't actually explain in real detail what it means to you personally. As the level changes do you do anything differently? So I thought I would put down my understanding from my, albeit limited, experiences to help you with this.

The levels are;
Critical - an attack is expected imminently
Severe - an attack is likely
Substantial - an attack is a strong possibility
Moderate - an attack is possible but not likely
Low - an attack is unlikely

What they mean to you, in escalating order;

Low - an attack is unlikely
Personally: You have less than 0.001% chance in the worst case of being involved or knowing someone who is involved in a terrorist attack outside newspaper and web articles.
Country wide: More people will be killed during kinky masturbation than by a terrorist attack.1
Politically: No additional money will be available for you to spend. You have no chance of pushing through laws to reduce our freedoms. You will be asked to cut back spending.
Police: Your accidental executions will require considerably PR work and will result in complaints. You may even be given a reprimand. Don't do it.

What the public needs to do: Carry on as usual.

Moderate - an attack is possible but not likely
Personally: You have less than 0.001% chance in the worst case of being involved or knowing someone who is involved in a terrorist attack outside newspaper and web articles.
Country wide: More people will be killed by DIY than by a terrorist attack.1
Politically: No more money will be available for you to spend. You have little chance of pushing through laws to reduce our freedoms.
Police: Your accidental executions will require a little PR work. There will be a few complaints. You may even be given a stiff talking to. Try not to do it.

What the public needs to do: Carry on as usual.

Substantial - an attack is a strong possibility
Personally: You have less than 0.001% chance in the worst case of being involved or knowing someone who is involved in a terrorist attack outside newspaper and web articles.
Country wide: More people will be killed traveling than by a terrorist attack.1
Politically: No more money will be available for you to spend. You have a good chance of pushing through laws to reduce our freedoms.
Police: Your accidental executions will be accepted by the public as collateral damage with little PR.

What the public needs to do: Carry on as usual.

Severe - an attack is likely
Personally: You have less than 0.001% chance in the worst case of being involved or knowing someone who is involved in a terrorist attack outside newspaper and web articles.
Country wide: More people will be killed by the NHS than by a terrorist attack.1
Politically: Slightly more money will be available for you to spend. You have a good chance of pushing through laws to reduce our freedoms.
Police: Your accidental executions will be accepted by the public as collateral damage and the press with supply the supporting PR. You are likely to get a commendation.

What the public needs to do: White people - Carry on as usual. Everyone else - Take a little care out there. Keep clear of the police. If you see the police smile

Critical - an attack is expected imminently
Personally: You have less than 0.001% chance in the worst case of being involved or knowing someone who is involved in a terrorist attack outside newspaper and web articles.
Country wide: More people will be killed by the police than by a terrorist attack.
Politically: Significantly more money will be available for you to spend. You have a excellent chance of pushing through laws to reduce our freedoms.
Police: Your accidental executions will be accepted by the public as collateral damage. You will even get a holiday out of it and a commendation.

What the public needs to do: White people - Carry on as usual. Keep clear of the police. If you see the police smile. Everyone else - Keep clear of the police. If you see the police try to look non threatening. Don't make any sudden moves in or out of your homes. Don't speak to anyone.

Hope that is helpful.

Note that the threat level will normally fluctuate between moderate and substantial as this will maximise politically power and provide maximum bum covering. When nothing is happening but could be. There is the possibility of threat level changes due to current government ineptitude on any front as a last minute smokescreen.

1) Excluding Police and Government forces actions of course.

Wouldn't it be ironic is Israel brought Blair down.

It seems that even delaying his holidays isn't going to help our beloved leader against the critics of his policy on Israel. Read more here.

This could be what rounds up enough support in the Labour party to get our beloved leader kicked out. Blair must be considering if he wants a holiday at all for the next few months.

Would it not be a cruel twist of fate that his inaction in Israel make Blair a scapegoat in a situation he actually has no real control over whilst his real actions in Iraq and his demolition of our democracy, among others, have had no impact at all.

The best Blair could do would be to put his name alongside those that call for Israel to stop it's attacks. Of course he can't do that without the permission of Bushdiscussing with his allies. And Bush sees this as part of TWOT. The more other countries do the work the less the US has to do.

Think of the stress this is putting on him. He may have to go on health grounds. That would be a nice solution for him. Not kicked out but resigning for health reasons. Slightly different from the arrest and war crimes trial I was hoping for but, of course, resignation does not rule that out for the future.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Evil huntsman gets a lesson. I think.

This looks to be a strange case.

Huntsman chases a couple of foxes with dogs and tried to call it hunting with guns. The League Against Cruel Sports disagrees but the police are not sure. LACS brought the case to court at a cost of £65K after the police refused to prosecute based on the evidence available.

Our huntsman was fined £500. We could club together to pay that but it's probably less than he would have paid for the hunt anyway. Read more here. Sounds like the case was flimsy anyway.

Bottom line;
Huntsman down £500. Now has a criminal record but had a good hunt.
LACS down £65K. They are feeling happy another evil hunter is dealt with.
Government up £500. They feel they are doing a good job.

All in all not a bad result. Everyone won. New fee for hunting looks to be £500 paid to the government. If they had wanted to put a tax on it they should have just said so.

I wonder how many of these court cases LACS can afford to win?

Wise choice by our PR astute leader.

Seems he is delaying his holiday over the middle east crisis. Read here.

Clearly nothing is going to happen in the next few days and he is powerless to do anything at all anyway. But, he can rally round support so they are not digging at his foundations as PM as he is sunning it away without a care in the world as our soldiers die in the defence of our countryfor Blair's self inflated ego trip.

He will be away in a few days. Israel will still be attacked by the terrorists and our political masters can plot away openly. Even Gordon will be happy to help at this time. His time as exchequer is starting to backfire on him. He needs to get away and into his new role and thus solidify his pension arrangementskeep up the good work on the governmental front.

Witchcraft. It's racial. Again.

Yet, again we have a report from a bunch of experts in our Government. Seem that our witchcraft investigations are racial. What a shocker. As another surprise they recommend a database. Yah! Another shocker, although this one has been mentioned before. Read the latest article here.

Now yet again it seems our PC society is getting in the way of dealing with these issues. It's similar to terrorism. Most of our terrorists nowadays are Muslim, allegedly1. But we can't say that because it is religious or racial. Witchcraft, although followed by a few in the UK is mostly understood to be followed by black people, again allegedly. Voodoo black magic. Of course, we can't say that. So resources are wasted looking at people that we know are no risk. All for our PC society to tick a few boxes. Dante would have a new level of Hell just for these people. Actually, how many levels of Hell should we have now for this new age?

1) Seems to be a charm applied by our MSM to ward off evil spirits.

There is one positive thing.

At least the West is consistent in it's desire to push democracy. Let's keep on pushing our values on others. Cuba is next for a call to be democratic. Read more here.

Although what brand? We could push the one that doesn't work properly in the UK or doesn't work in the US or doesn't work, for the west anyway, in Palestine. I still think it's better than the alternatives but can't we get it right at home first?

Never mind what is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. Never mind we are moving on Iran and Syria. We still have time to advise Cuba. And, I have no doubt supply arms and funds if a few dissidents want them. Of course if it was the other way round it would mark Cuba as a terrorist country like Iran but as it is the US then it's OK. No hypocrisy here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

And we though we had people who can't think for themselves.

Reading this article about some bombs being introduced at a court in Bangladesh as evidence in a terror case. The bombs were still live.

Unbelievable. The best bit was the statement from the police. They had not disarmed the bombs because they had not been asked to. Absolutely brilliant. Can't really say any more. Read the article here.

What if the bombs had gone off when they were being disarmed, perhaps because someone didn't equate disarming with actually making them safe or something. Would it be the bombers who have been in custody for eight months or the police who had stuck them in a cupboard for eight months who would have been blamed? They might actually have had more of an impact stored in a crowded police station than stored in a bombers flat.

What was that joke about common sense isn't all that common. Not so funny now.

Let's have some joined up thinking.

Seems someone is calling for the closure of some women's prisons. Read more here.

Now I'm not convinced that we should be reducing the sentences of women nor changing the sentences given out. From my understanding two thirds of women from these prisons reoffend. Clearly the punishment does not work too well. So we of course have to believe it is because prison doesn't work on women specifically because of, well, womens things. So the poor things should not have to put up with imprisonment. What about equality? Why does equality only ever work against white, working, middle class men?

My first thoughts on reading this is we are calling for more prisons but building them is expensive, although we seem to be coming around to this idea. The problem is if our wonderful leaders thought a bit more they wouldn't need too much funding. The call should be to have them reassigned as mens prisons. No building costs and the wardens are already there.

A a brewery could in not organise piss they up. reorder as you see fit. I used to think that was just a phrase but I now actually know it is true.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We are saved. A new crime fighting initiative.

Read this. I feel a lot safer now.

I don't know about you but I bet quite a few have taken up praying since Blair brought us into Iraq.

Where will the UK be in a few years?

I've just read this article where Blair is using our money to travel to the US for a party and a job interview with Rupert Murdoch. It really makes my blood boil that having taken our great nation to it's knees in the manner of Monica Lewinsky Blair then runs off to the US to live in luxury.

In the socialist nightmare we call the UK there have been many, many policies put in place by Blair with the support of the traitors in the Labour party that have made our society much worse. Many knee jerk reactions, called policies, have also impacted on our society in negative ways. Crime is up, traffic is in chaos, people are powerless and impotent, the forces of law and order are lined up against citizens not criminals and frustrations are rising. Politicians do not listen to the people at all, nor even pretend to. So much for the mother of democracy. Although you could say democracy is what got us here. After all we voted for our current lot three times. It actually shows us how our checks and balances can be subverted by our politicians.

It seems to me that the main two things that you need to know is that you are dependent on our nanny state for everything and because of that dependency you pay more money to the state than we ever have before. Non-compliance results in fines and imprisonment. Compliance just means registration and being ignored. Only those working outside the rules are flourishing. Crime is up, people are powerless to defend themselves and our protectors, the police, are filling forms and chasing up three year olds kicking balls and kids in tree houses. Any objectors are called racists and anti-social.

I was reading in an article that Labour are bringing in all these immigrants hoping that they will reward Labour by voting for them. It's been said before in the blogs. It will probably work in the short term but I think it will backfire spectacularly. These people are bringing with them a culture so different to ours with a life of crime and little morals. They have slightly different techniques for dealing with their enemies and, with a bit of luck, they will vote against our politicians the same way they do in their own countries, with violence. Sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed.

So, my conclusion is that we, as individuals, have two choices.
1) Emigrating to the US. Leave the UK to implode. There are a lot of things wrong with the US but it now still looks to be the best society in the world.
2) Stock up with ammo and supplies for the coming civil war. Legal stuff only of course. Must not break any of our numerous laws.
Hope that a leader comes along who can reverse most of the last 10 years and bring the UK up to it's rightful position in the world. Unfortunately, I don't see any on the horizon. One who can make some changes;
- Make a choice EU or US based on what is best for us not the politicians with their noses in the trough. Either get out of the EU completely or get in properly and make some changes.
- Bring the immigrants currently in our country into our culture and make them part of our society or kick them out. Only allow in those that we need from now on.
- Bring this current political crowd to justice for the crimes they have committed in our name via our legal process.

It's a sad period for democracy when, especially after WW2, where a charismatic leader can lead us down a dark path so far in so short a space of time with us being powerless to stop it. The terrorists are winning TWOT and the funny part is that they are really powerless without our politicians supporting their case. So in a way our politicians are winning TWOT but they are on the other side from us. No change there then.

Let's do our bit to screw up our surveillance society.

Of course we should always use tools like PGP and try to fit in some keywords in simple messages as part of our everyday tasks.

Here is something else to look at. I got the information from Spy Blog. A Tor server. I remember reading about them a while ago but it was newish then. Read and download from here.

Read and download here. I'll look at setting one up to go with my anonymous server which really could do with an update now that I think about it. I've not looked at it for a long time.

As an add on I just read this in Samizdata about passive resistance. I must confess I like to do that where I can as well. Me, being an awkward b4$^&rd. I just can't afford to get arrested at this point.

But I think one of the most pleasing aspects of being an outspoken git is the number of times I have discussed this with my work colleagues and friends and had some animated discussions about Islam, crime, our government etc. Over the last year more and more have been coming around to similar views. Pity this didn't happen before the last election but there is still time.

Anyway, start talking to people and point out a few things to them. Things they can only get from the blogs not the MSM. You will be surprised how many people want to do the right thing. Although one persons right thing is not necessary the same as yours. At least they can see changes need to be made. Some of these even have access to tools you may need in the future. Make some friends now just in case. Nudge nudge.

How dare they.

These banks are getting to big for their boots. Seems they have been making profits off of their customers. Read more here.

Hold on though. Is that not a good thing for business? I know they have a few thing sewn up in their little cartels. Flat fees for exceeding set amounts, being a late payer etc. They also get to keep your money free of charge for a few days while it is transferred somewhere else. These things should be looked at closer and it seems that a few are changing their charging structure due to pressure.

But, if they didn't make money how would they function? Who would put money in banks if they didn't pay interest? Let them change their pricing structures as they see fit. In our free market people no longer stick to the same bank and will move around to find the one that is best for them. This will be different for every customer so only the ones with brand loyalty or who have no interest will not check what is best for them.

The interesting point in the article was the chart that showed Insurance profits. Significantly higher than anything else. And the insurance companies are continually wheeling and dealing when you try and make a claim as well. It seems the areas you have no choice about paying and have no control over costs are the ones making the profits. Insurance, utilities and banks.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh what a surprise.

Seems that our Forest gate guys made the mistake of having a computer. Of course it was taken away and some child porn was found on it. Read more here.

What a relief. That means the raid was righteous and our police did no wrong. Yippee!

Seems really lucky for the police that this guy had these images on his PC though. Just as lucky as the lack of evidence in the Menezes case or the lack of investigation in the Dr Kelly case.

Now I've already commented on this before. Few crimes in the UK now, Terrorism or child porn are two of them. It's difficult to fit someone up for terrorism though.

Why do I have this suspicious streak?

What is it with these clowns and parking?

I'm confused about the issue most, if not all, of our councils have about car parking. They see it as simply a source of revenue and screw it for all they can.

This council however seems to be taking the biscuit. As well as screwing the motorist by charging £1 an hour in the evenings from October it has the cheek to say that it is doing so to save on it's council tax obligations. The council leader Tudor Evans says "The revenue we raise from these price rises will help us meet some of our obligations in maintaining car parks, maintaining subsidised bus routes and it will help towards other transport schemes without putting pressure on council tax.". Read more here.

So what they are saying is the rich car drivers can subsidise the poorer bus users who use unprofitable routes and we won't have to put unpopular council taxes rises in to cover it. Everyone knows car drivers are scum and deserve to be screwed over. (I may have made up a bit there)

I can only assume that the council there are Labour. Another way the people driving cars are screwed by those that hate them to subsidise those that hate them.

I hope what has happened here happens there. People don't use the car parks here now during the day. There are always plenty of spaces and the council appears to have a shortfall on the budget. So sad.