Thursday, May 17, 2007

Crime running out of control. Soon anyway.

Seems that not only has this two year old been nicked for littering, read here, but there have been others, read here.

Why can't they just make up a name and pass it on? Of course, it seems that although I can't photograph my own kids because I'm a latent pedophile but the council staff can video and photograph whoever they want.

Maybe it's time to start accusing these people of various crimes. 'Your nicked because your child dropped a wotsit' 'Call the police this (wo)man has been photographing my child and just touched him/her up Isn't that right Wayne/Waynetta' Looking to their pals as a witness.

Either that or we just need to kick the crap out of them and leave them lying in the gutter. I'd lean towards this one because of the instant endorphins rather than the stress involved in reporting a crime and waiting to hear that the case is dropped because council worker, like police are immune.

When is it that the Police are planning to go out on strike? Better get my plans in place.


At 8:26 pm, Blogger james higham said...

This is one reason I don't live over there any more. This madness.


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