Thursday, May 10, 2007

A gaping hole in education. Or is it?

It seems that the option to home school children leaves a gaping hole in the education system. Read here. Now for some reason they are not looking at any regulation. It must be a first. Why?

Now, call me stupid (and for good reason I hear some say) but to me if we are sending people to prison for not sending their kids to school but at the same time we are legally allowing people to not send the kids to school and do not actual check they are getting any education at all seems a little strange. However, these things happen under all governments not just our useless one. Whenever you complicate anything there will always be ways round them. That is why there are so many accountants.

But still, why is our legislation happy government not rushing out to plug this gap? After all, theoretically, every home schooled child may be getting no real education at all. It is possible that they are spending all day memorising the K....Bible (Trying to keep head).

Then I thought about it.

It's simple really. Our government would love people to take their kids out of the government funded education system, either by paying twice or just simply opting out altogether. It's deliberately left this gap. Double bonus, this allows those that want to spend all day learning the, err, Bible can do so without them claiming we are stepping on their toes and save our heads but then it can reduce spending in education because each school get paid for how many pupils it has on it's register, not how many are in the area. So,not in school and a privately funded school gives the same result. This of course would not be compatible with a voucher system because unlike the other socialist paradise who keeps on getting mentioned who have vouchers want to educate the children our lot are not bothered about the education but are about the cost.

Those that are really interesting in educating the kids can pay twice, those that want their kids educated to a really minimal standard can stick with the government funded schools and those that don't want to don't have too. Just follow the rules.


At 9:05 am, Blogger james higham said...

My brain hurts after that, Mr Bag.

At 10:40 am, Blogger Bag said...

Just a little idea that popped into my head. I like things to make sense but this isn't even close. Things like sending parents to jail for not controlling the kids makes a bit of sense although not in the overall picture. That is our governments forte. Take one item and apply a legislation but don't look at the overall picture. it is unusual for something to be pointed out and them not knee jerk something useless in. So why? I could only see this as a reason.


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