Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Think of the children on Halloween.

As we all know it is Halloween. The night for witches and goblins and other creepy things. It the night where poor little kids should not be out on their own.

Last year, as I have done for a long time, I bought a big bag full of sweets. More than the kids could every have and for the last few years hardly anyone came round trick or treating. Those that did had an adult in tow who stood outside the gate trying to conceal a 12 gauge in their coat. So I ended up eating it all because my kids don't eat a lot of sweets.

So imagine my surprise when the first year I don't buy a ton of sweets than dozens of them turn up most of them without an adult. I ran out of the meager little stash I had and had to dip into my own secret sweet stash. Don't people care about their kids? There are lots of nutters out there.

Although I am glad. Despite the government still going on about sweets and paedophiles these kids had little buckets full of sweets and were enjoying themselves. Not an orange or a bottle of water among them. Looks like the UK is starting to think for itself again.

Think of the children and let them have some fun.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Justice grinds slowly.

In this case it was really slow. I actually watched this on the TV and it sounds like this guy could have been dealt with a lot earlier if his previous convictions had actually had any punishment attached. The only thing he got punished for was child molestation despite the fact he had tried to kill two previous girlfriends.

However I don't see that as being anything unusual nowadays. What I really want to know is how do these nutters find these women who are willing put up with so much abuse and keep on coming back for more. I think I want one.

Monday, October 29, 2007

New anti rambler initiative.

A mobile phone jammer, a cliff face and these.

That should do it. And those were untrained. Imagine what could be done by sending a couple to training camps in Iraq.

It's just like in school.

He said this. I said that but he didn't listen. It's all his fault.

Two bullies in front of the headmaster trying to justify why it is not their fault.

Read here for the blame game between the US and the UK.

Where is Oz and the other members of the coalition in here? It's almost as if it was driven by the US and UK. So they will all be saying 'Please Miss. I was just tagging alone. I wasn't really involved. Please don't tell me off'

And they talk about responsibility and accountability as if they are standards they actually meet themselves.


Nice to see it is a friendly visit.

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah is visiting the UK soon on what is called a friendly visit. The first visit in over 20 years. Warmer ties with the UK. Read here.

Before he even gets here he is ripping into our government. Read here.

Well not so much warm then as hot.

I like him already.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Iraq still a hot bed of terrorism.

I thought that the reason for going into Iraq was to remove a threat to the world from terrorism. Among many other subsequent reasons of course.

Well it appears that only terrorism against the west was targeted. Terrorism against others is still OK. Read here. Especially those we don't really like.

It seems that Iraq can no say to others that you cannot invade to stop terrorism. I wonder if the US would help out it's 'friends' if Turkey was to invade?

Maybe they should get the UN to make a decree. They can then interpret it how they want up to and including invasion. The question would then be would the US get involved then?

Friday, October 26, 2007

And let this be a warning to you plebs.

I have been trying to keep up to date with the farce that is the HSE prosecution of the police for the de Menezes case. Read here for the latest episode of the saga.

I was going to keep quiet over it until it was over but it seems to be repeating the same things time after time. Clearly in a view to get the jury to start thinking the same way.

Everything he did '....was behaving in the same way expected of a suicide bomber'

First of all he was breathing..... this is consistent with suicide bombers. Well at the start of their task anyway.
He was walking by putting one foot forward followed by the other..... this is consistent with suicide bombers.
He was wearing clothes that covered him up...... this is consistent with suicide bombers.
He was carrying a rucksack or something..... this is consistent with suicide bombers.
He got off and then got back on a bus..... this is consistent with suicide bombers.
He was aggressive to being stopped by the police..... this is consistent with suicide bombers.

Well the last one is debatable because he didn't really have much time to be aggressive did he. I wonder how anyone would react when some nutter runs up to them and attacks them holding them down? I'm sure I would at least resist. It's enough for you to get executed now clearly.

With all the other stuff that has come out from this trial I wonder if it is possible for someone to take out a private prosecution. CompleteCommissioner Dick has admitted no orders were given nor was proper procedure followed. Now I don't really want our guys hung out to dry but this case shows clearly that something needs to be done. The conclusions from this case looks like it will be an embarrassment to the police and I hope the government. Hopefully pushing them into doing something.

I must confess this is the first time I have found the HSE useful. Of course I can now see this loophole being closed now it has proved embarrassing.

The bottom line however is clearly a warning to the plebs... us.... We can do anything and you can not stop us. We knew that what we did was wrong. It was illegal and immoral but we don't care we will not be held accountable for anything we do. Don't stray out of line and obey the instant you are told. On your knees citizen.

Another valuable lesson learnt.

It seems that Sir Elton's art is not indecent after all. Read here.

Seems that a bit like an MOT it has to be checked every now and again against the current general feeling in the CPS. And it takes them a full month to do it as well. Makes you think that some people were arguing for a conviction and others were not. Wonder how it would have gone if it was just straight Joe Blogg's that owned the picture instead of a gay millionaire who has access to some high up politicians and good lawyers?

I'm glad that he took the route of removing his pictures from the gallery. It may have been out of spite but it's about time someone gave a kick to these people. I would have done it straight away but he waited 9 days. What a gentleman. If he has any sense he, and everyone else with art, will never put their private pictures in art galleries again. Let's face it because of someones feelings he has been under threat of prosecution for a very serious crime. It may be a blow to art lovers everywhere but they can just go to a demolition site and have a look at the art there. A few piles of bricks should keep them happy for a while.

Next time the CPS might decide they have enough to secure a conviction and in this mickey mouse country the chances are that they would get one as well. I hope he is looking at some way of securing his collection from any future charges like this.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A ritual killing.

Dr James Watson, 79 a Nobel laureate1 has been executed on the alter of political correctness. Witnesses report that a few last pitiful squeals were heard as his remaining dignity was washed away using his own blood, sweat and tears.

He wasn't the first and he won't be the last will be etched on his forehead.

Read the story here.

1) I know a Nobel is not worth as much nowadays since they gave them away for political ends.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It appears I am a sexist.

It started in this Sundays Scottish Blogging Roundup and ended up in a thread here.

I am a bad bad man. I see jail time ahead if I do not bow to the gods of PCness.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A third world army.

An article in the Times Online says 'Iraq is damaging Forces' readiness for full-scale war'. Read here.

Now I may not have any experience of managing a war nor of running a country but seeing as this lot are not much good either I feel that I am in a perfect position to comment.

Do the AA say that motorist breaking down are damaging the AAs readiness for handling breakdowns? Does people buying food from shelves damage the shops ability to supply customers? No. I didn't think so. They factor the requirements to train into their future plans and resource up to that.

If the claims are the experience gained in Afghanistan and Iraq, which imo is the type of 'war' we can expect for the near future, is not the type of war we should be training for then we should therefore split our armed forces training into two, one an all out war against the, I assume the Russians or the way our clowns are going it will be the US, and the other for the next piddling little country we invade for little reason.

It doesn't help we are spending billions on weapons platforms we hardly ever use and have no relevance to our foreseeable adversaries but are instead aimed at an elusive boogeyman who may never appear. If we need them for that boogieman then fine but we also have to accept we have current requirments for more own to earth adversaries which also require investment. Of course we buying in weapons and ammunition for shooting bears with large calibre weapons whle we are currently overrun by rats we can't use those weapons against. ( I liked it)

Of course it doesn't help that our current leaders are screwing our armed forces but if we get our armed forces reduced to the same size and capability of some third world armies then I think our problem will resolve itself the first time Jersey invades to take over it's neighbour.

To anyone in Jersey reading this. If you do invade you had better execute all our leaders straight away as we love them so much we will fight to free them and obviously if they were dead we would all get back to watching the X factor and the cricket and it would make life easy for you. I assume you wouldn't invade in football season as it usually involves rain and our armed forces are not going to get much training in the wet for a while. It just wouldn't be cricket you know.


Monday, October 22, 2007


From a link on Theo Sparks site.

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by

When should I retire?

I'm a long way from retiring at the moment and if the current government has it's way I can expect to go even longer till retirement age.

Well today I received some income from a very unexpected source. I got a cheque today from Ask Jeeves. I had set up an account with them when I first set up my web pages and had since forgotten about it. Obviously the referrals have been clicking up and today I got my slice of the action.

So a very welcome surprise although the payment being a grand total of 18p I suspect it will make little difference to my retirement time.

It does change one thing though. With people clearly still visiting my sites I think I should bring them up to date. A project long overdue.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Democracy in Action.

Here is a perfect example of how democracy works in a nutshell. Read here about how a promised election commitment is being ignored and is expected to fail it's proposal.

Here we have a public calling for a referendum on the EU. Other European nations have had their votes and their wishes are being publicly ignored with bare faced contempt.

We in the UK are slightly more subtle. We do not want to have to publicly ignore a referendum so instead we ignore the calls for a referendum. We can then say that we don't actually know if the public are in favour or not.

Of course to do that the politicians need to ignore the pledges they made when they were up for election as it tied them down to a referendum on the EU.

Well lying in an election commitment is not a problem for politicians. They do it all the time and weasel their way out of it. We of course punish them by voting for them again.

Yes at the same time the public push for punishment of our other criminals with harsher sentences as a deterrent. Funny trying to reconcile those two positions. Do wrong and be punished and do wrong and we reward you. No wonder we are screwed up as a country.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What hope do we have?

I was reading this article on the BBC website from a journalist talking about Gordo's plans for the schools. Basically he says look at the targets he has set not what is being said. A good idea. Only something we have been doing for years. Read the full article here.

At the conclusion he says 'The big question about targets, though, is whether as everyone scuttles off to meet them, other aspects of education get ignored or even damaged in the process.'

Now isn't that one area where the debate actually is over. They clearly do. In all aspects of life. If we were too thick to get evidence from all the communist countries we certainly have after the last ten years of Stalinist target setting as well as our own personal experience since we were born. Give us a target, promise us a reward and we achieve it regardless of any side effects.

It does not bode well that the people writing our news do not recognise this and still consider it a big question. I left a comment on the BBC website as he didn't have the article on his own blog.

I despair though. I really do.

Friday, October 19, 2007

He is alive.Sadly.

It seems Blair is alive and well. He is actually sticking his oar in again and lining Gordo up for the next phase. Read here.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

God is racist.

It seems that is is a scientific fact that some of us are not as bright as others. So when God was allocating these brains he clearly decided that one set of chromosomes was going to get a larger percentage of working ones and others not so much. How racist can you get?

In a related story it seems pointing out facts seems to be the opposite of what the scientific community wants. Read here. I wish they would make up heir minds. In the older days scientists observed and, based on facts, made deductions. Regardless of where those facts took them. Now they seem to all suck from the governments teat and they are just as happy playing politics with items like global warming or whatever it is this week and they also stamp down on facts that go against the PC mindset. it is the price they have to pay to get the funds from the government.

I, and many others, believe that technology is going to save us from all the future woes that we can see looming. I've come to the conclusion that there will be few British scientists working towards it. Our brightest will all be working out how to display political untruths in a way to make the world a nice bundle of fluffy wool where we are all equal and nobody gets hurt, weighs more than the next person and are not stressed by people speaking badly about them.

I'm wondering now if we actually deserve to survive the looming class wars. Most of our people think that they are the bottom of the ladder. They never have been in the world but it was never on their minds and they are certainly no longer in the UK. All of them have moved up the ladder over the last few decades but like all of us still look up at what can be rather than down at the seething masses with exactly the same thoughts on their minds but different targets. Laughably we think they are looking above us at who we consider the targets but they have more easily achievable goals.

We may as well all be issued with a pill each to end it. It will be quicker and easier than what those below have in mind.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Violent crime moves closer to home.

Well today has been busy. it seems that last night my son got caught up with one of these mindless thugs that we have elected to support and breed in this country.

Some idiot arguing with his girlfriend, ex now, over some male visitors went outside and assaulted the first male he seen. My son. Accusing him of sleeping with his girlfriend and hitting him with a brick. Charming. Where he got a brick from nobody seems to know but I suppose we should be thankful it wasn't a knife.

Of course the police are involved and taking statements, his ex is a witness to the attack.

So I shall keep my eye on this with interest.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Isn't technology wonderful

For one thing it keeps me in employment. Otherwise I would have to sell my body and how could I live on £1 per week?

But as we know it is a double edged sword as it is used by our oppressive governments to control us and keep track of us.

Here though is one of the +ve uses it can be put to. Read here about how technology was used to identify a paedophile suspect. Although to be honest I wouldn't have managed to identify him from that picture. I would guess they had enough names to feed into the databases to find other links which identified him.

It's long been known that people have been using technology to identify the scrambled faces on documentaries and so it is a bit surprising that they have not moved on from there. Ah well. You live and learn although in this guys case the learning curve will be steep and I can only hope it hurts a lot as well.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Poor Israelis

It seems that the US is now pushing for a Palestinian state as well and they will have a hell of a lot more influence than the UN and EU that is for certain. Read here.

I wonder if the US is seeing this as a way to appease it's detractors while actually not having to do anything themselves. Make them look good on the world stage.

IMO the Palestinians don't deserve a state the way they have been going. All they want is the destruction of Israel and the world seems to be helping them.

Makes no sense to me whatsoever. Appeasement has never helped in these situations but our whingey whiney do gooders insist on it all the time. To ensure we understand what I'm talking about I mean the UN, the EU and the other loonies that we seem to have running our countries.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Showing the true impact of tax.

I think I know how much I am spending on tax on goods such as fuel and other goods especially with the use of the inappropriately name Value Added tax. Which, in line with all government policies, adds no value whatsoever and is instead simply a way to fleece people under a banner of a rich tax. When it started I thought it was just for goods that were not necessities and now realise that even then they were using the salami techniques that they have perfected over the years. Yet our dozy populace still fall for them. Talk about those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Anyway, via the ASI, I read this article with interest. I talks about the visibility of taxes being what we dislike. Money we never have in our hands and have to pay it out so we don't even know is being removed by the beast. We just don't notice it. The proposal here is visible taxes so we see what each item is costing us in terms of the item itself and the tax paid. Of course no government is not going to mandate that. It will have a massive -ve impact on how they are perceived by the public. Even this lot who are unpopular now.

So, I was thinking, surely it would be of benefit to the big firms to do this. Especially firms like the tobacco companies who are being persecuted by the government. A label on the back with a breakdown on the costs would open a few eyes. Booze companies are next. Again a label would open people eyes. Followed by fast food companies. What have they got to lose? They must know the government has it's knives poised behind their backs. Would this cause them that much of a problem to implement? Why are they not looking at it now? Do they think that keeping their heads down will protect them, they don't want to spend the money involved in doing so or that they just have not thought of it?

If they did though. Wouldn't it be interesting. The empire strikes back against the dark side. And they best bit it is it will be factual and not hysteria. Unlike a significant portion of the campaign going on now.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Foundation makes a strange political statement.

I find it hard to believe that the Nobel Foundation has made Al Gore and his bunch of sidekicks Nobel Prize winners. Read here.

Although I suppose it should be considered that someone making Arafat and Nelson Mandela peace prize winners can hardly be expected to make the right decisions all the time.

Just like everything else it's down to politics. Hopefully the other prizes are actually awarded on merit.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Banging your head against a wall.

There have been various readers letters in our local rag regarding a decision made by the council for a new supermarket in the area. Basically there were several options and the council have chosen the one that will maximise their funds via car parking fees and amenities paid for by the contractors while building the new supermarket. A common ploy to get approval. We will upgrade the main road, provide a park, etc. at no cost to the council. A sweetener.

Anyway, what a surprise, they voted for the one they have supported from day one. This is despite petitions and a council meeting where all those that attended, except for the council staff, were against it. The usual waffle of after a comprehensive review which included input from the locals we decided to select application X. Like preparation H we get it in the same place.

Anyway, I was discussing the decision with a guy I met who was not too happy apparently he thinks that it will destroy his little bit of paradise. Of course all bar one of the options, do nothing, was going to do that but he believes this is the worst option.

I said to him that I had written to the paper earlier regarding democracy and the will of the people and how the council had put off the decision until after the last round of elections because they know the decision was going to be unpopular and they were frightened of losing their cushy roles on the council.

He said to me that he didn't believe they thought like that and that our council, labour controlled, was really looking after the people. This is despite the fact he was complaining about the latest major decision, the parking decision, the increases in the rates and they were destroying his way of life. They would still be considering him in all this where the other lot were all in it for themselves.

What hope do we have? The good news is this guy will be one of those that starve to death if they close the local chinese takeaway. but never fear his government will save him. Sadly he, and others like him, take us all down with them.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Typical labour bully boy tactics.

I read this article where it appears that our wonderful government is now going to use legal means to stop people spilling the beans on their dirty little tricks. Read here.

Gag orders. Although they may not be legal it doesn't stop our bully government from putting them in place. Then it comes down to who has the most money. A single guy with something dirty to bring into the open or a government that will continually appeal and make the cost of telling the truth go through the roof. It may not be legal but it will stop most people.

Now I seem to remember this same team encouraging whistleblowers. Phone up and turn in your neighbours, people you don't like and, well, just anyone really. We will send round a squad to terrorise them and there will be no risk to you. Funny how they don't like it happening to them.

Why is it this government has put more illegal activities on the books than any other government in history. Probably all other governments added together all the way back to the first british cavemen.

These people should be prosecuted for implementing these illegal policies. Because they are not they just keep going and bullying their way through. What a bunch.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Interesting times ahead in Iraq.

This little spat between the Iraqi government and the US government are a sign of some political changes with major implications for the US. Read here about the Iraqi government putting it's foot down over the Blackwater employees in Iraq.

Now regardless of the facts of the case. I personally have the view that these guys are no different than the US forces in general and blast away at anything when they feel threatened. (Same as I would do in their situation.) So I believe that the Iraqis have a case. They cannot do anything about the soldiers but they can about private contractors. So they are making their views known.

Now imagine if they went and arrested all the Blackwater employees and put them on trial using their mickey mouse laws. Even the innocent ones would be found guilty and the punishment would be death. Not really sure what the charges would be but I'm fairly confident that in Iraq the punishment would be death. How would the US be able to do anything after it said that Saddam's death was an Iraqi decision and carried out according to Iraqi law?

So I think the compensation will be paid, certain employees will be removed back to the US but I'm not convinced that Blackwater itself will stop working there. Still some money to be made and replacing their employees with soldiers would not be good politically. That could lead to the potential for a major dispute between the US and Iraq as the US will undoubtedly want to ensure it's people have immunity.

There will be some adjustments and perhaps Whitewater or something will start up but it is clear that the Iraqis are fed up with the heavy handed attitude of the US. Changes are afoot and I wonder how long it will be before the US is asked to leave. That will be a very interesting time and if timed right in the US could impact on their political scene.

That would not be good.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Yet more amendments under the guise of justice.

It seems that we still have our politicians making legislation to increase the penalties for people who are found to have incited hatred with gays. Read here.

Well I don't know about you but I'm really fed up of finding out that everything I say about any person who is not your standard white male can be used against me in a court of law.

It must be about time that all these laws are scrapped and the penalties for any offence should be the same. Not an additional few years because it was a white guy doing the offence while the exact same offence against a white guy ends up as a lesser sentence.

All factors such as sexual orientation should not be considered when facing trial and the penalties should be the same.

The poor non gay white guys are always the ones who are deemed to be the criminals and deserving of a higher sentence. Now personally I do not have a axe to grind about gay people. I don't have very strong feeling either way, although it is starting to change, but that does not extend to them being treated preferentially because they have made a different choice that the bulk of the population and they are really upset because some people call them names and don't support their choices. Boo Hoo.

After the case in Bristol, read here, where it was the innocent bystanders who got punished while those performing illegal acts get away scot free because they are one of the, so called, persecuted minority then surely it must be recognised that there is something wrong when a criminal act can be performed by one person purely because of his sexual orientation whilst someone who made less traditional choices is deemed to not have committed an offence.

You don't make decisions which are controversial and insist that other people should all agree with your choices. Yet gays whinge and whine about other people not supporting their choices and laws are made to support that. That is just not right. No reason at all for our justice system, mickey mouse as it is, to get involved at all.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another rubbish policy.

I was reading this article where they are piloting a scheme where the bin men only pick up one bag of rubbish per pickup. Instead of the usual multiple bags or bins. The rest just being left.

It is of course to encourage us to recycle. But it must make the assumption that 90% of what we throw out can be recycled by either the council, or us making special trips to specialised recycling centres. A, probably, soon to be charged for use centre.

Now just round the corner from me is some woods. Whilst taking the granddaughter there today for a walk we came across a big stack of black bags dumped just inside the entrance. And our bin men still take wheelie bins that are not closed. Although they do leave any additional bags behind. So far we don't really need to dump stuff and yet it is happening wait till that policy is rolled out all over the country.

Just remember now. Nothing identifiable. Or we could put something dangerous in as well so that they wont want to search through. How about some used druggie needles or cover everything in liquid dog poo. Mmmmm. Could I make some money selling liquid dog waste to the tipper who wants to remain anonymous. Cash only mind our KGB will undoubtedly be confiscating my records.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Will I be disappointed with the Cameron bounce?

It seems that Cameron has had a bounce in the polls. Which has given him a much needed boost and is probably a cause of alarm for Gordo. Read here.

Now is it just me that hopes that this bounce is like the bounce a body makes when it falls from the top of a very, very tall building. A very final bounce.

If it is not then I for one will be very disappointed. It isn't the first time that useless git has let me down either.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

PC Plod TNG.

Well it seems we have a new crime fighting initiative. PC Plod TNG (The Next Generation). Read here about how his successful crime fighting was brought to a halt by a master criminal. With perhaps one more criminal to go.

It seems that our PCs are now cardboard cut outs. First I laughed, then I thought a bit more. You may notice I do this a lot.

One the negative side.
They can't chase crooks. (But none of our current real live ones do anyway)
They can't give someone a ticking off. (As above. It's all ASBOs and whatever acronym they use now)
They can't arrest people. (OK. You got me there. Our lot arrest people that just look at them)
They will be ignored by the real criminals (No different than our normal plods)
Easily carried away and held hostage. (Hold onto long enough and there will be an amnesty)
The remains after the peasants have had a go can easily be disposed of. (Don't forget to recycle)

On the plus side though.
Cheap at £100 a go. (Lot less that £30K pa)
Everyone can have one. (As long as we save on our rates)
They don't arrest peasants who look at them.
Difficult to hide while being carried away.
Just as useful to the general public as the real ones. (if we attach crime forms to them so people can report the latest crime in their area)

Well I think a clear winner for PC Plod TNG.

Now all we need are some pretty ones and away we go. A top seller and a boost for our local plod who will finally find the public interested in them again. Although even our most dim witted are discovering things all the time about these servants of the public.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cameron has a good idea.

It seems that Cameron has been shouting that we need to let the people decide. Read here.

It seems a great idea to me considering that his own people are leaving in droves and it seems that very few Tories actually want Cameron to be their leader.

Let the people decide. Sauce for the goose and all that.

Funny how little democracy actually seems to be in action at all levels of politics. Pesky people. Don't know what way to vote. Well I suspect they are right about 60% of the population and the others don't have a chance. Is that really an excuse to abandon all pretence considering they are trying to get trust *cough* back into politics.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The French get tough on immigrants.

Well it seems that France is certainly looking at making a few changes on immigration which will certainly differentiate them from the rest of europe and, as a key member of the EU, will likely want to make some changes to the EU stance on immigration. Fingers crossed.

They seem to have come to their senses. Of could they are the ones who have riots on a regular basis from a minority. That could be what has brought the situation into focus. Just trying to work out who that minority is without setting myself up for a spell in jail.

Read here about the French get tough policy for immigration. Personally I think it is a bit much asking for DNA testing but the other stuff makes sense.

I wonder if our government will introduce something a bit tougher than a welcome mat in 25 languages, a stack of forms, pens and an interpreter.

Monday, October 01, 2007

So much for a cashless society.

Out shopping as usual on a Monday evening and, again as usual, I ended up with a trolley load. Plus the granddaughter hanging on the side pointing at where she wants to go. Usually up the ramp to the next floor. Unusually there were massive queues which is a blow because that is why I go at this time to avoid queues.

However we quickly found that there was a problem with the link to the banks. It was intermittent and would not validate some of the cards. Some people did not have alternative cards and were forced to go outside to the ATMs and withdraw cash to keep going. As you can imagine it was not quick and there were several abandoned trolleys and baskets.

They took one of my credit cards to pay mine. Although I suspect that was not what they were looking for when the talk about cashless transactions.

On the way back to the car with a poor wet little girl who had not coped too well with the delay. I overheard someone coming from another shop close to this one who were also unable to validate the cards and was looking for cash. Makes you think how dependant we are on the infrastructure that has built up over the last few decades. Technology. Not very good to us at the moment with the use our government is making of it. Just think, all those tax records, DVLA data, KGB records on us all.

All with the potential, though, to be unavailable or corrupt and the government losing track of you in the blink of an eye. The ability to deprive them of this tool being more powerful than most weapons in the armoury.

A double edged sword currently being wielded against us but when the tide turns it will be used as evidence against those in power now.

Then technology will be back in our good books. We can get on with playing games again.