Friday, August 31, 2007

Old labour on way back.

Well judging by the number of groups that now feel powerful enough to go on strike it seems that things are finally getting on an even keel for labour. Read here about a rail strike that will impact the underground. You know that subsidised method of travel that requires legislation and tax hits on other modes of transport to make it viable. Obviously being given a job that is slightly removed from the dole isn't enough. Now that the poor punters in London are now reliant on their *cough* service they feel they can now leverage that to get more money when the coffers are empty.

Poor Gordo and Red Ken. It's enough to cheer you up. Providing of course you don't work in London. So it has cheered me up. Providing it's over by December when I have to go down there for a few days.

Wasn't this what brought down labour all those years ago.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Narrowing the field

Well it seems the results are out for the Virginia Tech Shooting. The police response didn't go down too well because they were so slow. Read here. No biggie. They are not there to protect people anyway. It has long been recognised that there is no right to protection so this will not make one bit of difference. Excuses will be forthcoming people will be publicly disciplined and then promoted. The sheep will continue to believe a sign offers protection against lunatics. Life goes on. Well for some anyway.

Then there is the statement that the perpetrator fits the profile of campus killers. Read here.

Well duh!, He went berserk and killed people on campus. So far all campus killers have done that. So well done that team of investigators. I suppose we should be lucky that they only spent six months on it.

Of course the analysis goes deeper that that but the profile generated still succeeds in pulling in a large proportion of the population. Too much for them to be really practical. By the time they have identified all the precursors there must be very few people in the population who don't actually fit some of them. Most people can have the precursors all their lives and never kill anyone. As it is usually a trigger that causes them to go over the edge, how can they factor that in? How can anyone predict the loss of a girlfriend, wife, child or job?

So it's all well and good analysing these people after the event. It has to be done just in case it could lead to a improved process, and who knows, it could lead to a way of predicting who actually will go off on a rampage. However at the moment it does not seem to be doing too well. Personally I think it will never be accurate enough in my lifetime to make a process that balances out those that have hit a few bad spots and those that get tipped over the edge. Our lot of course would be happy with just sticking the innocents in jail. For the better good you know. However, there is precedents, when the west was free, we were once, the USSR was not. They had a society where people were imprisoned because they fit profiles. They still had their share of serial killers and nutters. Do you think our lot of useless politicians will learn from that?

Finally,is it me or have these random killings increased over the last few decades? I'm sure this sort of thing didn't happen as often prior to the 80's or do I simply have rose coloured glasses on looking back at when we were free?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The attack on smokers continues unabated?

The rapid change from an acceptable but unhealthy habit to a socially unacceptable pastime continues unabated. The minimum age is going up from 16 to 18 and there will be some graphic images on the outside of the cartons. Read here.

Must be a marketing opportunity for the roll your own brigade and the carton wrapping companies. In fact, I'm actually thinking there might be an opportunity here for me to make some money. I could set up a service where I get polish immigrants to take cigarettes from the manufacturers packets and repackage them to sell on to those wimps too scared to look at the packets. Buy them in bulk and sell them on.

I am however thinking that in a maximum of five years cigarettes will be a classified drug. Just has to be the next step. Soon we will be seeing dawn raids by our armed executioners who will be planting cigarettes on people. Look Guv! He has a Benson & Hedges in his top pocket. Book him Danno. Smoking One.

I wonder how long cigarettes last in storage?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Social services do something right.

Although it's not what we want or even desire.

I've been reading articles like this via the ASI about children being removed from their parents to meet government targets and, to be honest, I didn't want to believe it. I find it unbelievable that any civilised society can do this purely to meet government targets. I know our government and social services are totally useless but to implement a policy like this is immoral.

The interesting bit now I have accepted that our current government is totally amoral, a crime which it's citizens can be imprisoned forever for, is that this has not backfired before now. They must be choosing their victims very carefully. I'm not heard of any social workers being murdered or a group being held hostage or something. They are obviously picking on the weak and powerless. Like the cowards they are. Not for them some nutter who beats up their kid and refuses to let them come in but the poor single woman who actually needs just a bit of help and mistakenly thinks they will help her.

I can assure you that if I had kids and they took them from me purely based on some potential issue then I would be visiting my local school and stocking up on a few items. Then I would be making my feelings known with my newly acquired Uzi and AK47 down at the local social services. Kill them all let God sort them out. They will all then be sent to the other place for their crimes.

Monday, August 27, 2007

And we thought the NHS was bad.

See how they deal with Aids sufferers in Papua New Guinea. They simply bury them alive. Read here. Of course it's a lot cheaper than the NHS as well. It also appears that it's not unknown for then to through their aids infected people off bridges or leave them too starve. Is there some sort of law that stops them just shooting them or something? Don't quite know how they manage to reconcile that with it supposed to be a civilised country but there you go.

Anyway, earlier today my parents were looking at giving me and my brother power of attorney because they had discovered that if they didn't, and the government decided that there were incapable of looking after their finances it would do it for them. Plus it charged a fortune, worked that out for myself, and it followed very strict rules which actually limits how much they can actually get of their own money. Need to keep it for the state. I'd not heard of this before but there are new rules coming out at the end of September regarding Power of Attorney. it seems it goes up by 8 times the cost and needs reams of forms after that date. Probably takes a lot longer as well. What a blood sucking government we have.

Anyway just to be clear I told them that if I was given the power I would use it to suck every last penny they had and then stick them in a home where the government could look after them. Much better than they could expect in Papua New Guinea that is for sure. How they laughed at that. Nervously though. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Crime coming down. Yeah right.

Looking through the BBC web site to see if there is anything exciting to comment on and the only thing that jumped out at me was that the area with the most articles was where people were getting shot or stabbed.

It clearly can't just be that we are talking about it more. The whole country seems to have someone who has been murdered over the last few weeks.

Sadly though no politicians yet.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Self defence is a dismissable offence now.

It seems it is for Southeastern Railway who sacked Mr Moran after he was attacked by a youth he asked to take his feet off the seats. Read here.

Of course with our currently useless police force he was arrested but the charges were dropped later. Still have his DNA and fingerprints don't you though.

It then seems that he was sacked as he should have just walked away. He is taking them to an industrial tribunal. He should win this case and I hope he gets a lot of pennies. He should also sue them for putting him in a dangerous situation without protection. After all if he is not allowed to defend himself then they should provide that to him.

I suspect though that he may win his case but he will still lose out in the end. Southeastern Railways are clearly managed by a bunch of total tossers. Sadly there is little that anyone can do and they have a monopoly in that area so you cant go to the competition.

Life is a bitch.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Perceptions of crime

Well yet again there seems to be conflicting views on crime. This time it is on the rail system. On one hand we are told that rail crime is coming down. Read here. On the other hand we are told assaults on rail staff are increasing. Read here. Both are currently on the BBC UK front page.

Now to be honest I no longer believe any of these statements that anything is improving. The whole country is going to rack and ruin because of the policies put in place by our useless government.

But nevertheless, this appears to be saying that there is a decline is crime such as assaults and robberies due to their efficient policing but increases are due to the more efficient way they are recording crime. It seems that every company in the UK has a raft of lawyers and PR men coming out with excuses for any figures that come up. They are good though. Most of the UK still believe them.

Now my PR firm is on the case. We believe that the drop in crimes is due to the fact people can't be bothered reporting them as it's just a waste of time. The increase in crimes is due to the fact that more people are getting fed up and taking it out on the poor saps at the coalface and any defenceless object they see.

Now in other breaking news it seems that Gun crime is just a figment of our imagination. Despite the number of people making the news by being shot dead it's all in our heads. Read here. I blame the coroners for misfiling all those shot dead people for all this time till our wonderful government made them keep proper count.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maybe it's time for a wall.

Only a few days ago I read a comment somewhere that quoted Reagan saying that the Berlin Wall was one of the few structures built to keep the people in with the guards looking inwards rather than outwards. I'm now wondering if our lords and masters are considering building an inward looking artificial wall here. It seems that record numbers of people are leaving the UK. Read here. It's not such a big leap. After all building a wall is a process supported by their political beliefs.

In reality though this is not really news. The newsworthy part is that more and more are doing it. Although one question does spring to mind. Do they really want to stop a brain drain?

I personally think they would like to but know they won't be able too. In addition, immigrants are coming in and replacing the people that are leaving. In fact more than are leaving. So that the population has actually risen. Those immigrants have the mindset to be SovietSocialist drones. The people leaving are not exactly Socialist supporters. So they win that way. Plus the jobs are still here. OK, maybe not the brightest and best, but still tax payers and there won't be many choices. The employers will just have to make do and even better it will allow them to lower the wages. Making the wage curve lower all around. Can't have the drones fretting about people getting more than them.

The best bit is where those people are going. Pretty soon the society they are running from will be in all the nations on this planet.

I think we need a nuclear war. Maybe Putin is going to let us have one. Read here about the latest return to the cold war situation.

Monday, August 20, 2007

All this money and yet...

Cancer survival rates are below the European average. Read here. A&E closure which was to improve customer service is now looking at putting lives at risk. What a surprise. Read here.

Yet Labour still are the leading party and the population of the UK goes on oblivious.

I thought about this and I think it is because the public are told the health service is being upgraded, more money is provided and they are having their best years ever. Unless you actually use it you don't hit the reality. Most people don't actually read blogs and thus have no exposure to negative comments on the NHS.

I blame our media for most of this. Gone are the days when they actually take risks to bring the truth out. The only media taking risks now are the foreign war correspond ants. And that is because the UK is involved in more wars and hated more than ever before.

I think we should include the media with their biased reporting in for the hemp necklaces with our beloved politicians. Between them they have done a lot of damage. Treasonable in many ways.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Police no longer respected.

It seems a Police station came under attack from a bunch of party goers who had some of their fun stopped. The police had arrested three people with sound equipment. Read here. Sounds like having an iPod is a criminal offence now. WhooHoo another new law to protect us.

Now I'm trying to work out if this is an example of people now rebelling against the nanny state imposing its licensing rules on events or just simply that the police are no longer seen as authority figures any more. Could it be a combination of both?

In the olden days these parties were broken up all the time and I don't remember any riots after the event and no retaliation aimed at the police.

I think our police force should be worried about events like this. They are seen by more and more people as against them rather than on their side. Of course the people in charge don't think this way. they will just go out and impose new laws that will mean booze will be sold in plastic bottles in the future. It's the mindset of these guys. Don't fix the problem fix the current issue.

Going through changes.

Too many things are changing in my life at the moment with the kids moving and my personal life as well. I'm seriously thinking of making more radical changes based on how those work out such as moving house.

There is a couple of areas in my personal life where I'm not sure what is happening and things are dependent on that. So it's a case of slowing things down and seeing what happens with the core areas before I make the other changes in my life. Isn't it funny how your life can be overtaken by events and before you realise you are making plans based on hopes when you normally plan things to the nth degree.

I also really want a new job but where am I going to get a job as flexible as the one I have now? I'd have to move with another job though although it would be more interesting. I've been offered a significant role with someone I've worked with before. It would likely mean a lot more international travel though. Decisions, decisions.

The worst part is I'm a planner and like to plan ahead. So now I have several options available based on certain core decisions. With some areas good and some not so good but with so many factors dependent on third parties it's difficult to make firm plans.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Are Blair and Cameron really clones?

Well I'm only asking because it seems that since Blair has left the scene Cameron seems to have gone very quiet. Praise be the Lord, for both of them. Sadly not in a permanent way though. Lord you didn't listen to our prayers. So much for the power of prayer.

Anyway it seems that the party is continuing without him and suggesting changes that Cameron had rejected over the past year or so. Read here for examples.

So what is going on? Hopefully it means Cameron is on his way out. I sure hope so and someone with a bit of common sense is brought in to replace him. Although I don't agree with everything that is coming out of this group at least it is offering some alternatives.

About bloody time too.

Friday, August 17, 2007

This may be old news

Several thousand years ago.

It seems that mosquito's thrive in hot muggy conditions. Read here. Who would have thought it? All those people that live near marshes and rivers must be nodding and thinking to themselves. OwAr. (farmer talk that is) Now why didn't we notice that?

In the meantime there is a whole governments worth of corruption, screw up and sheer incompetence just waiting for the next Woodward and Bernstein to discover.

It seems that nobody has any ambition in the UK. Just keeping their noses to the grindstone and waiting for the time to come when they can join with the mob.

If it wasn't for all the decent bloggers out there we wouldn't hear anything. So much for the professionals of the media. The only thing that you get from them that you don't get from blogs in the TV pages and I don't watch much TV.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It seems the latest fad is spreading.

Here is a crowd of cannibals descendants in Papua New Guinea apologising for their ancestors eating some missionaries. Read here.

Of course it then works out that a British ancestor revenged the killings by killing several tribesmen and torching some villages. Wonder if we are expected to apologise back? It's only polite you know.

Why is apologising for things you have not done the in thing now. It's seems it's spreading though. I wonder if it will ever mean that our government actually apologises to it's citizens for what it has done. I'm not holding my breath. That will probably be a future government. Not actually one of those screwing it up.

makes no sense to me. This touchy feely dogooder stuff.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is the wind changing?

or is just a sudden breeze that will die down? Maybe caused by global warming.. or cooling or something.

Two articles on the BBC website.

1) A senior detective said people are entitled to challenge bad behaviour. Read here.
2) Home Office minister Meg Hillier said parents, not legislation, had the power to stop underage drinking. Read here.

Now are two people going to be falling on their swords or is this a subtle shift in policy?

I'll keep my eyes open and hope that it's a change from our lords and masters current policy of legislating everything and ensuring that self defence is only for the police against citizens.

Chipping away one at a time.

It seems Jack McConnell is resigning. Or going to be announcing it anyway. Read here.

I hope it isn't going to be another long drawn out and very expensive episode like Blair's was.

But, even if it is, at least they are going. One at a time maybe but at least they are going. Sadly this way means they are being replaced but hopefully with real socialists who the population can hate. Although being Scotland, and subsidised by England, they can afford to have those leanings.

Enough of that though. Another socialist goes into the desert. Mmmm. Maybe he can go and help Blair. Haven't heard anything from him for a while.

Good. I feel a bit better today.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A potential threat to our economy.

I read this article about China's construction projects and how they are sometimes 'rushed', Read here. The implication being that China botches it projects and that they fail to meet western standards because of a bridge collapse.

Mmmmm. Here is a bridge in the US collapsing but nobody seems to be talking about botched jobs even though an enquiry will take 18 months.

Now I have no doubt that China's infrastructure projects are being rushed. they will take shortcuts as their economy grows but I suspect it is all being done under government control. After all in China they execute people caught fiddling the books where as in the US they go through tons of legal loopholes before the cases end up being plea bargained.

Seems to me that people are trying to make out the Chinese workmanship is shoddy. Could we be waking up to the potential impact of China on the UK market?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Some good advice.

Jackart is offering some good advice to those of us who are getting a bit fed up of shouting into the wind. Read here. I'm sure I was thinking of another phrase but can't just put my finger on it.

All good advice and it seems that it is being applied all over this country by default. Many people are just shaking their heads and getting on with scraping out a living. With no real political opposition at the moment it seems that people are happy to wait and bide their time. Of course they won't wait forever and there will always be some that keep pushing as Jackart discusses.

The only area I disagree with is where he says;
... anything can be undone. There is one part of the unwritten constitution that will never change:
One Government cannot bind the hands of its successor.
I think it may be true in fact but in reality things are changed so much that they cannot be easily undone. For example where I live they are merging three secondary schools into two. One will be sold off. Is it feasible to replace that school with it's fields and buildings once it has houses built on it, it's staff scattered to the four winds and the money gained squandered away on providing accommodation for Gypsies and no smoking classes? Can we really cancel Trident II once we have signed a contract? Can we recover our seat on the UN Security council once it has been handed over to the EU? I think not.

I see burying our heads and waiting for it to be over meaning that our way of life will be changed forever. Too many things will happen for it to be easily fixed and we as a culture have shown that we will take the easy way out when two options are presented to us. Perhaps we deserve what is going on.

All I do know however is that when, eventually, the masses get fed up it will require a struggle to get back what we have lost. Perhaps it is only things we have fought for that we cherish. We have had it so good for the last 50 years that our culture is weak. A struggle may be what we need. I hear the Russians are making some noises again. Nuclear Holocaust is a much better thing to fear that even competent bombers.

So keep your heads down. Sharpen those spoons and twist the hemp. It's all we have and when the time is right we can dish it out. Get it! Oh well.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Perhaps they should do their own bit first.

I was reading this article where it says that the police are teaming up with designers with a few to reduce crime. Read here. I must confess it worried me.

This is all well and good but doesn't it kind of defeat the point of the police. You see I see the police as being there to catch the transgressors. Feeding them, hopefully, into the maw of the justice system so they can be punished. OK, stop laughing we all know it is not happening like that. So it seems that instead of fixing their broken system they are approaching it a different way in an effort to improve their statistics.

For some reason for the first time they are now going to follow a process that has worked before. You see it is recognised that car crime has been dropping and the credit apparently goes to the manufacturers who have added better security systems to their cars. So I think that the police recognising that they are not doing so well have come up with this new ploy. Make the manufacturers change their goods to make them less stealable. After all it's only the things that can be stolen that are stolen.

They have to enter a partnership though. Wonder why? After all they are already there for advice but it doesn't have any leverage. How long before good have to have a police kite mark before they can be sold and that will lead to mobile phones the size of laptops and weighing 25lbs. Ooops, I'm going to be arrested for not using Kg or Kt or something.

The police are on a winner here. Without actually doing what they are supposed to do their stats will improve and they can shout about how well they are doing. The government can go on about how well their policies are doing and the losers will be the public again. Manufacturers will have extra costs which will be passed on to us, we will be carrying around things we can't use because they will be too cumbersome and require a retina scan every three minutes to use. Jeez, could they make it so it needs a swiped ID card to activate your Walkman? Wouldn't surprise me.

Maybe I'm just overreacting but every time I see the government coming up with another idea I just think how will they cock this one up and how long before voluntary changes to compulsory. After all there usually start with the statement that it will be voluntary as long as people do it. Tossers ruin everything.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wanted Dead or Alive. (Preferably Alive! Thank you)

Clearly a thought crime. I may have just thought about eating but I'm sure I never did.



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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Amazing nature video.

See this video of a herd of buffalo attacked by lions and a calf taken. They are attacked by a croc and the buffalo then come to defend the calf. Absolutely amazing. Gives me hope for the human race. The lowest rung on the food chain in this altercation gives as good as it normally gets.

This sounds interesting.

Well it seems that things are hotting up over at Miss Smacks. She is calling for girls to send it piccys of their boobs for a guess who competition. Read here.

Anyone who wants to enter but is too embarrassed can send them to me and I'll give a independent appraisal. Honest. It's the least I can do.

Now if anyone wants to send a picture and you have a problem taking a decent photo then give me a call. Providing you don't live too far away of course. If you live in the US my pal Lord Nazh will do the honours, Russia can be James, Tom's wife might not let him, and if Jockos wife will let him he can do it in Oz. lol :) That's most of the planet covered except for Asia. Mmmm. There are a few hotties there but one can only do so much.

Miss Smack will probably kick my head in for jumping on the back of her post but she lives in Oz so I feel safe at the moment plus in my defence I'm just trying to help a fellow blogger. Nothing selfish at all. :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Broadband competition. I thought there was some.

Well looking at putting broadband in for my daughter in her new home. It's become apparent to me how out of touch I am with things. I assumed that with the competition in the broadband market it would be easy to get the package at a reasonable price and get on line quickly. Boy was I mistaken.

It seems that she lives in a non cable area. There are still a few of these that are not economically viable to dig up the streets and place cables. What this means is she must have a BT line installed. Full Stop. No other way of getting anything in. This means a minimum payment to BT of £10 pm just so that the broadband services can piggy back on top. A phone that we don't actually want, will never use and yet still have to pay for. Talk about a cash cow.

So what it boils down to in reality is we have to pay a third party £10 pm, one third of the total cost, because they just happened to be given the final connections paid by us many many years ago. I thought this was all sorted out now with OfConOfCom or whatever they are now, and that competition was forcing prices down. It seems that it costs almost as much to have an existing standard analogue line in as it does to fit broadband from scratch.

Call me a whiner but I actually object to having to apply to two different places just to get broadband fitted and pay £10pm just for a single bit of cable that costs less that £100 to wire up in the first place and has been in place for decades.

However, it looks like I have to bite the bullet or I get nothing. So yet again I contribute to big business in something that must be a close as you can get to a tax on broadband services.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Liberty, Justice and the American way.

Well it seems that the US is considering our request for the release of five (nearly) UK citizens held in Gitmo. Read here. Whoopy Do dah. Our lot are finally moving.

Now I still find it absolutely amazing how the West can go on about human rights, justice and liberty while this travesty is still going on. What a hypocritical bunch we are. These guys are either guilty or not. If so they should face trial, if not, released. Yet we still keep them in jail and not just any jail either but the worst jail possible where they are convinced they could die at any moment.

I was particularly interested in the comment about them seeking guarantees they would be treated humanly. You have just got to laugh at someone from the US having the gall to ask that question.

There is even an example there about previous inmates who were released.

The United States has released individuals from Guantanamo Bay to a third country before - a group of Chinese Muslims were sent to Albania in May 2006 after the US deemed them not to be dangerous.

Those men, ethnic Uighurs, were cleared for release two years before they were freed, but the US did not send them to China for fear of persecution.

It seems that they kept them in Gitmo for two years after knowing they were not a threat all because they had not thought their policies through to release innocents. Not a single completer amongst the bunch. That of course doesn't even include the amount of time they were kept there while they were checked out. Two years and then out with no compensation, complain and your back for another couple of years. Can you imagine it? I bet they never even told them they were not under threat to be tortured or treated them any differently than any of the others there. That must be more inhumane than anything even our mickey mouse government could throw at them.

Now I think if I spent so long in a prison and treated like that I would quickly pick up a religion. Might even make one up to fit the others. I would pray for release, one way or the other and then, when I got out and found my life destroyed and no way back I doubt I would just be shrugging my shoulders and going to herd goats in Albania.

I was thinking that this would be marked down in the history books as a dark chapter in our past. Now I'm not even convinced our society sees anything wrong with it. And, in a few years when it should be history our society will have changed so much it will not be able to see a problem then either. It doesn't look good and nowhere to go.

Although it does seem that the tide is changing. The US, UK and Oz seem to be moving away from this slightly. Maybe too little and too late but at least a change in the right direction.

Why can't we seem to get people in power that have some sort of moral compass. I'm not convinced that Gordo is doing this for the right reasons. I think it's because the EU is expecting a stance from the UK now the poodle has gone. Fingers crossed that our stance includes Blair on trial for war crimes. That would restore my faith in the system.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

A new era.

Well for me anyway. My daughter and granddaughter have moved out into their own place today. So been making sure everything is moved, plugged in and that the necessities of life are there.

I'm a bit apprehensive. With my son moving out in September while he studies I will have gone from a full house down to just myself in less than two months.

I need to find myself a nymphomaniac and end it all in style. Only kidding. I know you will all miss me if I did.

With these changes now is the time for me to consider some lifestyle choices. Job, maybe even selling up and moving away. Still a few things in the air though. The next few months will be interesting.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

This must be why they get the big bucks.

A team of Doctors in Hong Kong have concluded that epilepsy can be induced by the Chinese tile game of mahjong. Read here.

Hope no one in the UK is reading this or we will be banning it as well as chess, draughts and cards. For the good of all of course. Even though only 23 people cases and I understand it is a very popular game in Asia. Money is wagered on it as well.

The bit I liked the best was the conclusion from the report's four authors who said the best prevention - and cure - was to avoid playing mahjong.

Well what a shocker. Who would have thought it. The best way to avoid getting ill from mahjong is to avoid playing it. I wonder if that translates to other things. Such as the best way to avoid getting run over by trains is to keep away from, well, trains. Well golly gosh that could very well work as well. These guys are pure geniuses.

How do I get on this study gravy train? I'm sure I can do something. Toast falling, done. Penguin pooping also done. Making the perfect cuppa, done as well. Well I suppose no one has investigated exactly how many shakes is ideal after going to the loo. That must be worth a grant of £500K at least.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Iraq celebrates victory .

Sadly it's only their new national football team that have won the Asian Cup. Read here.

Bit of a swizz really as Iraq isn't Asian. So wonder what it means that they can play in that tournament?

Interesting enough not all the team returned to the victory celebration. After the attacks at the semi finals celebration they didn't feel safe. My surprise it actually that some of them actually returned for the celebrations. Brave men. These sort of people are the sort that our guys are dying to allow to take over that hell hole. I wonder how many people like that are actually in the government? Very few I would imagine.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Will he or won't he?

It seems Gordo has been advised to hold an early poll to benefit from his honeymoon period as PM. Read here.

As well as the honeymoon period of course he gets he advantage of having Cameron in opposition. ie There is no opposition.

Of course it means spending money from the war chest and that is where the plan falls apart. It seems to be empty. They have not managed to steal enough from the taxpayers to fund an election and they can't sell anything else either.

But do they really need to spend a lot to beat the Tories? Cameron has everything except a strategy. No one really wants him over Brown. Brown is going to be different but nobody knows exactly how yet and Cameron is going to be just like Blair and we are fed up with that.

So here are clearly more +ve points to going for an election now. The population is so stupid that they actually think Gordo is going to fix all the things Blair has cocked up. The only real issue for a snap election is cash. Plus, if he leaves it too long people will get to know him and his policies will be apparent, and that won't be good for him, and the Tories are likely to get rid of Cameron, that won't be good for him either.

Which way will he jump? Of course he doesn't think his policies are rubbish he thinks he is doing good. So I think he will just hang tight in the belief that it would be better for him to screw up our country implement his policies to ensure we see his full capabilities before going to the country.

I have only one question to ask. Why are these terrorists so useless at attacking political targets? I'm starting to think they may be our only hope. Talk about clutching at straws.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back in the Future

Looks like the car made famous in The Back to the Future series of films may be in for a revival itself. It seems demand is so high for these iconic cars that they are considering making more in the US. Read more here.

I must confess I loved these cars even with their faults. The gull wings and the shape and looks made it a desirable vehicle. Apparently they made 8,600 cars and 6,500 are still here. After 25+ years that sounds good going. There must be an active spares market going.

I'll be sticking with the Dinky version though. I love cars but have no pride in them. My favourites being my black 535 BMW and my old Rover SD1 both of which i drove into the ground, not literally of course.