Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First the internal wheels come off.

Seems that the Police are giving the government a hard time over pay and conditions. Read here.

There is even talk over pushing for industrial action rights to allow the police to strike. Which has been discussed in the past.

Now if I am right this would mean that they would not respond to burglars, muggers or assaults but the speed cameras would still be working and the kids making hopscotch squares would just get their terror postponed for another day. In addition I would have to wait for the computer generated crime number to make any claim. Mmmm. Tough choice.

One interesting thing that was said was that Reid made the statement 'he would not make them promises he could not fulfil'. Strange statement for a politician to make. Unique even.


At 8:31 pm, Blogger james higham said...

I don't think the strangeness is so much in the utterance as in the execution of it, should it ever occur.


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