Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A problem that could solve itself.

Well it seems that the latest environmentally friendly car may have a couple of minor issues. Read here.

Well, I for one, think the DoT out to make exceptions for these cars. Let the people that would rather we went back to the stone age and died in droves buy them to show their green credentials. I will stick to my trusty old rust bucket belching noxious fumes into the air and pay extra for the privilege. They can die in droves in accidents with the buses and pedal bikes. That should help cut down the production of greenhouse gases.

Thinking about it for a moment. The vehicle was designed with Greens in mind. Maybe the lack of safety was a design characteristic. To aid the reduction of the number of humans on the planet. Just thinking out loud but think about it. All the greens and the trendy politicians buy one. They all die in accidents involving pigeons and pedal cycles taking them with them. Human population comes down, especially the green component, problem solved. Less greenhouse gas, less humans using valuable resources. It's Win Win.

Perhaps we should expand the use of these vehicles to government employees and those on the dole. Just thinking ahead.


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