Thursday, January 31, 2008

This sounds like a trap. How empty are the coffers?

First of all they start by saying they have cocked up. With a government department that is pretty much a given now. Then they say they will be asking people to stick to the speed limits. I nearly fell off my chair. It's been a while since someone asked me not to murder the neighbours or steal their cars. I suspect that most of them do know that there is a speed limit and those that inadvertently drift over it by a few mph have simply made an administrative error. What? I'm just saying we are not all thieves and criminals.

Now the error they have made public is fairly simple. They have installed a SPECS camera too far away to read the plates of cars coming onto the motorway from J11. As the SPECS works by reading the plates at one camera, recording the time, and then again at another and as the distance is fixed they know the average speed of your car. Read here. So no plate read at one end means that even if you went through the second camera at 120 they have no idea of your speed.

Sounds good to me. After all you wouldn't expect someone to know their job in this day and age. But wait a min. That means that for those coming along the motorway from before J11 can actually have their speed recorded correctly.

Is this sneaky or what? Gordo must be really desperate now. Let's get these suckers by making out we have cocked up. (easily believable) and then they will travel like normal (safely and maybe a bit above the limit) and we will make a fortune before the truth comes out. Cue sound of Gordo laughing. (I know that it's difficult to imagine but I envisage it being like Dr Evil on a really evil day)

Has the State kidnapped a child or not?

Well after this fiasco yesterday I think there are some questions to be asked.

Did the state kidnap this child and therefore no one will be held accountable or was it a social worker going beyond her remit? In which case we have laws against the illegal removal of children without due process. Sounds to me like we may even have a group of kidnappers.

Now correct me if I am wrong but what is the difference between the state doing something and individuals doing something? The answer is easy,.if the state or individuals working on the states behalf are breaking the law then nothing happens at all. De Menezes anyone? In our society it's not supposed to work this way.

Individuals though do get prosecuted when it suits the state. Soldiers are regularly jailed for killing people even though they are told to do so. Police officers sometime hit this as well as they overstretch themselves. As well as the general public performing our civic duty.

What's the chances of any prosecutions in this kidnapping yesterday? Absolutely none I suspect. Someone will be reprimanded but they will be sorry so that makes it OK. I'm sure the guys jailed for that robbery earlier this week and that MP Conway are sorry now as well.

All hail our socialist state.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a surprise. More front page justice.

It seems that yet again we are changing the law to allow compensation claims outside the limits that have been in place for 400 years. Read here about how one person is suing but not for financial award. "It was this (justice) rather than financial gain which motivated me to begin this process two years ago." Pull the other one.

Now OK this guy is hardly deserving of sympathy and it's impossible to feel sorry for him but how long before people get caught up in this for mistakes they made early in life before they went on to better themselves. Plus there are other cases in the pipeline and all of those compensation claims will be paid for by us as they are all to do with government owned enterprises.

Although one thing really does get me from this lot and none of us, well none of use with male parts, are safe. From what I understand they can wait till you die. Say you abused them and then claim a big chunk of your estate. So far seances have proved a bit difficult in court so defence is a bit of an issue. How the hell is this justice?

Yet another case of ill thought out law made by tabloid. A standard from this bunch.

Monday, January 28, 2008

First ruin the schools then on to the next stage.

It seems that after a decade of screwing up education for the general public we are sending another generation through the system while looking for what else we can do to bring everyone to the lowest common denominator of being a socialist drone.

First of all in the sights is the next level of education. A-levels and apprenticeships.

The A-levels we can solve by sub contracting some to places like McDonalds, Network Rail and Flybe. Who? Come on you must know McDonalds have skills in education. No? Neither did I.

These companies, and others, can then do courses that are tailored to their own individual requirements and thus your McDonalds A-level will be transferable to.... err.... Burger King, Flybe to err.... Virgin, BA and so on and Network Rail's to err.... well nobody. But never mind it's still more A-levels than it is now. So that must be a good thing as far as our useless government is concerned. Read here about the next hatchet job on our kids education.

Now in addition to A-levels it was not that long ago that apprenticeships were the way to go. With the advent of the mobile workforce and no job was for life it didn't come cost effective for companies to train people for years and then find them going to competitors for more money so it died off. Pity. I had one with a company called Plessey. Now defunct and taken over by a few companies ending up within GEC if I remember. It was certainly a good thing then. I'm not convinced that it will of any benefit now unless it is companies like err.... McDonalds, Network Rail and Flybe where the skills are not that transferable. Read here about Gordo's mighty aspirations for one in five school leavers having apprenticeships.

Now unless Gordo is going to pass over a lot more of our hard earned money to encourage private industry to do this I just cant see it taking off and flying. Maybe a Wright brothers takeoff with a lot of fanfare then it floats for a bit before a hard landing while the media are eating the buffet. So be prepared for apprenticeships in signing on the dole. It will probably be the number one course in the number taken although perhaps not choice.

So when Gordo is talking about the skills race. I think that in our case we are going to be in the special olympics as far as our chances are concerned. We might have a chance there up again Kenya and places like that. Certainly not in the real world though with the big boys. How the mighty have fallen.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well she is almost right.

Reading through yet another article about underage Scottish drinkers and how they plan to mark the bottles with UV to detect who is selling them. Read here.

Just another control process being put in place by our sour faced socialist leaders.

The last statement in the article though made me laugh.

"I don't want to demonise all young people at all but there are a minority in certain parts of Scotland that are making life miserable for everyone else," she added.

If you removed 'all young' then that sentence describes her and all her miserable cronies. They have removed all fun from society for anyone under 21 and are now destroying one of the few refuges left to them. they won't be happy till they are all sitting in front of the TV singing some rousing socialist marching song. It is nice though to see Scotland is just as thick with those useless scum as we are and it's also making them miserable as well.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

No wonder we need nannying.

Picture the scene.

The government makes changes to suit themselves that allow a bank to go under.

The same government then royally screws up the rescue and comes out with the worst possible scenario for the UK public.

With all that there are still calls for the government to do something. Read here.

WTF!!! We certainly get the nanny state we deserve. How stupid are we? What hope is there in the world?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Afghanistan doesn't like us any more.

It seems that President Karzai has said that the arrival of British troops has made things worse in Afghanistan.

Of course our government denies it, read here, but it seems that it may be true. Labour MP David Crausby a member of the Commons Defence Select Committee has said that he agreed with one of the complaints. Poor Gordo, won't any of his guys toe the line.

Of course with us being accused of cutting and running from Basra as well, read here. Maybe it is time we just brought our boys home from all these places. After all they are supposed to be our line of defence not invaders. If the UN wants more in it can get the other places to actually send some troops to fight instead of just for visits.

Why should we lose any more of our soldiers for this bunch of ungrateful gits.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jeez, This is fruitless work.

Blair 2007 and Hain 2008. But there are zillions of the useless gits to replace them.

This isn't fast enough. Especially when they don't even have the common decency to do the right thing straight away by resigning or when they have exhausted all avenues at keeping their noses in the trough they don't even have the decency to end it all but still bluster around the sidelines.

OK. I know they are not gentlemen but they pretend to be why can't they just do the decent thing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Northern Rock is not all bad news.

Well if Branson does end up with a large wad of used notes from the Northern Rock fiasco at least we have the consolation that he could very well actually be doing something constructive with it.

He won't waste it and in addition have set up entire departments requiring fed from now on with associated pensions and perks as our government would have done. So it's true when you say it could have been worse. Look at the plus side. It's another nail in Gordos coffin (If only it was not just figuratively), it's deprived them of funding for setting up yet more government projects such as id cards etc. and it's actually going to be used by Branson for some good. In a round about way.

No, not more slow down roundabouts but on another capitalist ploy where it will do two things. Make money for the smug, but financially sensible, git and provide his shareholders with profit and at the same time bring the human race one step closer to one of it's key goals. Space travel.

This looks like it is going to be a viable project. All down to human ingenuity and not a sour faced socialist in sight.

Although I hope he changes the name soon. I always remember the old Virgin jokes and I don't want to be on a spaceship that doesn't go all the way.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apparently I am a murderer.

Yes. It appears I am guilty of this crime. Merely by having a little bit of flesh between my legs.

In this weeks BritBlog roundup some nutter decided that a post fishing the columnist Littlejohn was worthy of a mention. So poor little me read that Little john was being savaged and like normal I went off to have a look.

It started off by having a go at Littlejohn because he was making light of the prostitutes killed in Ipswich. Now I remember reading Littlejohn's article myself and thinking he was being a bit callous about his remarks and a bit of a b4$^4rd but hey ho it's what he does and didn't think any more.

Then it got to this bit.
Quote from Littlejohn first.
“And I know this might sound frightfully callous in the current hysterical, emotional climate, but we’re not all guilty.”
Now the fisk.
Society is guilty, the Government is guilty, and men are guilty. They are guilty for the existence in the first place of prostitution, and providing the endless supply of men who will buy women.

What a load of feminist crap. I was nearly halfway through the article and just didn't read any more.

The introduction of our mickey mouse PC industry means muslims, criminals, politicians and gays get more air time than feminists. There is after all only so many minutes in a day and feminists are anti muslim too.

After this I'm seeing an upside to our PC society.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Islam-West rift widens.

Well well. I love polls and I have ever since I watch the famous Yes Minister one about national service.

So when I seen this report on a poll regarding Islam I thought I would have a quick look. Although I do question the word rift. Makes it sound like someone passed wind in front of granny where as it is certainly a lot more than that.

First of all I was confused about the religion vs location title. I can understand it though as it is probably the only real way to describe it but it made me think. Is it really that simple?

The next thing was that people on both sides thought that we were not getting along but although muslims believed they respected the west the west did not respect them and the west thought muslims did not respect them and agreed they did not respect muslims. That part I can believe. You see perception of respect must also be cultural. I don't respect muslims because many of the things they do are barbaric. Yet they say they respect us but at the same time don't see an issue with killing us. It might be respect but I'm sure it misses the point of the poll. It's all about the meanings. I respect your choice to break into my house. (Readers in the UK) Please don't hurt me. (Readers in free countries only) BLAM.

Then there is the result of Europeans fearing interaction and the others thinking they want more. That puzzled me the americans I know only want to feel recoil any time the word muslim is mentioned. They see a war coming and, unlike us in the UK, are actually prepared for it. So why the disparity? Then it hit me. Like everything else the US has not really had a big influx of muslims all with their hands out for free houses and creating no go areas with the population gagged under threat of jail for saying anything. So of course they don't see any problems whereas europe now overrun with useless politicians and immigrants does have a problem but one it is gagged from talking about.

So where the report said 'Although some might expect the United States, Israel and the Middle East to be more likely than Europe to be threatened by the 'other', the opposite is the case' and just left it I think we have a reason.

I was puzzled by the statement that most respondents said the quality of the relationship between the west and the muslim world was important to them personally. WTF? What actually does that mean? I don't know anyone that thinks it is important compared to the million and one other things our government is screwing up. We just want them to integrate and then forget about them. We are not that interested otherwise.

Therefore when we get down to the real interesting bit 'Most respondents said they did not believe violent conflict was inevitable. ' Well, yet again it's all in the wording. Muslims don't think it is inevitable because they know we will capitulate. In the UK we don't think it is inevitable because well we are disarmed and they are not. So it's a bit of self preservation and the rest of the west, not europe, thinks that they are likely to be reasonable and negotiate and that is just because they don't really know them.

I personally think violence is now inevitable sadly. It just depends on how many of them want to be martyrs and how many just want to live. To many martyrs and we may as well just nuke them. After all look how many US lives that strategy saved last time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More of our money to make Gordo look good.

It seems Gordo is now going to provide £825M over the next three years to India. Read here.

Now remind me if I'm wrong but does India not have a high tech industry? Do people not invest into India of their own free will and do we not have people dying the UK because useless bean counters like Gordo have decided that the medicine costs too much?

How many people would that save if it was used to fund the medicines we can't otherwise afford. I'm sure that it wouldn't give him as many claps in his speeches though.

OK. I'll admit it is probably insignificant in the scheme of how much Gordo and this useless government have wasted over the years but still it is irritating that he is so generous to others with the money he has stolen from us. To him though it is as significant as the many £50 notes Miliband wipes Gordos bottom with every day.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where are the riots and death threats?

It seems like this bunch of savages has the body parts of dead Israeli soldiers yet I see no outcry from anyone. Read here about how Sheikh Nasrallah says with apparent glee, imo, that he has significant body parts of Israeli soldiers.

It seems that every dead Israeli's, or body parts, are still worth a few Hezbollah terrorists even these which must be in pretty poor condition now as you can imagine they won't have been treated with any respect over the last year and a half.

Is Bush going to do anything about this in his pushing around of Israel? I doubt it. I suspect that Israel will have to suck it up while Bush plays with them for his legacy. Of course when Israel is gone then it will be the great Satan that is the target. I bet then they will look back at this with regret.

So much for his fight against terror. When it comes down to it they all suck up to the terrorists just to play politics. These people really are the lowest of the low.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Big business bad practises. Well a couple of them.

Anyway just before Christmas my main fridge just stopped dead. It was making a funny noise and then after a few days just stopped. No cooling and all it ended up being was a small pantry with a door light. As it was close to Christmas I decided it wasn't worth the hassle of fighting my way through the hordes looking for Xmas goods so I left it until the new year.

So anyway I decided to buy my Fridge from Currys. So off I trundled to the local store, I like looking at some things and wanted to check the sizes etc. I chose my model and paid for it all within about 10 minutes. Delivery was scheduled for the next weekend and off I went happy.

Have you ever noticed when you go out shopping for something that you always seem to have these big businesses like Currys with snazzy web pages and prices really low as in the usual white goods, low prices and rapid turnover and all available for delivery in just a few days. Delivery which you pay extra for naturally as anyone can squeeze a big fridge freezer into their eco bugs normally.

Next weekend, last weekend in real time, arrived and I was staying in anyway so I didn't bother about the delivery slot but barely into the delivery time of 0800 to 1700, at 0810 my machine was delivered and they were wheeling away the old one. Very efficiently and very nice they were also. Excellent service. So with the warning of leave it for a few hours the more the better ringing in my ears I left it until the next day before switching it on.

What a racket came out of it. Sounding like a bearing gone. But I remembered the guy said it may start noisy so I thought I'll leave it until it get to normal operating temperature then see what it was like. Well it ground on all night. I'd already decided I couldn't live with the noise by Sunday evening so I looked at the guarantee and got the contact details.

Mmmm. A enhanced rate number so forget that. They keep you hanging on with a very slow talker saying that if you want to start again press 9 and so on. Ah! An Email address so as it was Sunday I Emailed the support people with my problem.

Then I went a bit poorly and so didn't notice that time had passed with no response. Until last night. Not much better but actually though. Hey not heard anything from that useless lot yet.

So today I bit the bullet and phoned up the number for Currys support. Sure enough press this and say that and eventually I was put through to the manufacturer. I asked for a returns number only to be told they couldn't do that I had to go through the supplier, Currys. So off I went again through the route and I ended up the same place. Again to be told the same thing. try this number, a different one, Mmmm. Third time lucky. I almost immediately fell into the same loop and this time the computer had problems with my responses partly because of the words I was using and partly because I was coughing as my throat was being ripped apart.

So I went to their web page and found yet another number and this time it looked like there might be a real live boy at the end. It wasn't Pinocchio but it was a live un so I explained my problem. He said to get a returns number from the supplier and gave me a new number for that.

Progress. I phoned up the number and was immediately in the same loop as before and ended up with, possibly even, the same person I spoke to before who said that they don't give out return numbers to customers and I would have to contact Currys on the very first number I had tried.

I gave up. Tomorrow I'm going to visit the Currys store I bought it from and spread my germs around every one of their staff I can reach to cough and splutter over. Except for the manager. They can run the place on their own.

I'd ask you to click here and send an Email to Currys saying they have lousy service but it clearly doesn't get looked at and probably goes directly into the spam tray so I won't waste your time. You already invested way too much reading this far.

That's the matter with all the FMCG outlets it's all hunky dorey until you need to deviate from the simple pay and take process they love. Then you actually discover that that is where their strength is and everything is committed to that with nothing spare for those that fall outside the box.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I don't like the look of this.

This clampdown on internet extremism has been on the cards for a while now but it looks like it has taken a big step forward with this announcement. Read here about the government outlining plans to target websites promoting extremism.

For some reason I see blogs who repeatably say 'Come the glorious day' and talk about justice and hemp in the same sentence will somehow be caught up in these rules.

Perhaps I need to contact James and make plans for my escape to a freer country. In a few years we will be bottom of the pile and will be looking at Zimbabwe with envy. OK. Maybe not but it's the same style of power hungry corrupt leaders that get us into this mess.

I plead again for the US to invade. Put democracy in place and it's be easy. There are more tax inspectors than soldiers here. Please!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Like Kids fighting over sweets.

Although in their defence most kids are likely to grow up to be decent members of society. Unlike this lot.

Read here about how labour are tittle tattling on tory MPs who they want checked. Read here.

My only comment would be is let's follow it up but don't take you eyes off the Hain case yet. We all know that's the reason for this. Plus now the gloves are off I suspect there will be more names coming your way. maybe you need to look at getting in some sub contractors.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Is this what Bush wants to leave as a legacy.

Bush seems to be pushing hard for peace between Israel and Palestine. Read here. Much better than that useless git Blair who seems to have collected a salary for six months and delivered nothing.

Bush does have a bit of an advantage as he is effectively bankrolling them and clearly is putting pressure on Israel to compromise. I hope he doesn't screw them up permanently in his quest to actually leave something positive in his middle east adventures. Hi is probably assuming that his last action in the middle east will be the one remembered.

I just hope he doesn't get away with it. Hopefully his legacy is still remembered as all the deaths in Iraq.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nerd Test

Found this on my travels. says I'm a Slightly Dorky Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

I think I'm pleased with it because it makes me look less of a nerd. Although history/Literature. Wow I didn't know. I was so good.

I copied the full details here. It tells you how many percent did better than you. I've always seen myself as less of a specialist and more of a systems integrator. I hope I was right because this shows I'm not much good at anything in particular.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Increasing income for the insatiable beast.

I was reading this article on the new traffic fines that are being rolled out in two months. Read here.

It seems that the parking fines need some sort of a shake up because there are 'serious' parking offences and some not so 'serious'. Some adjustment is being proposed with miracles of miracles the fines actually coming down for the not so 'serious' offences. I'm willing to bet though that within a year the fines will go up for all of them until the lowest fine is at par with now.

The part I though most interesting is now you don't need a traffic warden slapping a ticket on your car. It can be done with CCTV. So expect an explosion of CCTV cameras all over the place just to monitor the streets for the real criminals among us. The motorist.

In addition the traffic warden can write a ticket even after you have left. So he can see you drive away and write a ticket there and then. The only good news about this is that I would think that traffic wardens will soon be on the dole when they discover that the cameras will perform the task with a lot less wages. So in reality I suspect that allowing them to write these tickets is going to be less of a problem than it could be. Ha ha. I'd never employ a traffic warden in any job I had control over btw.

Now the only thing where this is going to cause a problem is with someone like me picking up the missus after a *cough* hard days shopping. You pull up at the kerb, spend five minutes loading the stuff that she managed to carry around all day and before you know it a ticket is through the door. Caught on CCTV or spotted from the other side of town by a sharp sighted warden and you were never really parked. And what about that sharp eyed traffic warden who didn't actually get your number plate right. There is going to be appeals all over the place. Of course they have it so if you don't cough up straight away the fine goes up. So how many people are just going to accept it because they don't want to risk it against our abusers of power. What a bunch.

But you got to feel sorry for them. They are skint. they know it and they need to money so any excuse to fleece more out of the cash cow they call the motorists. Actually, forget that. I don't feel sorry for them they couldn't run any size business yet think they can run our country. What a bunch of conceited b4$^4rds.

When will someone finally snap? It's due any time now. I don't condone violence but if I see a traffic warden beaten to death after I've watched every glorious second I will say I was looking the other way and didn't see who it was.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Another sign of what is to come.

The pound has fallen to an all time low against the euro. Read here.

The reason seems to be the gloomy outlook for British manufacturing. Although we seem to be heading into a worldwide recession it seems that the outlook for the UK in particular is worse than the rest of the world so instead of us all keeping kind of even with a few minor fluctuations we have dropped to an all time low.

Shows you exactly how much Gordo has screwed the UK.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new ploy on the war on drugs.

I like it. A new ploy on the war on drugs comes from Canada.

In pretty much the same way as our government says no one is responsible for their own actions then we have a drug user who sued her dealer because he made a profit from an illegal drug. Read here. Because he wouldn't divulge his source the judge deemed he had lost the case. Must have been some interesting logic there. Fits in with the idea of double punishment for your crimes though and a way to bypass the laws and make certain criminals pay twice or potentially even more.

However like all these actions there are a couple of -ve bits. Soon people will be suing everyone for making a profit from anything and this case will be a good starting point. The second and probably more concerning will be drug lords actually bumping off these people who claim or even their family members. After all won't be long before someone gives out their names and this would also be a warning to the dealer who is under pressure.

Of course this is Canada so may not yet be up to the same standard as the US but from what I understand with the gun ban, for legal users only, and everything it is getting there.

The Lionheart saga. The empire strikes back.

I've been reading upon the famous Lionheart and one thing puzzles me.

Why is he being arrested 'on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred?

Surely they can kind of look at his stuff and decide if he is to be charged based on the evidence available and then arrest him for stirring up racial hatred by displaying written material" contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986, or not, as the case may be.

Is this just a way for them to get his DNA and everything into our KGB style DB regardless of any crime?

Anyway I hope he does sue for asylum in the US that would certainly make interesting reading particularly as many US people I speak to think that the way the UK is he would win.

Only now, looking at the people claiming asylum here do I suddenly see an actual use for an asylum policy. US here I come. Only think though knowing my luck I'll be at the back of a very long queue of UK bloggers.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gloomy forecast.

I wonder how in this day and age we still have so many people who actually believe in the Socialist agenda. We all talk about we should do this to help people and there is no doubt there is much we can do but we never have a middle ground.

On one side we have a group whose aim seems to be to keep the machine going and the status quo in place and the other side is a group determined to smash everything down to the lowest common denominator.

It is likely that if you are reading this you are in a group that comprises the top 10% of people on this planet. The remaining 90% look with envy at what we have. We look with envy at the top 10% of our group. In that elite group, 1% of the population of Earth, they look at their top 10% and want to be there and it goes on until we get Bill Gates and his ilk striving to be number one.

Nothing wrong with that though. Where it goes wrong is that down the ladder our envy makes us selfish. We don't care about those under us we only care about us being equal to those above us. Even worse we are more than happy to tread on those below us as we try and drag down those above us.

This is the reason Socialism is popular. They sell the message of equality for all and we misinterpret the message. We see ourselves as bottom of the pile and thus we will be given a lift up. The truth is it is only done by dragging down those above us. But who cares, right?

Over the next few years though our system will really be tested. People from the other 90% are actually coming into our countries in droves. They will tip the balance and then as the masses realise that it is now them that are being dragged down it become them or us. Society as we know it will explode. It, as extremes, will then go one of two ways.

1) Hard liners such as the BNP and other like organisations will be brought to power. We will set up barriers between ourselves and other countries and restrict immigration and trade. Many who have peacefully coexisted with us for decades whilst we struggle will be killed or displaced to die.

2) We will be overrun by the third world and we will be forced to meet their requirements or die. We will become one of the many Islamic states and all of us will face misery and death on a daily basis. Our lives, as we know it, will be over.

Personally I am hoping for a middle ground. One where we can sort out the issues keep our identity as British and, theoretically, Christians and make immigrants conform to our society not impose their own on us.

Sadly I don't see any of the current crop of useless politicians upsetting the status quo. None will grab the banner, like the BNP does, and step forward except of course with a more reasoned agenda. So the pot boils and eventually it will overflow.

Although with news items such as Lionheart and Dr Nazir-Ali becoming more frequent is it the case that we are now starting to see the almost boiling water starting to spill over. Hopefully one of our useless politicians will see some votes in it and actually come out with some decent policies. I doubt it though our politicians only seem to make things worse.

Better start stocking up on all the necessities in life and make friends with the local drug dealers and porno kings. I've heard they have access to terrorists who can get us some weapons. Although whats the betting that with the scum they normally deal with they wont have anything to do with me. Too scared I'll be the man. Just my luck.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

US Politics.

Just commented on Ruthies blog about Hillary's tears on the election trail. I have been looking at the American scene over the last few days and sadly my views have not changed much.

I have no strong feeling about any of the candidates. Partially because, not being a US citizen, I won't actually be voting and have not done a lot of research. They all look like they will be bad news to the world in one way or another.

Although according to this, found via DK, it looks like I am closest to Ron Paul than any other. Same as DK and Ian Dale btw. Strange that as I thought I found myself disagreeing with some of Ron Paul's policies. Although the person I was furthest away from was Obama there were still many things we agreed on. Most were within 30% of each other from my viewpoint.

Although when I think about it this is the first time I have ever been looking at US politics at such an early stage. Do I really want to be looking at something I can do nothing about, will drive me loopy and frustrated as well as raising my blood pressure? Actually I could use the same argument for not reading about UK politics.

So I think I will just dip my toe in every now and again and try and keep it to things that only impact outside the US.

Monday, January 07, 2008

OK then Gordo. We will. Set the date.

Well it appears that Gordo is asking us to judge him on the year ahead not on the past. Read here.

I'm sure everyone would like that. Mr Criminal says 'Please ignore my thefts, vandalism and assaults over the last 10 years but watch how good I am in the next year. Judge me then.'. Yeah right.

However, I am a kind and forgiving man, *cough*, let us give Gordo this chance for the next year.

But in return he can set the date for the next election then. Pref before the approval of the constitution and sentencingjudging can be carried out then. If this year is going to be as good as you say then what is the risk?

Go on then Gordo put your money where your mouth is. We will do our bit. You do yours.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Not funny but shows the thinking.

I have two items from two separate areas here. Short stories as it were.

1) From Pakistan.
Musharraf repeated his government's line that Ms Bhutto was to blame for her own death. "For standing up outside the car, I think it was she to blame alone. Nobody else," Read here.

Personally I think the guy with the gun and the bomb may have a little bit of that responsibility there. Sounds like our government there. You got mugged because you walk around with a mobile phone. It's your fault.

He has clearly been taking watching our government too much.

2) From Liverpool.
Guy driving down a road in our gun free country. A single shot hits him whilst he is driving and he dies later.
A police spokesman, Ch Supt Young added: "Our firearms officers say they couldn't attempt to shoot someone like that. " "We don't think it's been an expert gunman." Read here.

Well of course not. He wasn't held down and a magazine emptied into his head whilst 20 other police officers looked on. None of our guys would do anything without being surrounded by their support.

Human nature. You can't beat it.

Seems like BlogPower has hit the rocks and is sinking fast.

Read here about how this great idea seems to have turned into a political football.

It was, and still is, a good idea but just goes to show how different personalities can screw up anything.

The UN in a nutshell. Good ideas, started with the best intentions but screwed up by the individual members.

Still, it introduced me to some good blogs and I wish James all the best in his next venture. Good luck to BlogPower also. It's going to need it.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sorry if I gave offence.

Sorry, I lied.

In this modern age we seem to have to get involved in everyones little tragedies. Littlejohn has a piece here just below the one on Gordo, well worth a read on his own, of our shared sadness for Phil O'Donnell who died at the weekend.

Now I can understand it is a tragedy for the family and although in our callous way we make jokes about these thing we never make them to the families concerned. We do not belittle how they feel and would never do anything or say anything regarding those feelings. They get our sympathies but usually we don't get involved in the grief we are just silent bystanders.

Since Princess Di. We seem to as a nation join in to these things as if it is one of our own that died. It seemed everyone was caught up in the wake. You could not go anywhere without it being the topic of conversation.

Now I have great difficulty getting caught up in these and after Phil O'Donnell was wondering why. I have come to two conclusions.

1) I could easily get caught up in someones death as part of a massive group.
2) Our outpourings of emotion are artificial.

The first is easy. Say for example Gordo died today. I would be caught up in the mass celebrations that would spontaneously take place around the UK. Although not involved in his death, Hopefully no evidence :) , I will certainly get caught up in the wake and be cheering my head off.

The second was a bit more difficult. They must be artificial because we don't really know these people and yet there are tears and genuine emotions involved. But when I thought about it it was the people that had opinions of their own that didn't seem to fall into this mass hysteria. Felt sorry, Yes, but not joining in the hysteria.

So I came to the following conclusions. We have started to enter the final stage when we just follow people blindly like sheep. One person cries so we all join in because we are conditioned to do so.
The people that don't automatically do this are accused of not bothering about people feelings and having no respect.

Tale for example this guy, Matthew Parris, made a joke about killing cyclists and there were 200 complaints from cyclists. All because of an accident two years ago. Read here. They really are a whingy whiney bunch of people. Jokes are made all the time about others which I bet they all laugh at whilst prancing about in their florescent lycra. Now it appears that a tragedy two years ago means that nobody can ever make another joke about cyclists in the future. Ever. Not even to take the mickey out of lycra.

So added to this our PC attitude. I think that nowadays mass hysteria of the non violent kind is one of the only things we are allowed in this society so we are encouraged to do so. It keeps us quiet and busy on other things so they can sneak about under this cover and screw us around more.

So expect more people to complain about things in 2008. More apologies from people. Wonder how long it will be before they feel confident enough to take on Clarkson and Littlejohn? Probably never but they may go directly to the top and whinge and whine. Until there is no dissent and we will have nothing to joke about. What a thought. We will all be in tears when someone stubs a toe. Those that don't will be taken away for reeducation.

God. I'm so depressed.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I see the next step in legislation.

Too often we here people complaining about corporate interests being foisted on the public. Usually it's just an anti capitalist speech been given by communists who really do not accept that their system does not work. Tried and failed, time after time after time throughout time.

However, sometimes, there is a case to be heard. Restrictive practices such as making people divulge information or sign up to services that are not required because they are in a very powerful position. Abusing their power. Sadly this is one area where even someone like myself things needs something to be done. Sadly, in this case the guvmint should do do something. Oh how bad that makes me feel to say that.

Then of course we have things like this. Wetherspoons is implementing a policy where parties with children are being limited to what they can drink. To stop them staying too long and not looking after the kids. In their minds parents obviously can't manage their own time and Wetherspoons is going to do it for them. Read here.

But as per the smoking ban that gives Weatherspoon a problem. As in this article people will just go elsewhere. But in our interfering nanny state they see a solution. Let's get our dozy guvmint to do something. It's for the children so only paedophiles and bad parents would object, which one are you?, and it will cut down on people drinking. It's a win win.

And of course it may mean that pubs will lose customers but never fear extensive investigation, of just under two people has shown that if kids were not in pubs they would consider going more often. So really they would not lose out and who knows they may even increase their customers.

Who can argue with logic like that?

Weathspoon's I hope you go bankrupt.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

More of our money going to make them look good.

I seem to remember comments along the lines of 'All crimes solved in UK' etc. when this sort of thing happened before but it does not seem to stop them spending our money yet again on sending our policemen out to foreign countries at great expense to investigate crimes in other countries when our crime rate soars and our coppers fill in forms.

Read here about how our police are working on the Bhutto assassination.

Now i suspect this is their way of delaying things. They obviously know how useless our coppers are and are expecting them to be requesting more time and to have everything sealed off for Health and Safety reasons.

It's their way of getting the time to ensure the PPP sympathy vote is forgotten in the mists of time.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This is bound to work.

It seems that the Police are getting to keep half the cash they stealconfiscate from criminals. Read here. Apparently in yet another kick in the nuts to justice the actual proof required to take the money from citizens not found guilty of a crime is minimal.

Thus they can accuse you of a crime seize your assets and make you prove how you got the money.

No, I may be wrong but, isn't that already in place in another country. Oh, Yes. The US and how is it doing there. Well, here is an example of justice in action.

Well so much for Justice, Freedom and the American way.

Well what a day.

Was worn out after my holiday. Too much time pottering about actually doing nothing. I'm convinced I got more done whilst I was working.

So woke up late today.lucky I was working from home. Then I had forgotten my passwords lucky our Helpdesk wasn't to bad for a change so I got in eventually.

Then downloaded a ton and a half of EMails which blocked my account. Our Email system stops you sending if you exceed the quota they set. Sadly it meant quick responses can't be sent until you get down below the limit. I was helped by the company here. In my absence they implemented a new system that automatically deletes all EMails more than 120 days old unless it is flagged retain.

Well I went on leave, they publicised the policy and implemented the software. It sent everyone a list of the items that would be deleted and told them to set the flag or when you logged in after the 1st Jan it would delete them. A list was sent out again in the last week and thus when I logged in I had set off a chain of events that was still running when I suddenly realised the import of the EMail I was reading. So another call to the Help Desk to recover my large stash of deleted Emails. They were not happy and I was furious. Didn't last long because I was too tired and could not be bothered.

Then I packed in early because I'd had a hard day. Now off to read some blogs and catch up with the days events. See if my prayers have been answered.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to all.

I hope 2008 brings all that you want and deserve. (For politicians just what you deserve)