Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why should you not be able to build as you want?

Seems that there are plans afoot to cut some of the red tape involved in building extensions. Read here.

Although some of the comments coming in are from the usual whingy whiney people with the Chair of the Local Government Association, Lord Sandy Bruce Lockhart, said "We need a faster system, but obviously we can't have people simply building a garage where they like, if it cuts out a neighbour's view". Why not. I can understand blocking light or access but a view. They should be thankful, it will keep their rates down.

Once we have the land we should be free to build on it however we like as long as it meets certain criteria. It should not block a neighbours natural light, block their access or change the environment, sound and light but everything else is OK. What I do on my own property should be up to me.

About time something was relaxed although I am a bit suspicious that it is this area. they clearly want to get as many things built as possible before the GestapoCouncil SnoopersEvaluators come round to rate your house.


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