Friday, February 29, 2008

A new improved holocaust.

The Holocaust.

Those two words identify a period of time where millions of people died because of their race. Selected by genes so they were exterminated by a process that caused revulsion all over the planet when it came out. To such an extent it has involved pursuing the perpetrators all over the globe for the last sixty odd years to face retribution for their part in it. Even mere denial that the holocaust took place is a criminal offence.

It was deemed to be so horrific that it was never meant to happen again.

Of course being human we seem to avert our eyes when this goes on until it becomes so obvious that we have no choice but to recognise it. I understood from books that the holocaust was not recognised by the free world as such until the allies entered Germany but current day understanding of Bosnia/Rwanda/Zimbabwe seems to give me a hint that the same level of recognition was given then. People knew but just turned a blind eye until it was over. Until we stop doing that these holocausts and genocide will continue to go on. Hell, Soon we will be at war with the muslims. That will be interesting how we identify them. Hint : We won't. Bullets and bombs never have.

So it interests me when the Israeli's themselves say they will be starting a holocaust in Palestine. Read here. What does that mean? Surely the people who for decades have ensured he persecution of the people who performed the holocaust on them are not considering doing the same thing to others? Are they now saying that a holocaust is justifiable?

Now I for one would not be concerned in the slightest if the Israeli's wiped out the palestinians. No one else seems to want them or be prepared to help them in any way except to keep them in the situation they are in to give them leverage over Israel. They seem to live lives so hopeless that death seems to be preferable to them. If that is their wish it would be cruel to deny it.

Regardless of what the meant. You would think that someone who was Israeli would be careful about the use of the word holocaust. So unless they actually mean a new improved holocaust.

Perhaps what Israel means by holocaust is that it is prepared to wipe them out. They should be aware however that many would end up in the Hague if they do. A fact known to hamas and all the others pushing the stupid palestinian people into making war on Israel. I wonder how long it would take us to wipe them out if every day rockets were fired into London, Birmingham and Manchester. Not long I suspect. But we seem to accept it happening to Israel and even tie their hands behind their backs. Why is that? I just can't work it out nor do I actually see a valid reason why we do. It seems to be the arab PR machine and money influencing our media and politicians to give a public perception at odds with reality and we just accept it.

In the end the terrorists win, again. It seems despite our public posturing we seem to give a lot to the terrorists in appeasement. If they win they takeover and become legit. Such as Castro. If not they are given positions of power and influence like Mandala and Adams.

Just remember though that in Israel terrorists winning means annihilation. Israel has nukes. Somehow I don't see them going down quietly. Perhaps an improved holocaust means what will happen will be acceptable compared to what could happen if nukes start flying.

Remember as well that it was identified that armageddon would start in the middle east and in the not too distant future. Something to consider.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fingers crossed with these guys.

I'm sure that we all have our fingers crossed for these guys who are going to the European Court of Human Rights about their DNA being retained by the police despite either of them having a criminal record. Read here. Maybe we can actually get something positive from our membership of the new socialist empire.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I wonder where this is going.

It seems the Tories have filed a FOI request about the cost of translation serviced used by police forces in the UK. It seems that the cost is £24.1M which is £2.7K per hour. Read here. OK. It is a lot for you and I. Hell, it's nearly as much as our politicians fiddle in expenses every year. But, is it actually an issue in itself. It is a side effect of the policies of our lords and masters in both the UK and the EU.

So the question that I want answered is what is the point of it? We can hardly let our police ask questions which the suspects don't fully understand or the police don't understand the answers. So the costs are there and will be for a very long time. Therefore the only point is to make political capital of it. Of course as the Tories are pro EU as well then they can hardly use it against EU policy. It will just be used against the government just to make some minor points.

Personally, I would rather they actually came out with some real policies of their own but clearly they have none. All politics seems to have come down to is poking one another in the chest and saying 'You did this' and 'No I didn't'. Soon it will be 'My dad is bigger than yours'. This can't be good for the country.

Monday, February 25, 2008

US Politics are more interesting

It seems that we could have another player in the game for the US presidential elections. Read here.

I'm not really sure what chance he has running as an independent but we can only hope it takes votes away from the democrats again.

Although perhaps with the candidates being who they are and particularly if Clinton is given the nomination ahead of Obama despite the popular votes maybe, just maybe, it could make this year the first of it's kind. Now wouldn't that be interesting.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The wisdom of age or insane rumblings?

I have been thinking about why it is that every time we as a country digs itself out of the mire we vote labour and screw our country up for decades again. Is it some masochistic thing we Brits have?

The ideology can't be the sole reason. The basic ideology of socialism is that we should all be equal. The labour way of course is to screw everyone into the lowest common denominator and the libertarian way is through allowing us all to compete no matter how our upbringing. Neither is perfect but the socialist way leads to disaster every time so why do we choose it.

I can barely remember back to the late 70s, showing my age now, where we actually had power cuts, strikes and three day weeks. Mainly because I was out all the time the cuts, strikes and a three day week didn't impact me too much but I do remember watching it unfold and making a decision that I would never vote labour. I was going to do something with my life.

So I was wondering why is it that 30 years later we have done exactly the same thing again. Allowed a socialist government to screw us all and in particular the people they were supposed to help. The lowest paid are impacted more by Gordos stealth taxes than the higher paid. They have in reality chosen to pay more of their own money into the bloated state. You have just got to laugh.

The conclusion I came to is simplistic but I think accurate.
1) The bulk of the people voting for labour are too young to have been born or remember the disaster that was the 70s. No knowledge of recent history.
2) We don't actually teach socialism at schools. Only socialist propaganda by the teachers to a captive audience. History stops at 1948 or something in schools. No knowledge of the atrocities committed in the name of socialism over the decades.
3) Socialism ideals are sold on fairness and morals. Yet there are no discussions on exactly how that would work with a species like us. Just the aims and who can argue against fairness? Playing on our sense of fair play.
4) Everyone assumes that they are the lowest on the ladder. They therefore assume that any boost with improve their lot in life at the detriment of the toffs. It is pure selfishness.
5) They are actually so vindictive that they would rather others suffered, including them, if they felt a toff was being screwed. Pure envy.

So here we are again. Country looks like it is entering a recession with the cupboard bare. We have put in place the apparatus for a police state. Our brightest and best are leaving in droves and being replaced with people that don't even like our way of life and want to replace it with their own. We also have the spectre of the EU to make our transition to what the old soviets tried to do and failed. We are now so dependent on the state for our handouts that whatever they put in our way we just nod and follow instructions. Like the sheep we have become. One thing is clear though. We will be working off the folly of the last ten years for several decades.

Democracy, the bedrock of our society, has for all intent and purpose vanished. We have removed trial by jury, inquests with no public scrutiny and the powers to arrest and remove property under no more than a suspicion a crime has been committed. Criminals no longer fear punishment because the state has no interest in crimes not against the state like not payment of council tax, income tax and other income streams. Criminals don't pay too well to the state. They just cost money. The EU is being given powers from our government that they have no right to give. The laughably named opposition party is so bad that even against the most useless government in history they are barely making headway. It's looking worse for the UK than ever before. Although I do wonder if it is a conservative ploy to make sure they don't win the next election. After all when we hit the rails who really wants to be the one holding the steering wheel? If the wheels come off before the next election then Cameron will be replaced by a real politician who the tories think can straighten our country out. Restructure our PFI etc. and steer us away from the cliff edge, or, at the very least, we have a party with support that can.

We used to be the greatest nation on earth with innovation and hard work being the cornerstone of our success. All over the world British was used with pride and it meant something. What has happened to our moral backbone? We have become worse than weak. We are pathetic relying on handouts and meekly accepting a society we shed so much blood to reject in the early 1900s. Is it because over the last 50 years we have not had to shed any blood for our freedoms that we have become complacent? It seems that brought out the best in us and made us a force to be reckoned with. The British bulldogs stood up to be counted then. Maybe the muslim, russian or chinese threat may actual be what we need. Something to fight for. And the best bit is all the labour supporters who voted for these clowns are just the right age to be called up. How sweet that sounds.

One thing is certain. Gordo won't stop until he is removed. He is steaming full speed ahead with his policies despite the fact they are not working and there is nobody willing to stop him. Where is our Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg? I do find it unbelievable that everything that he has touched has failed. I can't think of one thing that he has been involved with over the last 10 years that has worked as intended. If I was his missus I wouldn't let him touch me with a record like that.

So not looking too good at the moment for the British Bulldog. Chained up and its teeth removed and neutered but it does get to watch daytime TV so at the moment it is happy. Although I would imagine that action will be taken if power problems cut of his fix of Oprah and Crossroads.

I'm depressed now. Think I'll move to Wales where at least I'll be looked after by socialist scum in my old age with the state paying.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Now this is ironic. American politics.

Looks like Hillary has shown her skill and experience in politics.

First of all, she spends all her campaign money on her friends lavishly and inefficiently.
Second, she is being as lazy as possible by concentrating on the early states only.
Third, she has made no contingency plans for if her highly thought out master plan hit a problem.
Fourth, her highly polished campaign team couldn't even work out how she was going to be funded and she ran her campaign into the ground.
Fifth, she seems to be relying on the democrats ignoring democracy to win.

Read the story here.

She was so convinced that she was going to walk it that she didn't actually bother to do much in the way of planning, campaigning or finance. She clearly was spending her time celebrating the win she was going to walk while everyone was convinced the Republicans had no chance.

Now if this is what she was doing whilst campaigning for what is one of the most important things in her life then think what she would be like if she became the next President.

First of all she will spend, spend, spend to her friends till the cupboard is bare.
Second, she will be as lazy as possible and concentrate on what she sees as important which will be her Socialist agenda.
Third, she won't have any contingency plans.
Fourth, she won't be able to work out where the money comes from and run the country into the ground.
Fifth, democracy will be the last thing on her mind when she is president.

Thinking about it that sounds so similar to what happened here with Gordo. All you Americans out there should look at the UK and think about that happening to the US. Don't do it. I need somewhere to move to soon.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Get your priorities right.

Well it seems that finally the Tories have swung into action and are lambasting the government. About time I hear you cry.

So what are they looking at? The EU, the economy, Northern Rock, the NHS, the MoD, Jeez the list goes on doesn't it?

Nope. Of course it's the fact that gimmicks used by labour such as sending children to Auschwitz have not yielded results. Whoopee do Dah. Read here.

Why they are called the opposition or even the sinister sounding Shadow cabinet I don’t know. I’m sure there are school disagreements that are better organised.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The appliance of science.

The US is confident over the shooting down of the errant spy satellite. Remember it potentially had hazardous fuel on board. Read here.

Well after expending the might of modern weapons technology in shooting at it. It seems that we are 'confident' that we ‘probably’ destroyed its ‘potential’ toxic fuel tank. Well glad that was cleared up.

At least they got to test out some sexy ASAT kit and make a point to Russia and China. Just as an aside of course.

This guy cracks me up.

Read on the 'I am Livid' web site. See sidebar.

'.... being an almighty miser who has shown himself to be tighter than an spandex clad Vanessa Feltz.'

He just cracks me up. I took care with my drink this time. Read the full story of the miser here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's easy to get confused.

It seems the Palestinians want to be a state. Read here. I thought they already were but then I realised my mistake.

The Palestinians want to be A state. I thought meant the Palestinians ARE IN a state.

My bad. Easy mistake to make.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

and I thought my ex-wife was bad.

Here is this guy who claims that he came (no pun intended) across a woman lying dead in a driveway. Stab wounds and blood all over the place. He then has sex with her and didn't notice she was dead until he was finished. Read here. I've heard of women being unresponsive but never one who is so good at it she doesn't even breathe. Maybe women in London are in a class of their own.

To be honest they should stop the trial now. Put him away for life anyway as anyone who would take advantage rather than check that someone lying in a driveway is OK does not deserve to be out here with the rest of us. With a bit of luck when he is inside he will find out what it means to be taken advantage of.

Although I still find it amazing that this is the guys defence. I very much doubt his lawyer is on a no-win no-fee contract.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Some machine interfacing sounds good.

Reading this about how machines will reach the intelligence of human beings by 2029 makes me wonder. You see I think in some ways they are par with human intelligence now. Just watching our political leaders tells us that not many socialists have the smarts that some PDAs have now.

Anyway, I can't wait for some man machine interface to allow us to record conversations for later playback, visual and audio. Just think what that would do for our justice system alone. As well as helping us remember things like birthdays and appointments. Store books and things for us to read whilst we are waiting for something to happen. I don't see why I would want someone to argue with me. I'm looking for an aid. I'm sure we could do that now. Just need some way of interfacing and we can have it all.

So why are we waiting for nanobots which I actually see being given specialised tasks such as exploring our bodies and killing cancer cells, healing us from the inside and other such basic tasks. I don't want anything with too much intelligence that changes its tasks depending on what its programmers thought.

The KISS principle guys. Keep It Simple Stupid. Remember that guys.

It looks like a quick decision for Toshiba.

It looks like Toshiba may be about to concede defeat in the HD format skirmish. Read here. I won't call it a war because it looks like it will be over too quickly. It is a good decision for us if they do as it removes the uncertainty of potentially us, the punters, choosing the losing format.

Now I'm not an expert but it looks to me like this time around the best format won. Unlike last time when many people chose the best format and the poorer one came out on top plus it dragged on for years so many people lost out. Read here for some comments on the differences.

Well done Toshiba for a sound marketing decision and one that will save many of us a significant amount of cash. Now we can expect that the prices will come down rapidly as manufacturers concentrate on one format only.

Still need to save for the HDTV though.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How easily they dismiss our fears.

It seems we have yet another go at reducing a parents options to chastise their child. Read here about some more of our nanny MPs going ahead and proposing some new legislation against smacking kids.

Now like every sensible person in the country I don't believe that anyone should smack their kid so hard that they require treatment. It is already against the law though. Those sort of people are still living in the dark ages but one thing is certain. With kids recognising that there is no real punishment heading their way they run amok. Since the first legislation came out it seems that our kids have taken advantage and are now getting away with murder. Yet, we propose more legislation and at the same time say parents have no control over their kids. Only true liberals can reconcile those two points.

Now it has obviously been mentioned that someone is concerned that a mum at Tesco’s will get prosecuted for smacking her little brat. I say that because it has been dealt with, as far as they are concerned, with the cavalier statement by Labour MP Greg Pope said: "Nobody is in favour of frivolous prosecutions, for example against the harassed mum in Tesco's.'

They just don't see it that this will be the bulk of the prosecutions because it will all be on video and there will be witnesses. Some busy body will complain and it will go to court for an easy win.

Is there no aspect of our lives these guys are not intent on screwing up as they impose their bigoted opinions on the rest of us?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Good news for drug dealers.

It seems that the range of goods they will be selling will be increasing soon. Our goverment will their stalinist viewpoints are looking at making a yearly smoking permit compulsary. Photo id no less. You will not be able to buy tobacco without it. Read here.

I wonder if it will have a limits on how much you can buy. Will the totals be recorded in the database? What if you sell some on? Will it be illegal? I can see them useing this as another justification for the id card.

At least when I go to my local dealer I can feel I'm comforted that I'm funding terrorism. Terrorism that is trying to bring the government down. Hell, if I actually believed I was funding the overthrow of this shower it might be worth saying keep the change when I buy my latest fix.

Maybe this is what Rowan Williams wants in the UK.

Church attendance is dropping. People don't believe in God. The church is losing power and the coffers are draining. What can be done? So Rowan Williams looks abroad for inspiration and here he finds a solution. Read here about another religion who are looking at executing a woman for being a witch.

Well I'm sure that the application of a little Sharia Law in the UK with ungodly heathers being executed for Witchcraft will make a big difference to the attendance figures on a Sunday, the coffers and it will make most of the UK true believers again.

Now all we need to do is make the police the executioners and .... Oh wait! They are already there. So all we need is to push through the application of Sharia Law and there we have it. Rowan has already started there with his speech.

Now I hope you are proud of me. All that and not once did I mention how backwards these people are .... Oh! Damn it. Spoke to soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paranoid Britain.

From an article on Mr E's site on a man who was arrested and his DNA sampled and recorded for the crime of having an MP3 player. Read here.

Isn’t it a good example of life in Britain that some dozy cow is walking around in such a state of fear that she mistakes an MP3 player for a gun? Clearly she isn't one of our brightest citizens. I bet even now she is telling everyone about it and saying 'Better safe than sorry'.

I accept that things like this could happen even with less dozy citizens but for them to continue, take his DNA and bundle him into the van like the KGB back in the 80s is a bit much for a supposedly free society. They don't even attempt to pretend now.

Although I did think of one other thing. He was lucky. Our dozy coppers are so useless that if it had been me I could be dead now. I like rock with a beat and loud and I keep my MP3 player in my pocket and the only way I would have heard them was to turn it off. If he had reached into his pocket to turn it off he could very well have had a real bad case of lead poisoning.

Although I did think that this maybe the governments way to reduce crime. Make sure everyone is too frightened to go out with a MP3 player, a mobile phone and it would reduce crime as there wouldn't be anything to steal. How long before it is a crime to carry an MP3 player? You are under arrest under the 'Encouraging a mugging act of 2008' by carrying an item that a mugger would be interested in. Muggers will be saying to the Police. Arrest him he is delibrately flouting that MP3 player and tempting me to rob it. Book im Danno. Listening to MP3s One.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh the irony.

How often do we say the bank always wins and gambling is bad? Quite a lot actually.

Now we have the proof. A so called gambling expert is declared bankrupt. Read here.

You shouldn't laugh. Mawhahahahah. Sorry.

The sins of the father.

Well it looks like our schools are advocating that an innocent is punished for the crimes of the parents. They hope the new rules will encourage pupils to put pressure on their parents to park legally. Isn't that just so NewLabour. Read here.

Personally I think that is actually a good idea although when it is done by non government bodies it normally is treated as a heinous crime. So now it is going mainstream we can look at using this tool ourselves. It has many advanatages.

Know a traffic wardens kid. Kick the crap out of them and tell them it's because you got a ticket once. A teacher persecuting you. Kick the crap out of their kid because of it. Council workers, police, this opens the floodgates. Tell them why while you are doing it but not enough to identify you. The kids won't be protected by CCTV for a start. It will also be easy in comparison to actually chasing the real culprits, which unsurprisingly is exactly the same reason your kids are getting persecuted. Of course we can't use detention because we don't have the facilities.

You can then hope that will encourage pupils to put pressure on their parents to get a decent job. That hope seems to make it OK for some reason.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If it only was so easy.

It seems that mathematics can be used in almost all areas of your life. Read here for some examples.

I must admit I'm a big fan of logical thinking, although sometimes it doesn't look like I do. That's why I like reading all these books on this sort of thing where you see what makes people irrational.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Politicians, Kettle, Black.

It seems that celebrities are giving "monstrously inappropriate" examples to kids. Kids who are missing father figures in life and look to people they see as role models. Read here.

So footballers and other celebrities who actually have created their roles from nothing and proven that no matter who you are you can be a success in life are pointed out as bad examples. A few footballers are done for assault and all of a sudden the state of the UK is their fault.

Yet politicians who are in the news daily with fiddles, moral incompetence and sheer unadulterated ineptitude never mind all the illegal activities they do don’t seem to be mentioned at all.

I think that looking closer to home might be a better start for the useless hypocrites.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Third and last time. I bet she hopes third time is lucky.

Well well it seems Hillary is not as popular as she thought. Of course she didn't count on another minority to split the vote and that is what has screwed her. Read here about Obama closing the gap. Although I thought they were even so it couldn't have been much of a gap to begin with.

Anyway Hillary. They say third time is the charm. This is the time for your third set of tears although it may be a bit risky now as even the doziest of women eventually get fed up with a cry baby. I say go for it though. It's about your only chance.

Politics. I wish it was like this in the UK. I would love to see Brown blubbing come election time. Blow it to DVD so it would last a lifetime.

How to have fun in your spare time. Part 1.

Morrison’s is now introducing a new policy of verifying everyone who buys alcohol how old they are. Read here.

Could this guy pretend he is under 18?

Anyway, perhaps now is the time to have fun with Morrison’s. Pile your shopping trolley full of goods including freezer items and a single bottle of booze. Unless of course you are a drinker in which case load up with your weekly stock. Then when you hit the checkout put the booze on the conveyor and when they ask for id just say I don't have any. When they refuse the sale just say how insulted you are and walk out without buying anything. Then go to Tesco’s and buy everything.

I'm now thinking maybe there is a reason Tesco's is more popular than Morrison’s. Are you listening Morrison’s management team?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oh dear. This is what happens when you talk without a brain.

It seems that having a real job rather than working for the government has it's downsides.

There are calls for Rowan Williams to quit and he won't be able to say I have the PMs full support so I'm gripping on to the position I have with a death grip. Read here.

Keep up the pressure guys. Remember Dr James Watson who was persecuted for telling the truth. It seems being pig headed and arguementative does work sometimes. Unless your target is government of course.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Not wanting to give DNA is grounds for suspicion.

OK. Let's face it. The guy who screwed that models murdered body doesn't really have a chance imo. His dabs and DNA are all over, and in, her. He has no alibi and he is clearly a nutter. (allegedly) :)

But the interesting thing I found is that how he reacted to the police call to supply DNA is being used against him. Read here.

Now I wouldn't give DNA voluntarily. If I was guilty I'm pretty sure that would still be my stance. Yet it now appears that that fact can be used against you as evidence.

We had grounds to suspect him M'Lud because he did not volunteer to give his DNA and be recorded for life like any good law abiding citizen would do. So we raided his house and shot his ass when he rolled over and shouted at us. Of course there was no DNA match but we can't understand it. If he was innocent why didn't he offer his DNA on request? OK. Verdict of suicide.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Appeasement is treason.

This is how it starts. Can't upset them. Can't speak the truth about their middle age lifestyle and now we need to let them have their own way.

I was going to write about that plonker Rowan Williams and his call to let sharia law into the UK. Read here. Although no sooner than I had written my piece than I noticed everyone else had too.

Read here about what others feel about this looneys latest ramblings.

Appeasement seems to be another name for treason. Won’t someone shut this guy up? Are there not religious fanatics on our side that can do something about this traitor in our midst?

One thing I have been made aware of from the Palestinian problems in the Middle East. Appeasement does not work. Once they have one concession it’s on to the next until they have the whole package and our dozy negotiators, if they can be called that, are so thick they just don’t see it.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Politics of envy.

Seems Thames Water has decided that your water bills won't be based on how much water you actually use but on the size of your house. I'm glad my electrickery and gas bills don't work on that principle.

So a single person living in a mansion will be paying significantly more than a million polish workers living in a one bedroomed flat. Read here.

They must be getting desperate for cash. Now does this not bring back memories of the poll tax. Where it was argued, rightly, that as it was not household based but based on numbers in the houses the tax should be charged to individuals. However, as usual, this way it will be the posh nobs in that big house who will be hit so who cares.

Now they say that it made the changes after a customer survey. Mmmmm. Funny that I wonder how they worded that and I'm sure that there were many other complaints about the service provided. I bet they are not making so many sweeping changes due to that.

I suspect though this is a back door way for them to get meters in houses. After all going metered isn't an advantage until this sort of thing comes into play.

Won't be long until this comes to our local supplier. Personally I'd pay the difference and forget about conservation at all. Put big tanks on the roof until the compulsory metering is enforced.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Getting on with your life after punishment.

Now as we all know I think that sentencing in this country is pathetic. The criminals just don't get the sentencing they deserve.

So it actually annoys me when we have someone that has gone through the *cough* justice system and done his time as is said and then another party jumps on the bandwagon and then punishes him again. This time to deprive him of his livelihood. Read here about a head teacher struck off the register for a crime that had nothing to do with work at all.

This isn't right. When you have a limited skill set and are looking for a job to say you cannot have a job in that area is disgusting. I don't actually see any justification for them to do that at all. How is he going to get back into society? How can he earn any money? Changing his role in society means you start at the bottom on a lower salary and have a steep learning curve. How come the prison service didn't get him a job on leaving like they do with others? Finding people that couldn’t get a job a job somewhere. It seems this guy did find a job but someone decided that in their opinion he had not been punished enough.

That someone being another government body. Joined up thinking again by our useless government. Although I wonder if that would apply to him being employed in England. Maybe he should make a run for it to make a better life for himself. It is Wales after all.

Government loses control. Again.

Well, well. It seems that yet again our government has lost control of its resources. Read here about our secret police going off on their own and not following procedure.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as if I remember the Soviets lost control of their secret police under Beria. It should be obvious that this sort of thing happens once these laws are approved. But of course our useless MPs don’t actually see anything further than their own snouts and have leant nothing from history at all.

Now I do have two questions about this episode of Keystone Cops.

1 If the security services think that MPs are actually working against the UK then why should they be provided a refuge? For one thing they think a few members of the public is and they get to but them but it seems they think the MPs are but don’t get to bug them. All because they want to be above the law because they are privileged. Yet it appears that this may not actually be the case. It appears that MPs can be bugged if the situation warrants it. Read here about Nick Robinsons understanding. It seems that weasel words were used even when the Wilson doctrine was created. So it seems that even then the opportunity to bug opposition MPs was more important than anything.

I realise that if they have broken the law the chances are is we won’t get told about it. It’ll be brushed under the table the same as every other illegal or immoral activity these guys do. It’s the nature of the state to protect its own.

2 Why are we holding Babar Ahmad in prison? He has already been there since 2005 and has not committed any offence in the UK at all. Why should we imprison our citizens at the behest of a foreign state which has different moral values than our own?

In short I can understand why we need to bug people to gain intelligence on criminals. It should be by due process and follow the law and MPs and senior civil servants should be treated as members of the public. It should then be admissible in court and it would then be all legal and above board with nothing coming out of the woodwork.

In addition we should only imprison people in the UK if they have broken UK laws and the charge warrants it and we should only arrest UK citizens on receipt of a properly formatted extradition order on an offence that is illegal in the UK. It seems that the UK is set up so we have to follow UK law when abroad and follow the rest of the world’s laws when we are in the UK. That is not right. In this scenario it is possible to never leave the UK, not even have a KGB style passport, yet break a US law and be extradited for trial.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Our privileged elite get paranoid.

Oh dear. It seems that the security services think that they should be able to bug anyone. Sir John Walker, former chief of defence intelligence said that "If you're going to beat a terrorist threat of the nature of Al Qaeda, your primary weapon system against that terrorism is intelligence - and you cannot do intelligence with one hand tied behind your back,".

Well although I don't agree with that it seems that our lords and masters in the House of Commons do. It's been approved by them for use. So what is the issue? Ah! It appears that while it is OK to eavesdrop of the plebs in the street it's not OK when one of those being listened to is one of the elite. An MP no less. Read here about the hypocrisy of someone who is one of the elite who agreed bugging for everyone and then demand that they are excluded themselves.

Can’t work it out myself. If they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear. Isn’t that what we get told? What is the problem then?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What military aircraft are you?

Not had much free time today so here is something I did yesterday. As you see another quiz I was forced to take by my compulsion to try every single one I find. This time via Theo's new site.

What military aircraft are you?

EA-6B Prowler

You are an EA-6B. You are sinister, preferring not to get into confrontations, but extract revenge through mind games and technological interference. You also love to make noise and couldn't care less about pollution.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

New criminal class.

A while ago I was shocked to read about the old guy that was beaten up by two rather baby faced police officers. Read here. Probably not too far removed from the youths who beat up other elderly people but lucky for these they were able to do it legally. WhooHoo. Being in the police in a police state must be one of the best jobs in the world.

Anyway it seems that despite all the shouts about it it seems that these young coppers may have been on to something. There seems to be a new crime wave coming. Assault, murder, fraud (allegedly) and hit and run. Not forgetting all those that criminally failed to pay their council tax and so on.

All the above was done by crinklys. Yet all the shouting is about youths. I'd be interested in knowing the percentage splits by age groups. With all these laws being made specifically for the young ones and yet many of the crimes are from older people. Where are the laws targeting the old uns.

The guvmint should do somefink about it. What? I'm just saying.

Friday, February 01, 2008

This would be interesting if it was backdated.

I can't wait to see the output from this call from all the parties to declare how much they are paying their families with our money.

The Tories say that "just over" 70 - out of a total of 193.
The LibDems say there were "about 12" Lib Dem MPs, out of 63.
Labour seems to have missed out how many. I suspect they are still trying to total them up. Our supercomputers must be running flat out.

Now I suspect that if the current real figures came out there will be more than that paying family members. Although I bet that over this weekend there will be a few people finding their cushy jobs suddenly terminated so that when the required figures come out it will not be too bad.

I think I would like it if they actually had to declare who from their own families they employed over the last year. Somehow I suspect that it will only be from the 1st April and not backdated.

What an appropriate date though.