Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is the climate change debate over?

I keep on hearing that the climate change debate is over and it's our fault. Greenpeace won't even debate it any more. Read here where Iain Dale requested someone to take part in a debate and was turned down. Yet I see that the more time passes more scientists stand up and be counted on the side of the sceptics.

Once the tide changes the politicians will drop this like a hot brick and it will die alongside all the other back to the stone age green initiatives. At the moment the politicians can ride it for what it is worth and they know they already have a scapegoat waiting in the wings. When it all goes wrong the greens will be standing alone getting the blame for everything that is happening. Our politicians, who already know this is a false theory, will claim they were duped, but so was everyone else they will cry, so let's just move on. Sadly we will and although the whingy whiney greens were the ones pushing this the real damage will have been done by our politicians not the greens. And they will get away with it as usual.

So, although at the moment the popular view is that climate change is our fault and we are being forced to make sacrifices we must remember that less than 400 years ago the popular view was that the Sun rotated around the Earth, the Earth was thought to be flat and less than 10 years ago Labour was a good political party1. Things change. We learn, revise theories and most people are not that stupid.

We just need to keep on about those pesky facts. They screw everything up for those that have a hidden agenda. Although with the greens it's not so well hidden. That's why they can't face debate. Their requirements and the facts don't add up.

1) Updated to make it sound funnier.


At 11:44 pm, Blogger Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I find the Luddite arguments againist such obviously progressive measures as building more nuclear power stations slightly dangerous.

At 12:41 pm, Blogger mike said...

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