Monday, August 04, 2008

There is only so much cake.

Reading that Josef Fritzl could also be facing slavery charges over holding his daughter in a cellar for 24 years seems to me to be egging it a bit. Read here. How much manpower is going into generating these charges?

I think the word overkill springs to mind here as at his age surely the charges he faces already will keep him behind bars until he has been dead for nearly 100 years before they start going down the road of finding new charges.

Why don't they just get him in court with the easy to prove charges, send him to jail and then get on with finding any others.

Of course if he was in the UK the most serious charge he would face would be installing electrical equipment in his house without a certificate from a qualified electrician.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

and this is why I'm against the death penalty.

Innocents go to jail and the guilty walk free. Read here. That includes those that set them up.

On the plus side with the death penalty missing from the UK he only, and I use only ironically, lost 8 years of his life.

Friday, August 01, 2008

You can't trust anybody these days.

I was reading this article about converted guns used for murders. Oh dear. It seems that criminals can still get hold of their guns when they need them. Read here.

The bit I found funny though was the statement 'A bunch of criminals were caught out when Polish tenants of The Briars, along with a neighbour, found the gun factory when their curiosity led them to look inside two outbuildings at the rear of the semi-detached property'

Is it me or did I translate 'curiosity' to 'search for something to steal' because that's the way my mind works? I suspect that's one bunch of Poles heading home soon.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is good for the Goose....

On the one hand we have women being able to legally kill their husbands if they are under fear of being attacked. Read here. On the other hand it seems that violence in women is now being recognised. Read here.

Now I wonder if the women on the picture in the first article will be as happy now knowing that as well as them being given a free pass to kill someone because they feel threatened that the very same thing could happen to them. I have heard a rumour that Attorney General Baroness Scotland's hubby is fearful for his life. I'll be a character witness that he killed her in self defence under the new laws.

Typical though, these laws were not in place when I was getting divorced beaten up by my ex-wife and fearful of losing my house life.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't forget to pack for your holidays.

Another picture from Theo's site. He has some good ones and comments are turned off so I thought I would say something here.

Max Mosley packs for a nice relaxing holiday after the stress of his recent court case.

The Greens test their new transport proposal.

Got this picture from Theo's site.

If the Greens have their way this will be the new compulsory public transport service. (Notice the free passholder, OAP and student, space under the luggage at the back)

Monday, July 28, 2008

What is going on? I'm agreeing with politicians.

Well, partly anyway. John Prescott, our famous binge eater and I think he has involvement in F1 or something, has said that there is no one in the Labour party who has the skills to replace the PM. Read here. It's almost right.

I agree with him that there is no one in the party with the skills to be PM. Notice I have changed it slight as the implication that Gordo has the skills because of his previous experience as Chancellor is laughable. It's only now that the general public are seeing his mismanagement and incompetence over the last 11 years and they don't like it. Even the ones on his payroll like Glasgow East are unhappy with it. There is no one in the labour party, and that includes the current PM, with the skills to be PM. That is why it would be a big mistake for labour for Gordo to stand down as they would get annihilated. However, on the bright side, labour supporters are so thick that they actually still believe that labour is for the common man. LOL. Harman and the other clowns in the cabinet actually still believe that if Gordo was out the way he would take the blame for everything and, to be honest, knowing that people are still labour supporters atm, I am not 100% convinced that they are not right.

But back to Prescott. In a more optimistic note he also said Gordo would come back from his holiday renewed and ready. Not much chance of that as Gordo will have more time to actually see the news and read the papers and will be unable to come out with some quick off the cuff knee jerk legislation to fix it. In addition his *cough* loyal colleagues will be running about during their lengthy holidays plotting and planning. I suspect his stress levels will be sky high when he returns. Fingers crossed. A heart attack would look better on the history books than anything else. (Next time not superglue you berk but rattlesnake venom or something. Plonker.)

Personally I think Gordo is doing the normal thing that he does when faced with uncertainty, he does nothing, no decisions, no risks, nada, ziltch, SFA. It's the only thing he sees that he can do at this point, sit tight and hope that the economy changes enough to give labour a chance in the polls in 2010. People are stupid, history shows that, look as far back as 2005 to see, they forget very quickly and if things pick up then these last few years will be forgotten when his core voters look at what he has done for them over the years and the Tories with their wishy washy policies will be unable to compete.

However, one thing Gordo has shown he can't control is the economy. It'll shoot downhill so fast we will be looking at the Soviet Union for ties and advice on how to control the revolting plebs. It could even get to the state where he can call the elections off until it suits. Maybe not this time but if they get in again, certainly that time. Mugabe style.

Mmmm. Maybe I'm not actually agreeing with him at all. Just one of his million and one statements most of which are not worth investing the limited time I have to listen to.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What a statement has been made in Glasgow.

Well of course we were all hoping for labour to get their ass kicked in Glasgow but I actually didn't think it would happen. Read here. I'm going to have another party.

Now this must be a blow that even someone as thick as Gordo can feel. His merry men must be running around now, less merry, making plans for the future. Sadly, those plans won't translate to an election for us but fingers crossed, as I said before, I've been wrong before. Although planning to cancel elections Mugabe style is more to their way of thinking.

However, it did make me think. It seems that every election over the last few months has come with a bit fat zero for labour. We just need more of them to erode away at labours lead. We can get elections in several ways, the incumbent resigns, Yeah! Right! like they are going to get their noses out of the trough. The next is they retire with illness, I wondered if stress would do it but as they lead sheltered lives this must be the only stress they are under and the smoking and drinking at their workplace, if they ever go that is, must help them combat that. Or they die. Now I like the sound of this one.

Now in the past I've prayed for the death of Blair but it just didn't happen. I'm sure at the time millions of people were doing the same thing, yet nothing happened, at all. Not even a bad cold. Millions of innocents children and adult alike have died, many in horrible ways and in excruciating pain because of Blair and Gordo's policies but those two seem to be immune. So clearly nothing will happen from that direction without some serious help and I do remember a saying 'God helps those who helps themselves' I wonder how we can apply that to these circumstances?

I'm not sure though how many politicians it would take to resign, or die (preferable option), before a general election was called though. I though originally that it would take all 640+ to resign or, die in an unfortunate accident, for an election to be called but now I'm not so sure. After all they can't all be bad. So giving them the benefit of the doubt we are only looking at 620 then.

Let's all get our heads down to pray. Let's try the stress first. They must have more today than they did yesterday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me.

It seems that I have been doing this Blog for three years now. I have made 1737 posts, including this one, and have a very small but loyal set of readers. I thank you all, next time you are in the area call in for a drink. Sadly I have no idea how many hits, misses or whatever I have because I don't record it. i did think about it once but as it was not part of blogger and just needed a tick in a box I just couldn't be bothered. I'm doing this for my sanity not for fame and glory.

Bit busy in RL now so I'll do some real posting soon. There is just so much to write about in the UK but there is just not enough time.

Anyway, off for some drinkies to celebrate still being sane and not shot by plod yet in the UK.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More people will die because of this.

It seems Mugabe is feeling the pressure. Someone, not Gordo, has told him to make some concessions and he is signing a deal on a framework. Read here.

A deal on a framework. Wow! What a concession. It must have taken hundreds of man hours of tough negotiations for that.

So that will delay to all the sanctions and talks for a while and in the meantime life in Zimbabwe will continue as normal. A very short run into a hell hole. Eventually nothing will have changed and it'll be back on the agenda but at the moment everyone will be smiles and pats on the back.