Friday, May 25, 2007

Dig Deeper. Much deeper. You can afford it.

I'm glad I don't work in Manchester any more. Read here about the latest move in the scheme to fleece the motorist of every last penny.

Unfortunately, there are many who don't have the option and like London it will soon just be recognised as another cost of working. Usage won't go down, it can't, and yet more of our money goes to feed the greedy government.

That seems to be what we do best. Just put up with more and more. It'll end badly and we need to remember who these people are that are introducing this. We need to make sure that we don't take it out on the poor saps that have to walk the streets enforcing this. Although we must consider that these people are collaborators. that is probably why traffic wardens are universally hated. Some of the best comedy sketches show traffic wardens getting dealt with appropriately. If only. Not long to wait I think.


At 6:00 pm, Blogger james higham said...

Yes, it's this cursed reduction to serfdom which bloggers are recognizing and blogging about.


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