Monday, December 31, 2007

What a kind and caring bunch.

I behind on my reading and as usual I start at the top. So I just went to the Adam Smith Institute and the latest blog review where I read this article on Iranian executions.

Go here to Mick Hartley's blog and read the full story about Iranian's executing children and the process they follow to do so.

It is absolutely barbaric. I think we should do something about it preferably using some nuclear weapons. Let's just wipe out everyone there over 15.

Yet we wont do anything about this and instead spend out time disarming the western world so people like these will have little resistance from all us Islamophobes and racists.

We really are screwed up as a race.

Look who is talking.

Whilst looking through the papers for Cameron's statement on the EU I came across this article from Gordo on cowardice. Read here.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has condemned the killers of Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto as "cowards afraid of democracy"

Well said Gordo but wait a minute. Isn't not holding an election kind of the same thing. At least they had the guts to vote with their lives. You were too scared that we wouldn't vote for you after the latest polls. Are you not a coward afraid of democracy? Well what we call democracy now it has been bastardised by you lot.

You just have to laugh. Pot, kettle, some colour. What a hypocritical b4$^4rd.

Well well, an actual policy from Cameron.

I'm hoping is not that he got drunk and started talking incoherently or even a journalist has got drunk and misreported the facts. Fingers crossed.

Anyway it seems that finally he has taken a step towards actually making some policies of his own. It seems he will not support the EU Constitution and will have a referendum *cough* when he takes power if we have not had one before and he will push for one now. Read here. Personally I don't see Cameron ever taking power but against Gordo we would probably all vote for another Hitler or Stalin instead of either of these two. Fingers crossed as we get to 2008 and he hasn't changed his mind about the constitution because it's, well you know, so last year.

Interesting though that not that long ago his policies were in line with Gordos on this.

I'm putting my hands together and saying a big Thank You to whoever packed that special fortune cookie that he opened on Christmas Day. It must have said something like 'Change your life make a decision today' or similar and to his credit he did it. Who would have thought it?

2007 - The year Cameron made a decision. It will go down in history.

Just in time to remind people that we need to make sacrifices.

It seems the Belgians have had to cancel a New Years celebration because of a potential terror attack. Read here. OK, OK it's the Belgians and not us but soon we will be indistinguishable.

From what I can gather someone has said there will be an attack by a group of people. They have all been nicked but even after trawling through every one's lives in the minutest detail there is not one bit of evidence that could be used against any one of them. To the government that means they have gotten away with it and are free to attack. Not a chance they are actually innocent. Ergo, they have to cancel the celebrations.

What is going on? What a bunch of spineless people the Belgians politicians are. Exactly the same as our own by the looks of things. I would imagine our government will use this somehow in their attack on the UK population.

To me it's just them making a point to the population that the terrorists intend to spoil our fun. Jeez, if only the politicians left the terrorists alone to spoil our fun we would have a lot more of it.

Of course in the UK it wouldn't have been a problem. Our guys would have just kept them in jail even though they had no evidence at all. I wonder if the point of this is for the Belgians to go for the same Stalinist powers that our government has. Detention without cause, detention for 45 days, with no charges, disarming the population etc. Because this case proves they need them. Another bunch of useless politicians.

Now, maybe I'm wrong, not being a terrorist after all but my understanding is they need a team and tools to do this job. Surely having them under surveillance and actually in custody over the last few days would have impacted their readiness and would have stopped this plot even assuming it did exist. At this late stage, not being ready and being under surveillance then what is the actual risk to the population. I'm sure a squad is already on standby in case a real terrorist threat starts anyway. After all if they had been ready surely some evidence would have been found.

There may be crimes being committed here but I'm not convinced who is making them. The government using it's office to abuse innocents or terrorist scum who are much to clever for our trained, extremely well funded and well staffed security services.

We are all doomed.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Isn't democracy a bitch.

Well it seems that for once we might have a government that actual practises democracy and we don't like it.

Here is Malaysia who had banned the use of the word Allah to non Muslims due to popular demand. Muslims make up 60% of the population in Malaysia.

Now it seems they have changed their minds and allowed the infidels to use the word. Read here. I particularly liked the comment 'Religious freedom is guaranteed in the law but minority groups have accused the Muslim Malay majority of trying to increase the role of Islam in the country.' Imagine how that would look if we changed a few words 'Sexual freedom is guaranteed in the law but minority pedophile groups have accused the anti paedophile majority of trying to increase the purge on paedophiles in the country.'

In a way it's not really surprising that a country ignores the wishes of the majority of it's population. Ours does it all the time. But there they may be backlashes and politicians may have to face up to the consequences of their decisions. Wish that was the case here.

Now won't be long before Muslims make up a majority in our country. The we will see what the majority wants and it won't be freedom, justice and human rights. It will be burquas, amputations and death.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A dangerous pastime.

It seems that running is bad for you. It's a good thing that our schools are selling off their playing fields and saving our children from the risk of this so called sport. Read here about how someone who ran 5 days a week died of a heart attack.

The same thing that apparently will happen to us unless we exercises more. So heart attack if you exercise and heart attack if you don't.

Mmmmmm. Enjoy yourself and have a heart attack late 50s as a fat slob or exercise and die early 40s with a really fit body that can be farmed for organs.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Surfacing for air.

Christmas is now over and much fun was had by all. Personally this year for the first time in a long time I didn't get something I would never use or something I already had.

I got some DVDs all of which I didn't have but actually wanted to watch. DVDs like Family Guy. Plus the usual clothes, all of which I actually would wear. A super dooper George Foreman grill to replace my old one and a Skype phone which connects directly to the router without a PC. So this year has been exceptional for me.

With the kids being away for Christmas lunch for the first time I was invited out for Xmas lunch myself and I had an excellent time. At the end of the day I was well and truly out of it. Full and satisfied.

I'm pleased to say not one goat either.

So now I need to get ready for the New Year. Although now we are here I've just thought that it's not going to be long before I'm back at work.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to all. Well almost.

Wishing everyone1 a very Merry Christmas. Hope you have loads of fun.

1) Obviously excluding all politicians who I hope choke on their food over the festive period.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Etiquette for normal people.

It seems that etiquette demands your passive acceptance of really crap gifts. The example given is a goat for someone on the other side of the world. You are supposed to show good humour while the selfish git that got it for you gets the satisfaction of salving their conscience by helping out some poor third worlder instead of buying you a gift whilst you have bought them the latest X Factor CD. Oh wait. Forget that. Maybe that's why you got the goat.

Anyway they have effectively given you something they wanted and you have to smile and say thank you. These are clearly do gooders and have no place in our giving and caring society. Wait! No. That is right when it comes to presents for me.

Well a word of advice. if you do so then that's all you will get from now on. Best make a really cutting sarcastic remark and make it plain you are not happy. They will get over it after you apologise later in private. Never do it straight away and make sure it is not too much of an apology. Just enough to make the point you were pissed off and you would be again. Next year though they will be a bit more considerate. Now before you equate this to Aunt Mabel giving you yet another jumper. That is fine to accept graciously because that's all you will ever get and she ain't that selfish she probably has 100 grand kids to provide for on the measly pension Gordo has left her. On the other hand the cost of a goat will get you some decent kit.

And finally prepare. Next year get them something you like. Then prepare two gifts. The one you bought they would like and as they are likely to be whingy whiney do gooders a day out shooting or off roading or something. Ensure you get their gift first and then respond with the right gift. Then see how they do at smiling and being nice when it comes to it.

On the other hand if you like getting the dirty end of the stick then read here on how to smile while you are.

And if you are one of those that actually requests these gifts then you have my admiration.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Surely this is genocide.

Sorry simple play on words because I have been run off my feet all day and when i looked on the news it said under the Welsh section 'Jones subjected to death threats'. I though. Jeez, that's not much of a warning it could be any of them.

It was actually referring to Cardiff manager Dave Jones. Read here.

Kind of boring really but the original tickle made me post it. I'll probably get arrested now for some racial issue.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Knock, knock. Let me in I converted.

Well it seems that Tony has finally done what he has wanted to do all this time. He has converted and is now a Catholic. Read here.

My one hope about this is when he is desperately knocking at the pearly gates while Satan sits patiently waiting for his soul. St Peter is shouting through the letterbox 'Pi$$ off. You expect me to believe that you were one of us when you denied us so long. btw God says thanks for your bit towards bringing religion back in the world by killing all those Muslims.'

The last we see of him is him being arrested under some new obscure 11th commandment introduced lately after so many Christians were being killed by their own state. He will be torturedquestioned using approved techniques while they hold him in Hell for a few centuries while the evidence is gathered.

If Blair has what it takes to be Christian then my understanding of Faith and God is way out.

The govmint should do something.

It seems that just as we come up to a busy time many tens of thousand of people have had their holiday plans cancelled.

I was interested in the MDs decision to put his staff first. By paying them their wages for December rather than going broke earlier and them losing that. Clearly a good boss imo. Not so good for the customers though as the later you get news the harder it is to work around these changes.

I am a bit confused though. With 200 people and tens of thousands of holidays arranged and rather a large turnover how come they went bust so suddenly? It seems just one cancelled cruise did it. Read the full story here.

I suspect some govmint rule caused this chain reaction. Some sledgehammer put to in to crack a much smaller nut.

Friday, December 21, 2007

What a hussy.

It looks like Miss France is to be stripped of here title for being a bad person.

It seems when she was asked to guarantee that they have never been photographed in compromising positions. You have visions of porn shoots or home made pictures but sadly she said No.

Well after the competition the truth has come out. It seems our winner has been photographed licking yoghurt provocatively. What a hussy. Personally I see that as a bonus.

I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Read the whole story here. It looks like the muslin influence in France is worse than we could possibly have thought. So much for the 'Oh La La' country.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's catching.

It seems that Coca Cola is now insulting Orthodox Christian in their new adverts. Read here.

It could be worse they are unlikely to have riots and hundreds maimed and killed but you never know. Maybe the Unorthodox Christians will get involved. It'll go downhill from there. :)

I did however notice that they are defending their adverts instead of rushing to tear them down like they would with, err... I don't know, perhaps a different religion.

Can't think why. Although it does show that actions speak louder than words.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

There is no proposal stupid enough that our politicians can't make it worse.

Well it seems that our green lobbyists have put forward a proposal that is total crap. Which pretty much sums up the whole philosophy.

But never fear along comes the EU and proceeds to screw it up so it is worse for everyone. Read here about proposals to fine car manufacturers that doesn't meet CO2 targets.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hundreds of thousands of data records still safe. HMG claims.

Well it's not down to the government who have lost yet another batch of records. Read here for the latest lot to fall foul our our totally useless and inefficient government. Soon every one recorded with these clowns will have their data for sale to the highest bidder, and the next highest and the next...... I think you get the idea.

These hundreds of thousands are safe ironically for the same reason as our data is not safe. Because our government is inefficient. You see they cant keep track of the illegal immigrants and therefor it's because these immigrants are not recorded our government have absolutely no records whatsoever to lose. You have got to laugh.

Used that in a discussion earlier and thought it was too funny to not pass on.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Top of the list.

Images stolen from Devils' Kitchen as part of his plot to spread them widely.

Soon my pretties, soon.

Another poll that makes no sense to me.

It always surprises me when polls are held that some of the results are so contradictory to what I personally believe.

In particular ones like this one where small firms were questioned. Read here. Now I've managed two small companies and worked in a few as well. Bureaucracy due to government interference has continually plagued us for as long as I can remember until I got out in 2000 because I had just had enough.

The reports say that more than 60% think economic conditions will get worse in the year ahead, a 24 percentage points rise on the same period in 2006. Only 7% think the outlook will improve. Who are these 7%? Are they all working for the government on it's many pork barrel projects? In addition it is interesting that small firms who feel the impact of Gordos legislation quicker than most only have 60% thinking it will get worse. Am I missing something? Are these people natural optimistic or something?

Now, this one was the one that caught my eye. Only 33% of those with small firms think it is a good time to have a firm in the UK while 38% believe the opposite. wtf? That means that 62% don't think it is a bad time to have a firm in the UK. When I speak to people with small firms I just don't get that feedback from any of them. They all have moans about what they have to do now for the government outside running their business.

Now this survey was performed after a credit crunch earlier this year. So not at a particularly buoyant time. Yet to me the survey results don't show the doom and gloom I would expect to see.

Now the survey was for the Bank of Scotland. Is it possible that most of the firms are actually based in Scotland and although perhaps not with the state teat directly in their mouths they are still getting their funds from the state indirectly? If so that could explain why these results seem so skewed to me.

Or it could just be that I am just too pessimistic? Maybe everything is OK but I'm just too stubborn to see.

OK. Enough of that. I wasn't serious anyway. Another crap poll with insufficient information to draw any conclusions.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I sense concern.

Now surely if Cameron was so confident of his wonderful leadership and his parties chances at the next election he wouldn't be looking at linking up with the Lib Dems. Read here.

Oh dear.

Just a thought.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Looking after Africa.

It seems Mugabe is be going for another six years of power. I'm sure that is going so solve every ones problems.

Zimbabwe is a democratic country, or supposedly, like the UK is supposed to be. Just shows how much democracy has been tainted over the last decade. So of course what the people think is not worth bothering about.

Although you would think he would just hand the reins to one of his mates. He could then tour the world picking up massive fees for talking about his experience of screwing up his country. Maybe he things passing the reins on is not democratic though.

But it seems that we are close to a solution. One of the opposition said "His generation has played its part, and must hand over to the next generation but sadly, Mugabe's intention is to die in office, which is regrettable," Read the full story here about how little choice there really is.

Although if he continues in that train of thought he may come across a solution. One that is running across many minds here for our similar problem. Soon, soon my pets I mutter as I sharpen my plastic knife collection.

Friday, December 14, 2007

and that is the problem you idiot.

Well it seems that Gordo has managed to alienate everyone over this EU signing.

If only politicians were like other people. They felt so isolated and unloved they just want to end it all. No luck thought politicians can lie to themselves as well as to us and they manage to believe themselves because they are so simple.

I am a nice guy - A lie
Therefor nice guys should be liked
Therefor if someone doesn't like me they cannot be nice
Therefor why should I care what bad people think
So if bad people think I'm not nice I must be nice.
Therefor I am a nice guy.

I think that's politicians logic in there start from a lie and end up with a lie that looks proven.

Now the bit I liked from this piece about Gordo upsetting everyone in the EU all at once was when, another politician, Mandelson said 'In politics you don't win an argument by putting yourself on the back foot. If you have a case you make it confidently, you present it with conviction.' He is using that as a way to get Gordo to talk positively about the EU but I think he does not see the problem.

There is no case to be made for the EU which is why one isn't being made. Not just because he is a dozy git. The EU has no case because it's just a bunch of wanna be dictators hiding under the guise of being democratic. Gordo knows it and anyone with half a brain, which excludes 90% of all politicians, knows it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lets see what happens now.

It seems that the case has not been made for longer detentions. Read here.

I particularly liked the phrase that the report's conclusions "decimated" the home secretary's arguments and backed up the Tories' arguments against extension. "The home secretary should realise that all the evidence so far has undermined, not supported the case for extension"

Well well. Let's see what happens then.

Not that this lot let facts get in the way of their legislation.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No wonder they call him bottler brown.

It seems every other leader of the other non democratic countries in the EU at least has the balls to go and sign the constitution.

Not Gordo though. He knows that we are so thick that not having a photograph of the crime means that many will actually believe it wasn't him. So he doesn't go to do the heavy pen work but manages to make the meal and meet all his mates afterwords. Read here.

What makes it so funny is he is probably right.

Do MPs believe their own crap?

I wonder sometimes if when a MP comes out with some stupid statement if they actually believe it themselves now or it is still used as a cover for the gullible and stupid in our society. Here is a statement on holding people for 42 days where Jacqui Smith says that answering to parliament would act as a safeguard. Unbelievable. Read here.

Legally it will require a decision by parliament to hold someone for 42 days but it will be possible for someone to be held for that time before parliament decides. All again perfectly legal as they will be waiting for that bunch of useless tossers to actually do something and they will be too busy trying to cover up their screwing of public funds and discussing raises to bother about some poor sap being help by our state.

Of course very other job bar a government one will be lost by someone held for that length of time but what the hell. No smoke without fire right.

By this time next year it will be up to 90 days and they wont even need 'to answer to parliament'.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Well that did not go as planned.

It seems that I am leaving without a working laptop after my slight mishap. My carefully rehearsed claims of it was working fine and then just died ten minutes ago were of no use whatsover. Our firm no longer repairs laptops on site as we send them away and I have been offered the use of a desktop at our local office. Super wow! I'm impressed. I'm actually on holiday atm and my cries and stamping of feet are of no use as my laptop was packaged up and sent off for repair or as far as I could see thrown in a laptop bag and thrown in a box. Never mind, when I get back to work in January I'll either have a fixed laptop, a shiny new one or be unable to work for a few days. I might need the rest. btw: Probability order is unable to work followed by a fixed laptop and a long way behind, a shiny new one.

I then went the legal route and explained my dilemma to our legal dept. They were all for it until I mentioned that the blogger had bought a MacBook. That was up there with Linux user and they refused to go any further on the ground they would get laughed out of court on the grounds of cruelty.

That DK has a lot to answer for.

Adding specialised services while core service is crap. I wonder why?

It seems that schools are doing so well that they are looking at expanding the range of services that they are going to provide. They will be looking at providing additional specialised services such as help with housing, benefits, parenting skills and health within school-based centres - and a helpline offering parenting advice. Read here.

If this was to continue there would be one big organisation providing services for all. The state really will be in a state then but never fear it will be the most efficient of its kind. Well only because it will be the only game in town. Everything else will be assimilated into it and the Soviet dream of our lords and master would become a reality. But that isn't going to happen. Simply because the pigs with their snouts in the trough need to have big departments to give them legitimacy. All praise personal ambition.

Who are the idiots that dream up these schemes? Schools are not achieving there core requirements and it looks like rather than fixing these issues it will expand into other, more easily achievable, areas where it will drag up it's scores on the latest tick box scoring system that is in place. Soon schools will be looking at a call answer rate of 97.5% withing 20 seconds because that seems to be something that looks good on paper. Of course only the brightest and best will work on that statistical exercise and the other end of the scale will be teaching the kids. If you can call it teaching.

I'm sure it will all show a statistical improvement while our kids slip further down the league tables until a farmer in Zimbabwe knows more about english and maths than our kids will.

It's not funny but...

This girls pregnant at 13, mum at 14, GCSEs at 15. Read here. It is probably one, but not the, extremes of this issue. She seems to have made plans and with the help of her family seems to have adapted reasonably well. She is doing her GCSEs which she should do well on. Hell, if she took the kid he probably would get one or two.

Then she went and ruined it as far as I was concerned. Instead of becoming an upstanding and productive member of society she wants to be a member of Parliament. I was so disappointed.

Rather than being a force for good she wants to stick at scrounging off society and screwing around.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another wonderful investment

Britain's national security framework is "incoherent" and "outdated", research by a think tank has warned. Read here.

Don't you just get a warm fuzzy feeling about all the money that has been spent on National Security since 911.

'Outdated' and it has had billions invested in just the last few years. Unbelievable.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Some things just tickle me.

About half an hour ago I was browsing the web and catching up on some blogs when I took a swig of tea waiting for I am livid to download. I love reading his site. He has a good sense of humour and a wonderful way with words. Well I read this phrase 'They say it rains when God is crying, well clearly one of the angels had just told him that James Blunt has released a second album.' and I sprayed my laptop with a nice layer of scalding tea.

When I'm in our workshop on Monday trying to explain what happened to the laptop I shall enquire and see if I can sue. After all, I knocked my finger trying to wipe it all off quick in the few seconds before it died. Ooops. Just as well I have another system I can fall back on.

Nice funding if you can get it.

It seems that when the rules changed on the funding for political parties labour got £182K to understand the rules. Read here.

Of course they used our money to find ways around the rules they brought in themselves. Although clearly it was not money well spent as they have been caught and shown for the lying b4$^4rds that they are.

So after all the changes to the tax rules over the last decade as Gordo has squeezed us to a pulp when do i get funding to understand the rules. I'll of course not use mine for anything illegal. Just finding holes in the crap legislation brought out by this bunch of clowns will be sufficient.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Say it often enough and it becomes true.

As people have said many times it's he who speaks last that people remember. It seems that is our governments policy to make sure that they just keep on talking even if it is the same unbelievably total rubbish they keep spouting.

After the news that we are dropping down the international league tables, read here, out pops a new report that says our schools are improving with 54% having better scores than last year. Read here.

So that's all right then. Although I see our report rather than simply sticking to tables actually talks percentages. That should solve the issue then. Most of our people don't actually understand percentages and thus will have to take the written conclusions that things are improving as gospel. As the other side won't be producing any more reports for a while it seems we will end this on an up note as far as most of the population is concerned.

I wonder if there is a cut off point in years where your certificates become as worthless as a politicians promise. Certificates up to 2003 get framed and stuck on the wall with pride and any after that get stuck on the wall with blu-tac.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

An impossible sell for Bush.

Well Iran is claiming victory and for good reason.

After the intelligence report by the US saying Iran is less determined to develop nuclear weapons, read here, the UN the rest of the world have sighed in relief and put away any thoughts of war. Burying their heads in the sand as usual.

Of course Bush saying that Iran is still a threat will be considered in line with what was said about Iraq and he wont be able to push this through easily. His puppets in the UK and Oz are gone so he won't get any foreign backing. Nobody else on the world stage will listen.

So it looks like Iran will be free to continue with it's enrichment activities. Until of course we have another exile who has intimate details of Iran's activities that we could use to start a war. Of course this time I suspect it won't quite be as easy to sell the intelligence on the world's stage. No, the only thing that will be enough is if Iran actually attacks the US and Bush retaliates. He doesn't need anyone else to do that. Iran won't be that stupid at this stage in Bush's presidency.

Of course they don't really need to be involved. Just appear too.

Looks like someone is reading the rules.

Well it seems like the labour donor may not get his donation back despite promises from Brown. How sad. Read here about the statement from the Electoral Commission.

But at least it shows that someone is following the rules.

Now to the next stage. The prosecution of those who have deliberately broken the law.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What is the difference between a slip and this?

I know it is all in the wording but a title that starts 'UK schools slip down global table' gives you a feeling that a couple of places have been lost.

When you look at the facts though. The last time we were measured we were 8th in maths and 7th in reading. In the top ten. And considering how much we spend on education that's not great.

Now however it appears we are 24th place for maths and 17th for reading in the international league tables. Read here. Not so much as a slip rather than a significant fall where we have actually got some injuries. I can only guess but I'm willing to bet that all those countries that stepped over us on the way up the league tables have not improved their game by that much. I'm fairly confident I know where the main changes are.

So our government has screwed up education. One of the areas it takes a while to make changes to. It'll be worse next time.

Now my question is why is this reported by the media as a slip. With all the hammering at Gordo over the last few weeks could it be they are feeling sorry for the useless git?

I hope not. It's only their reporting that has made some of the thickos that make up our society realise what is going on.

Please Mr BBC lets keep giving some realistic reporting for a change.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Wishy washy language.

You commit Fraud and Tax evasion and go to jail for your crimes against society.

They make a couple of little mistakes. No harm done we will pay it back. Sorry. Read here.

What a bunch.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

What are these guys selling?

I've been busy today and whilst on the phone I downloaded my EMails.

This one was on the screen and normally I just nuke spam but I wasn't paying attention and I idly read it. When I was finished my call I suddenly though. WTF? What are these guys selling.

Subject: predicate predicate

momentum attract impartation momentum farkas discriminate hilton colloidal credit dereferencecyclist cyclist ultra impartation placatercavilling inimitable kibbutzim lockian decompression sciencepurr cyclist megohm cyclist farkas dereferencepurloin cloak dereference abdominal earwigjonquil fumigant onrushing grain refusal farkas kibbutzim cavilling kibbutzim ultra farkas placater flop farkas cloak lockian grain cloak science rossonrushingscience metropolitan parke

Now I know spam is based on the cheapness of the send and even a response rate of 1 in 10000 is justification but what are these guys trying to get me to buy? Is it a coded letter from Al Quada? Gordo's new way of making us think of something else?

Has anyone any idea what this is?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's all right for some.

It's not all bad news about this poor woman in the Sudan. Yes, two of our peers managed to get an all expenses paid trip there to try and save a couple of days off her sentence. Read here.

The sacrifices people are prepared to make for their fellow man.

If only everyone from the UK that was held in prison was afforded this service. Pity she is actually guilty whilst so many languish in a US prison where they may be innocent but for the US legal system.

It just shows you can't underestimate a smile and slippery charm.

Isn't it funny that all the things happening to Gordo at the moment actually were also happening under Blair but nobody really cared. He had that nice smile and he seemed sincere. So we know he was trying his best and it was just unfortunate things happened to him. Gordo on the other hand is a big loser when the same things happen and can't be trusted to run the country.

I will never unestimate a second hand car salesmans charm again.