Friday, November 30, 2007

Where is the outcry here?

Yet again it seems we can target certain parts of the population based on profiles.

As long as it is the right sort of people nobody cares.

Read here where young males are being targeted in an anti drink drive campaign.

Now before anyone things I like the waste of life associated with drunk driving I can assure you I don't. I'm happy with this to be honest just the same as I was happy who they were target ting when it comes down to stop and search for terrorists and guns. The most dangerous ones are the ones they are not allowed to target. Typical of this screwed up country.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

And we wonder why governments get poor value for our money.

I always like to read upon satellite stuff. Being a bit of a techie I like to think we will actually make it into space and take our pioneer spirit to the stars. If we still have one at this point of course and to the stars actually just means our star but other planets. Of course while most of those with the spirit to do this are still forced to pay for those who can't be bothered we will never make any progress.

Anyway back to the space stuff. I have many times believed that some things have no tangible benefits but are simply preparing the building block for things that do show tangible asserts. Look at the many items we have discovered whilst searching for items for the US space programme. Microwave Ovens, Velcro, religious cults. The list goes on. However I have never before heard that the second one down this route has the same sort of discoveries. They tend to come out from the first explorers. After all, what did the second team into Tutankhamen's tomb discover that was outstanding. They just added little bits to the first lots documentation. A team composed of a totally different type of person.

Now I thought of this when I read that Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) have been talking to the press. They are going to be the second going into the Global Positioning market. Already there are millions of sat nav units out there all connected up the the US GPS for free. We already have all the software and hardware to interact with this and all the little discoveries made along the way have already been done. So there will be no new markets created for the EU version. Despite what our socialist masters teach us it's the winners that take it all. In it's height of power Russia didn't come out with many advances. They were all ways chasing the US and only really stayed where they were because they had plenty of spies to help them.

So when SSTL have always maintained that once the system becomes even partially operational, the benefits will be obvious. I have to question that. I think we can quantify the benefits now.
1) SSTL are going to make a load of dosh.
2) The EU have control over their own system for their own uses.
3) The EU can control the market for EU devices.
4) The EU can legislate for the sole use of the EU GPS within the EU. thus making 2 & 3 worth something.

Well its not just SSTL that are going to make money out of this. It will open up competition? How is it going to do that? There are a finite number of satellites and a finite number of people able to make them. So money in the coffers for anyone with an existing interest.

The control over their own system is an illusion at best. If you think about it. The US assert can be tuned down by the US sure. But it is still good enough for our commercial use. The only issue is battlefield use and do we really think the US is going to degrade it's system and allow ours to function in it's place. The EU satellites will be destroyed or jammed if it became necessary. And we know the US's version of necessary isn't the same as ours.

But one thing does worry me a little. When you roll out something like this you eventually need a good reason to justify the spend of all this money. The obvious reasons will make an appearance soon and I suspect that it will be our traffic toll system leading the way. Which will actually mean that when we get down to it the UK will be required to fund most of this white elephant.

When someone won't explain what the benefits are in a few words they are either hiding something, lying or they are stupid. SSTL is not stupid and in this day and age they need to be careful about lying. The time is not right from the plebs to be told what the main use of this will be and who will be paying the bulk of it. Once all is committed it will be.

In the meantime this system is being specified to be able to handle our requirements for the next million years. These guys have never heard of phase 1 and so on. Of course they can't get any private company to invest in this. They are not stupid they know that at the end we will have some very highly specified satellites floating around which won't work properly and will have come in well over budget and nobody except the government wants to use. So they wont do it themselves they want it funded by the government in which case their profits are guaranteed and they won't be left holding the baby so to speak.

Yet more money down a black hole. Money that need not be spent and money that is ultimately going to be wasted.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Surely this cannot just be swept under the carpet.

And despite all the protestations ignorance of the law is no excuse and it really begins to sound like Gordo actually knew. Sadly unless one of those caught with their fingers in the till cough up some information or evidence then there will be no definitive proof against him but somethings just make sense. Why wouldn't he have been told?

Read here about the spotlight turning on Gordo and here about the MSM swinging into action and not covering for Gordo. Why they did for Blair I'll never know but they sure don't for Gordo.
The statement 'It may even be that the police will now probe just these areas as well.' makes me a happy bunny. I just don't see how they can cover this up at all. They have them admitting it, some documentation and a financial trail.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yates of the Yard must have opened some files today.

If this money laundering by Abrahams has been going on for years as is now alleged. Read here. How come Yates of the Yard never picked this up? Surely that must mean that, and I know it's hard to believe, that Yates was lied to in his recent investigation. He must have looked at things like this and Peter Watt must have been asked had he any knowledge of shady deals. i can see Yates opening some files today and looking at statements.

Gordo is now saying that he will return the money. Interesting I thought this sort of deed required the confiscation of the money. At least the recent UKIP funds issue were actually down to a cock up. Not a deliberate attempt to deceive.

I imagine phones have been ringing all day at Yates place and the CPS. Strings are being pulled and it will be interesting seeing what happens.

This gets better and better. How quickly it all falls apart. Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.

Where is our hero?

I don't know about you but I thought Blair was doing something regarding peace in the middle east. I see no sign of him at any of these talks. Read here.

Probably too busy being converted to a Catholic and sorting out his personal finances.

Whats the betting though that if anything is signed, which personally I think is doubtful unless the Israelis give up everything as a concession, he will pop out of the woodwork and be there at all the signings and other photo opportunities. Six months later it will have been all his doing as far as the EU is concerned.

Applying laws consistently.

I don't know about you but in my opinion it seems that this guy was singing a racist song but can not be censured because he was not singing it in his official capacity. Read here. Does that mean if I do the same and my firm sacks me I can claim for unfair dismissal?

but the part that I don't understand is that this guy was found guilty of revving his engine in a racism manner. Read here. Was he revving in a official capacity?

That's the thing with a lot of these new laws brought out over the last ten years. They don't make sense nor do they actually bring Justice into the equation.

If these guys were not councillors then they would have been prosecuted and found guilty. No doubt about it.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Integrity has a new meaning.

Well it seems that more are falling on their swords. This time for the latest contribution to the labour party finances that broke the law. Now correct me if I am wrong but isn't breaking the law illegal even if it is for such a worthy cause as the labour party. Should Mr Yates not be racing down there to arrest this guy and his accomplices. They must have an open and shut case on at least four people. The guy who stumped up the cash, David Abrahams, his two conspirators who acted as agents to launder the money, Janet Kidd and Ray Ruddick, and our not so innocent scapegoat, Peter Watt, who admitted he knew what was going on. Possibly even others but those four are dead to rights.

But they will all plea insanity. Being labour supports must be a clear symptom so they will most likely get away with it. Fingers crossed someone presses charges.

But to be honest the bit that I found the funniest was Peter Watt's statement 'had always "prided myself on having complete integrity"'. You have got to be kidding! How does that stack up against the statement by him that 'he had known about the arrangement'. You cant have integrity and deliberately break the law.

Integrity. He clearly does not know what it means. Read the full story here. Obviously his compensation for quickly falling on his sword may quickly turn to dust if he is prosecuted.

Fingers crossed the whole lot is confiscated as it was clearly deliberately paid in a manner to deceive and that these four, at least, spend some time behind bars for their crimes. It's about time these people got something for their crimes and not a peerage.

And notice how quick these guys as falling on their swords. Good package and away from Gordo. These golden handshakes must be too good to turn down and Gordo seems to be making the arrangements very quickly. Funny that it seems the only efficient thing in Whitehall at the moment. The fall on your Sword Redundancy Package.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Having the courage of your convictions.

Or maybe not. Here is Blair now actually telling us that he deliberately misled, and Campbell actually lied, about his beliefs because he thought we, the public, would be wary.

Now there is something that I didn't think I would hear. We knew he was religious, we knew that his beliefs were not compatible with his role but he made a choice to subjugate his religious views to ensure he stayed in power. Now he feels confident enough to admit it because it's now too late and it seems he is still religious enough to convert to Catholicism. Over the centuries people have been prepared to die for their beliefs. Blair is not even prepared to make his beliefs public when it isn't even a death sentence.

So much for being religious. It suits when it doesn't interfere with his quest for power. Although I do hope this screws up his EU roles. Fingers crossed. God I hate this guy, and he denied you, can't you do something. Something fatal preferably but I'd be happy with something debilitating and lingering.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cameron plays the game. Again.

It seems it's now his turn to play the freedom card. Not much response from his previous blathering. Read here where Cameron says the right things about freedom. Against those in the UK and the EU.

He will single out what he terms the "politicians and public officials who believe that they know best how to organise our lives. They do not mean to harm us," he will say. "In fact, they mean to help us. But their ideas are out of date, their methods have failed and their advance must be derailed. In their desire to control, to regulate, to direct, the defenders of the bureaucratic age have over-reached themselves. They have gone too far. They have tried to do too much. And it has exposed the historic error of their ways."

At the same time he doesn't want to leave the EU, and so continue funding this monster that will grow unchecked and he wants to keep going on all the things that our current government is doing.

Actions speak louder than words. Cameron's actions show this is just another appeal to get elected and carry on the current policies. He needs to do more than talk. Let's see some party policies based around this speech. With the EU being in there as well.

'Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.' - C.S.Lewis.

Friday, November 23, 2007

What is going on with our Justice system?

It seems that we have declined to extradite an actual terrorist because the poor diddums believed she had got away with it. Double jeopardy issues. Of course now she has. Unless Germany sends in someone to rectify the mistake of course. Read here. So much for the War on Terror.

Now at the same time we are extraditing people who committed their alleged crime in the UK, read here, to face a very expensive and difficult trial in the US and we are also changing our laws so we can put more people through this double jeopardy route to ensure that our governments wishes are performed. Of course only for real crimes, murders, terrorism, burglary etc. wont have this used but telling the truth about government incompetence and our MPs will have you tried repeatedly until you go bankrupt.

More pointers that there is something clearly wrong with Justice in the UK.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

KGB style coming to a school near you.

I suspected this happened but had not heard it actually mentioned before. The KGBSecurity Services are keeping track of who is attending further education in certain subjects.

Mr Ayub said he informed the Home Office as a matter of routine when his client, who is in his early 30s, began the secondary-level courses in biology and chemistry at a college in early September. A matter of routine. Read the full story here.

Wonder how long it will be before the fact you take further education is actually used to build a case against you in a court of law. The usual 1001 comments such as, he read a book on biological weapons, he took a science course at college, and he had in his possession some iron fillings. Off with his head.

Maybe this is why they are dumbing down school so much. So that anyone actually interested in doing anything on the subject has to go on to further education and have their life examined by the Security services. Just in case you know. Better safe than sorry.

I wonder how far this goes. Maths- Money laundering. Metalwork - Weapons manufacture. Chemistry - Explosive manufacture. Biology - Biological weapons manufacture. Physics - Weapons manufacture. English - Ability to read manuals on Money laundering, Weapons manufacture etc. Woodwork - Politics.

Another outstanding performance.

The War on Drugs. Read here about how there are now 1M more cocaine users.

The War on Terror. Read here about the thousands of potential terrorists we have in the UK.

Sure glad we are not having a war on obesity and energy usage. Oh wait. We are all doomed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We can expect more falling on swords from now on.

Especially as it appears that falling on your sword while working for the government means you still get paid until they work out a golden handshake to suit you and a nice juicy retirement package. Read here. No wonder he went so quick. We will slip a few extra quid in the deal if you take the fall today.

As for the guy who actually screwed up. No kicking out for him. He is being put up in a hotel and guarded. Apparently they don't want a Dr Kelly done to him. Although exactly why someone should take him to the woods and bump him off is beyond me. After all he has done the damage now and it would purely be for revenge and there is so much that could go wrong in the execution (sic). Now I do believe Gordo would do it but the risk are way too high at the moment. An accident, a suicide or even a disgruntled parent next year is more likely.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Better late than never.

An old saying, not always true either, but in some case, like this one it is true enough.

It seems the MSM has been reporting a lot on the EU policies. Read here for the latest on the EU fishing quota debacle. Pointing out its more obvious flaws in a manner that makes it very clear it is the EU and not the UK that is causing all the issues. Making public a compelling case for how crap the EU is.

This article, and other like it, seems to be raising more awareness of how poor the EU is with the general public. Things that have been common knowledge in blogs for a long time now.

It can't just be coincidence that everything is happening now. Blair is gone and things being kept quiet that have protected him for a decade are unravelling in the space of a few short months.

Something is afoot. And it's not good for Gordo which means it's good for the UK. Couldn't be happening to a more deserving person.

What is going on? Someone has fallen on their sword.

A senior government official falls on his sword over a breach of security. Read here about the HM Revenue and Customs chairman resigning because of a breach of data security.

Personally I'm not always in favour of this falling on your sword. Particularly when the rules have been broken by an employee as it appears in this case. I hope the decision makers, unlikely to be the chairman, involved were sacked as well.

But it is refreshing to see a senior figure go over such a minor, in real terms, issue. Nothing like having your team assassinating innocents for example.

Hope it spreads though. There are quite a few out there that actually do deserve to lose their jobs. Starting with Gordo, everyone he knows and works with, almost all our MP's, except for maybe one or two, the Met commissioner, Blair, ...... What exactly is the maximum length of a Blogger post?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Progressing to the stone age.

Only because the bronze age was too resource intensive and would only offer us a 79% reduction in our carbon rating. Read here about how our targets could be set at an 80% reduction.

This is clearly beyond parody. We have no chance of making a 60% reduction never mind an 80% reduction. This is clearly just another contest to see who has the biggest. The Tories may as well go for 90% for all the good it will do them.

I think if we nuked all our methane producing politicians then we might have a change of meeting 40%.

Although it is interesting that Gordo thinks it will create new jobs. So do I. For one thing he will need inspectors and more paper pushers, at well paid rates, and if a reduction ever took place and all the machines are switched off we will need someone to drag the produce to market and tend the fields. Of course non of those will be well paid jobs but who cares. They won't live long enough to draw pensions and they won't have any social security to provide a cushion for any falls.

With rats now making a comeback and this sort of thing coming in the Dark Ages here we come. Although on the brighter side. the more life becomes Hell on Earth the more religious we will become. Makes a religious war that much easier.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trust is a strange thing.

It seems Lord Guthrie can be trusted because he doesn't 'spill the beans'. So Lord Guthrie said anyway in an interview where he did some bean spilling.

"We used to talk about things," he said. "I could say anything to him because he knew I wasn't going to spill the beans." . Read the full story here about the advice by Lord Guthrie on Zimbabwe.

Well you are spilling them now. So he was wrong and you can't be trusted. But I suppose you stayed quiet long enough to let him get away with it and drop Gordo in it so it isn't all bad news. Although you have fallen off my list of trusted people. (Not that I had him on mine anyway but now he will never get on it).

Got to laugh. The one invasion where we could actually have done some good in the world and we didn't do that one. Is there any decision Blair actually got right?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The good ship the SS UK heading for disaster.

I love analogies. Here is another and how I explain where I think we have gone wrong over the last ten years.

Now I always seen the way we were governed as like driving a big ship through a large channel. One party takes the helm, the ships turns slightly one way. It's heading towards the rocks but it doesn't matter because it is only at a slight angle and there is plenty of time. So keep going. It will be OK. Next party comes in and steers the ship the other way. We are now heading for the opposite rocks but again there is plenty of time. Just keep going. In the meantime the good ship LollipopSS GB heads on a zig zag course through the channel with no danger of hitting the sides. A lot of energy, time and potential wasted because of the course but generally progress is steady.

Then along came Blair, a snake oil salesman who hypnotised a large proportion of the population which his charm, and it shows us the flaws in our government. It's full turn and heading directly for the rocks in the now named SS (Socialist Shithole) UK. The passenger are all given other tasks to worry about let's clamp down on smoking, boozing, guns, fatties, skinnies, drugs and we have terrorists to worry about as well. So keep looking at your neighbours and keep distracted. Lets set up lectures on racism, stupidism, genderism, disableism, sizeism, distract the punters ism, and bribe them with cash for nothing but they have to fill out forms, keep their heads down and keep busy. The experienced crew has now been replaced and is now made up of interfering whingey whiney do gooders who's sole intention is to force their jaundiced views on the sheeple and we the public, the sheeple, just watch the latest episode of the X Factor, tut tut at what is going on around us but are comfortable that it has worked out before if we just keep our heads down. British spunk has missed our generation and we are unaware that things have changed so much in some cases there is no going back. This could not have been by accident. There is so much here that needed doing at the same time that it had to be planned and managed very carefully. (This is how conspiracy theories start) The objective seems to be to hand a docile socialist UK to the new socialist super state the EU.

Therefore now there is nobody on the horizon ready to correct the course. The ship has been filling up with more passengers than it can handle , most of them bought by the state and just left to themselves. The new captain is now so obsessed with staying the course he is taking no risks that he can be unseated. The other political players are fractured between those that actually believe the government line and think they could do it better and those that know it is rubbish but just want a bit of the action. It's now a cartel where they are all setting payments for themselves and all one big happy family. The Addams Family springs to mind.

Which brings us neatly to the political parties in the UK. Another analogy.

In the olden days we had thoroughbreds looking to make Britain great again. people who actually did the right thing for the right reasons. They had morals and a belief in their country. Every now and again these thoroughbreds ran a race to see who was the winner. They then went a steering the ship towards their personal goals but they kept the engines running, the drinks cabinets and larders stocked and the crew well trained.

Now of course we don't have thoroughbreds any more. Now we are led by donkeys. It seems that in the political world they are so pally pally that when up against a donkey it is unsporting to put a thoroughbred in. You have to have a donkey yourself to play fair with your buddies. This is the only thing that explains Cameron. He is just a junior snake oil salesman compared to Blair. OK, he is better at selling than Gordo but only people like Fred West, Ian Huntley or Osama (wheely bin) Laden would do a worse job. And bear in mind Fred West is dead although I suspect Osama would do well in a year or so when enough of his supporters are over here.

Cameron is leading his party against a party that is the most despised in known history and against a man who is as popular as Attila the Hun and just as nice. Yet he is only making slight inroads of a few measly percentage points. A thoroughbred would be leading the field against donkeys but this lot are still head and head with a few percentage points between them. For all the talk about a race it is so dull and uninteresting with the only prospect of another donkey in that hardly anyone participates. There is nothing to differentiate them. If there was people would be interested and become more interested in politics. In a local election here to replace a local politician who died there was a turnout of 19%, less than 1 in 5. Yawn. Please note that the death of a politician requires an election. I wonder how we could use that to bring forward a general election from after the date we are traitorously signed over to the EU body and soul and in time to do something about it? Hold on. Let me think!

Democracy in a nutshell. Led by a bunch of donkeys to our doom. It is now to late to avoid the rocks completely but how badly damaged we will be is still up for grabs. Sadly, the donkeys are still feeding themselves strawberries that we have paid over the odds for and grooming each other that there seems to be no change on the horizon. So stock up on basics and get some weapons while you still can, legally of course. Currently spoons don't seem to be restricted so buy some big ones so you can thump people with them.

Personally in a couple of decades when this is all over they will be recognised as the traitors they are. Sadly they are unlikely to meet the fate deserving such criminals. Hopefully because they will be all dead but more likely they will all be living in taxpayer funded luxury.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The rules are for the rest of us.

If I am forced to recycle my used bottles to save the planet then how come an entire council who must use more than I do don't.

Liverpool City Council said tap water was not only cheaper, it removed the need to find landfill space for the empty plastic bottles. Read here.

I recycle mine mate. It helps saves the planet and reduces the need to landfill allegedly.

One rule for us and another for our masters.

Try, try and try again.

It's a good philosophy in many ways. Keep going and never give up. That seems to be our governments mantra for everything. Implement it and just keep going. Oh! We are up to our knees in water. Keep going. We are up to our waists now. Keep going. Oh! It's getting deeper. It's up to our necks now. Keep going. It's going to work out OK it always does. (Gurgle gurgle. Cries for help and sound of thrashing. Lifeguards rush to fill out the 45 page questionnaire and tick all the fairy boxes. Then, 30 minutes later, they rush out. It's ominously quiet. Maybe they managed to save themselves.)

Ooops, another bunch drowned. That's the fifth lot since we started this. Let's hold an enquiry. Hutton wrote an interesting read last time lets get him to investigate. Huttons reports indicated it was because they were unfit. Not able to swim for 45 minutes with a 240lb rucksack non stop. Therefore our policy was sound it was because they need to be fitter. So keep issuing the 240lb rucksacks and implement a policy where we spend more time swimming at infant school. That should help them.

It seems that our government are yet again tinkering with things, in this case the education system, although it covers everything they grip in their sticky paws. Read here about the new proposals to keep our ill educated kids off the dole figures but, obviously, still on the state payroll.

It seems that there will be an obligation, not just on the pupil, but on their parents and, interestingly enough, employers. It seems that every school leaver is 'entitled' to an apprenticeship place. The government claims that it has "successfully revived" the idea of apprenticeships after their "near extinction". Yes, that's what it laughingly says. Clearly not happy with reducing the value of our qualifications they are moving on to reduce the value of apprenticeships. And, I don't understand, how are they going to ensure that there are enough. Oh wait! Let me guess. Quotas. That sounds familiar. They must be looking at firms providing apprenticeships like they did for free a few decades ago. Now of course we will have to pay for them and firms over a certain size will probably have to make them available. The rest will have an apprenticeship in 'Public bodies' where they can work for our inefficient councils. Now that will be an apprenticeship worth something I'm sure.

I'm also interested in how they will make parents responsible for 16, 17 and 18 year olds. Parenting orders and the obvious fines for parents of kids who cant control at 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 now are expected to control them for a further two years. Politicians heads are only there so they can see in 3D and hear in stereo. Clearly they don't have any other use for them. Personally If I had kids like some of these I'd be kicking mine out at 16 and won't that be interesting. Old enough to get married, have kids and yet too young to stay at home and watch the kids. Oh dear. Better get some creches set up in schools as well then.

Personally I thing 16 is the right age. But they need to make sure they are actually learning things. They can make it any ages they want to make sure they keep their teachers employed, including the useless ones, and voting for them but unless they leave school able to read, rite and do sums they are just pouring more money down a, clearly, bottomless pit just to buy a few votes and give a show to the rest of the gullible public that they are on top of it. Jeez, it doesn't even start to come in until 2013. We are writing off another 5 years worth of school leavers. By the time this lot is finished a complete generation will be classed at an almost illiterate level.

Well, I suppose having a third world education system fits nicely with a third world society and ran by a third world dictatorship. All hail the state.

The New Communist plans for world domination.

It seems that the end of the Cold War was not quite the end of the Communist desire for world domination after all. It seems that Europe now needs to cover half of the world as well and ensure large swathes of the planet live under the socialist thumb. Read here about Miliband's suggestion for the expansion of the EU and he firmly says who's side he is on my using our when he talks about the EU.

I still think we should join with the US rather than the EU. We can be Taiwan to the EU's China. A successful nation stuck on the back of a bloated socialist ant farm.

Although now I understand how people said we need to keep the nukes. The threat of nuclear annihilation is coming back. Not from terrorists but from despots pushing their own agendas on the world not but threat of attack but by threat of blockade via trade restrictions and removal of aid.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Remind me if I'm wrong here..

I seem to remember that during the cover up overinvestigation into the sale of honours that someone said that if the case did not lead to a prosecution that someone would make the evidence public. This new article about the cover up says the main evidence did not appear in the papers reminded me. Why not?

Surely there is no smoke without fire. The law has protected the guilty we need to change it to make sure that it never happens again. This is a travesty of justice. Where is the leak to the media? Where is the protected slandering of all the parties involved?

Strange that in this case none of those statements seem to have appeared in the press from our lords and masters. It's almost as if one rule for them and another for us. Surely that can't be right. I must be in error.

Where is the one leak we could do with. Go on Yates of the Yard. Your team is getting the blame for the other leaks why don't you make just one. Just one good one.

Talk about gutless.

It seems that no decision has been made on the length of time we will hold people who have committed no crimes but are suspected of terrorist offences. Read here.

In a way I'm glad that some people are actually speaking out about this and that at least some people involved have a little bit of respect for the rights of the individual. Obviously only a little bit or there would be a lot more of these instead of things passing on the nod. The whole bunch of them are gutless.

Of course when someone is arrested on a obscure charge and held so long they lose their job and/or business I assume that someone will be there with a cheque to help pay the missed mortgage and bills that are now well overdue and make sure that the life ripped apart by all the accusations and the no smoke without fire brigade is brought back together.

No such plans. Exactly what I thought.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh Good. More restrictions to bring us in line with other mickey mouse countries.

Well it seems that the cry of 'Papers please' cannot be too far away. Restrictions on travel that have seen delays all over the place are being expanded to other forms of public transport. Won't be long before we have to queue at roadblocks while the KGBpolice search our cars and validate our papers if we want to enter central London, Manchester, etc. Read here about Gordo's super new plans to screw up public transport even more than it is already.

Using the age old guise of National Security to put in place measures to restrict our freedoms and increase government powers on citizens.

Even in WWII where there were spy's all over the show we didn't have the restrictions that we are putting in place now. The Russians did of course but then, as it is clearly now, the objective was different.

ID cards are key to keeping the plebs under control. They must be looking at ways now to speed this up.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One finds ones own level of comfort.

I clearly write at my own level of comfort. From a link on Cryptic Subterranean who obviously has a much wider skill set than I have.

New business opportunity.

My mate Al says he did well last time we restricted access to Alcohol. Moonshine seems to be something we should look at investing in. It will become very profitable in the next few years especially if they bring this in to raise the tax and restrict alcohol sales. And, like Russia, I'm sure we will have plenty of drones needing an out from the drudge of life even in the land of freedom such as the UK. OK, the last bit was a joke. You did get that?

I wonder if we can afford to fight a war on two fronts. The war of drugs isn't going so well. Do we really think we are going to do any better on a war on drink? It's typical though of this bunch of whingey whiney do gooders. Don't let facts get in the way of doing what they believe is right.

In the meantime get your recipes here while they are still legal. Soon this web site will be closed down under the terrorism laws for encouraging, aiding and providing advice to people that drink. It is clearly taking advantage of their weak mindedness. And, let us not forget, we need to protect the children.

Anyway, only joking. I'm sure the new laws will have a fantastic effect ...... on tax income. Which in the end is the only reason that these things are implemented.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I wonder how much this will add to the bill.

It seems there was a fire at the Olympics site. Doesn't sound like it did much damage but I wonder how much cost will be attributed to it. Read here for the boring details.

I can actually imagine all those Olympic bean counters trying to get a reason for more beans looking hungrily at this report and the calculator keys being hammered.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day.

Today is Remembrance Day. The time for us to show our respects to those that died so we could have the freedoms we enjoy, or enjoyed anyway, today.

It seems a good time to think how these people must be turning in their graves over what has happened to us lately. Our current masters are making their sacrifices wasted.

I'm of the firm belief that you have to have close ties to people that paid in blood for these freedoms or you simply do not appreciate them. I pray every day that our people wake up to the loss of freedoms and we do something about it. Now. While we can do something without massive loss of life. We do not need millions more to die just so we can recover our freedoms to the level we had.

I paid my respects in Second Life today. Tom Paine from The Last Ditch has a report and some photographs.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Well this can't be good.

I'm a member of a financial website called the Motley Fool. It is a great site full of tips and advice for almost every financial issue you can think of. Unfortunately, I don't always follow it's advice. Such is life.

Well they send out newsletters on a regular basis which are always worth a read. One arrived yesterday that was of interest.

Basically it said that with the current rate of taxation, inflation, the real one, and interest payments if you are a top level taxpayer you are losing money by keeping it in a bank. Simple as that. The value of your money deflates over time. I can't find a link on the Email but it will be in the saving pages.

Now what they are saying is that for non taxpayer savers with interest rates less than 4% you lose money. If you are a basic rate taxpayer you need to have a 5% before you make money.

For high tax payers the table is even worse.

Pre-tax interest rate(%)Rate after 40% taxRate after RPI inflation

An interest rate of above 6% is required. So even if the rate is 6%, *cough* high rate taxpayers are still losing money. Now I might not be an economic genius but I believe that it is the people with money that save and the people without it that have to go to the banks to get some. If it is not viable for the richer ones to save then the whole banking system falls apart.

Luckily that is clearly not true as there are not queues of people standing outside banks trying to get their money back, ignoring when the banks make a mess. Yes, It is simply because the great general public have not actually cottoned on to this yet. They see a trickle of interest and the monetary figure go up and are happy.

Of course the really well off don't keep their money in savings accounts so it's just the bloke in the street that is being hit by this. Again.

Oh well, We should be used to having our money taken. We live in the UK. It's just another straw. Won't be the one that causes us to break either.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is it just me?

I was reading the article about the review of the de Menezes case. Read here.

I particularly liked the statements such as;
The report says 17 witnesses said they had not heard officers shout a clear warning before opening fire. (Yet he persistently ignored their calls and resisted)
Operation Kratos had not been deployed on the day - but some officers had believed it had been. (Commands to kill civilians are so ambiguous that nobody was sure if they were active or not)
London's Metropolitan Police made serious and avoidable errors in killing an innocent man. (Hard to believe after all they have never done this before... Oh wait... They have many many times. Police have probably killed more innocents than the bad guys. For our protection of course)

Yet no one faces justice. It seems that many of the recommendations in the report were already being acted on. So clearly that meant that we should just forget the whole thing.

Can you imagine how well it would go down in court if I walked out into the street and killed someone because I thought he was a threat to me. Later, of course, I would find out he wasn't but since then and before I went to court I had put thought about it and put in place procedures to make sure it never happened again. Oh! Thanks OK then. You are free to go. Oh! and have a free holiday on the taxpayer. Thank you, M'lud.

Is there anyone in government circles nowadays that can be brought to justice under the disney laws in this country. They can take us for revving in a racial manner and looking at coppers suspiciously is cause for suspicion by our unaccountable servants but they literally get away with murder time after time and nothing is done.

Makes me think of the old soviet system more and more. We are not quite there yet but we don't have that far to go. I'm sure glad we lived under the threat of nuclear holocaust to purge that ideology.

It seems to be just us that actually sees a problem with all this. I have friends, and *cough* family, who think this is acceptable in the fight against terror. I hope we don't have to lose a family member before it hits home.

I wish the de Menezes family luck in their pursuit of this to the EU courts. Maybe it's time the EU actually did something for us.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When will these people ever learn?

They call for bans to be extended even though they are proven ineffective. They have this irrational belief that another restriction will solve the problems. Of course eventually the hit the limit of what they can do. So what do they do next?

The call for other countries to follow suit because it's their fault it isn't working here. Read here about us asking for a EU wide ban of replica weapons.

I seem to remember they are using the same cry in the US. The high crime gun frees zones suggest that the low crime gun owning areas give up their weapons.

How do these people ever manage to get dressed in the morning?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Some laws should be broken.

It appears there was a vote for the most ridiculous laws.

The law voted number 1 was;

It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.

This sounds like a law our politicians could have made up. In fact it is a law that should be broken more often in my opinion.

Read the full list of stupid laws here.

I found it funny that eating mince pies on Xmas day is illegal. Not the eating part but the part that less than half the people confessed to breaking this law. How they must have laughed. I think the other half thought about it a bit and thought it was a scam to arrest them, take their DNA and fine them so they were playing safe.

Monday, November 05, 2007

It's all in the title. Reporting bias again.

The title reads 'Pakistan police attack protesters' We clearly still don't like Pakistan. If it was here it would be 'UK police break up violent protesters'.

Read the full story here.

I must learn to read the articles properly.

The title said 'Most ready for 'green sacrifices' '. I thought it meant sacrificing the Greens.

Sadly it did not but it is nice to see the government is good at something. That is clearly putting out it's political message that you have to pay more and more and give up more and more.

Read here about how we are appear to be falling for the Green agenda.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

An unexpected development.

Is this dissent in the ranks or is it the start of a power struggle over control of Scotland. Read here about the latest statement saying that an independent Scotland would be the third largest nation in the EU and would thrive.

I wonder if they would get a referendum on joining the EU? Although I have heard that they would have to apply to join the EU as it would not be automatic.

Personally I suspect that that was just said to aid our government. Scotland would be welcomed with open arms and with no questions asked.

Anyway, interesting times are ahead.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Well what a surprise.

It seems that as suspected the source that justified the invasion of Iraq was not quite a reliable expert like he was made out to be. Read here.

Surely they cant just let him get away with lying considering how many have died?

Although it did fit in with an agenda so I suppose that he is being rewarded for that.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nothing like consistency.

And this is nothing like consistent.

Now I can actually understand why a criminal record is maintained for the lifetime of the person involved. It is a factual document and as long as due process is followed in putting things on it then there should be no issue. Convicted and recorded. So in a way I don't have much sympathy for these people. Read here about peoples minor convictions turning up on CRB checks. However, the more pertinent question is why do such trivial things from decades ago turn up on a CRB check? Maybe there should be some sort of category where relevant convictions show up.

In the meantime the police forces involved have been told to erase the records. I think that is wrong, a review of the search process should be a more appropriate statement but what do I know?

Now contrast that to this about DNA and fingerprints being retained for people arrested on a pretext or being kept from people who are merely coming forward to actually help the police, and not even in the recognised, 'Helping police with their enquiries' way.

How can we remove records of people actually guilty and leave the innocent on a different database? Talk about being consistent.

Retrospective changes are immoral.

I hate retrospective changes to any transaction. They are immoral, unjust and unfair.

Even in the law. As in my mind the law is a bargain with the population. We are effectively setting a cost for committing a crime. Exactly the same as we set a cost for a loaf of bread. Illegally evade taxes go to jail for up to 10 years, stab someone go to jail for up to 6 months, break into their houses and be forced to sign a piece of paper. As you can see the prices have been set by the government.

Now I believe that because the cost for crime, except evading taxes of any form, is now at an all time low plus they are now rarely caught. The criminal class see this as a risk worth paying and are on a shopping spree. Knowing that the cost to them is something that they have thought about and are willing to pay, if they are caught that is. Risk versus gain.

It seems to me that these laws have been put in place in the distant past by people that actually had an understanding of Justice and the Law. Not like the current clowns who tinker in a popularity contest regardless of Justice.

I even think retrospective changes in the laws are immoral and unjust even for cases like this. This guy is being pursued for compensation outside the legally set limit. Although it does tempt me to make an exception due to his crime the saying that extreme cases make bad law is right.

Now in a way to set the record straight. I do not think this limit should be extended anyway. A line has to be drawn somewhere. However in my Justice system this particular case would never have occurred because he would still be in jail. Most sentences would be increased, not retrospectively, and a new price set for crime. Way, way above inflation increases. Even ignoring our governments inflation rate and using the true inflation rate.