Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is good for the Goose....

On the one hand we have women being able to legally kill their husbands if they are under fear of being attacked. Read here. On the other hand it seems that violence in women is now being recognised. Read here.

Now I wonder if the women on the picture in the first article will be as happy now knowing that as well as them being given a free pass to kill someone because they feel threatened that the very same thing could happen to them. I have heard a rumour that Attorney General Baroness Scotland's hubby is fearful for his life. I'll be a character witness that he killed her in self defence under the new laws.

Typical though, these laws were not in place when I was getting divorced beaten up by my ex-wife and fearful of losing my house life.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't forget to pack for your holidays.

Another picture from Theo's site. He has some good ones and comments are turned off so I thought I would say something here.

Max Mosley packs for a nice relaxing holiday after the stress of his recent court case.

The Greens test their new transport proposal.

Got this picture from Theo's site.

If the Greens have their way this will be the new compulsory public transport service. (Notice the free passholder, OAP and student, space under the luggage at the back)

Monday, July 28, 2008

What is going on? I'm agreeing with politicians.

Well, partly anyway. John Prescott, our famous binge eater and I think he has involvement in F1 or something, has said that there is no one in the Labour party who has the skills to replace the PM. Read here. It's almost right.

I agree with him that there is no one in the party with the skills to be PM. Notice I have changed it slight as the implication that Gordo has the skills because of his previous experience as Chancellor is laughable. It's only now that the general public are seeing his mismanagement and incompetence over the last 11 years and they don't like it. Even the ones on his payroll like Glasgow East are unhappy with it. There is no one in the labour party, and that includes the current PM, with the skills to be PM. That is why it would be a big mistake for labour for Gordo to stand down as they would get annihilated. However, on the bright side, labour supporters are so thick that they actually still believe that labour is for the common man. LOL. Harman and the other clowns in the cabinet actually still believe that if Gordo was out the way he would take the blame for everything and, to be honest, knowing that people are still labour supporters atm, I am not 100% convinced that they are not right.

But back to Prescott. In a more optimistic note he also said Gordo would come back from his holiday renewed and ready. Not much chance of that as Gordo will have more time to actually see the news and read the papers and will be unable to come out with some quick off the cuff knee jerk legislation to fix it. In addition his *cough* loyal colleagues will be running about during their lengthy holidays plotting and planning. I suspect his stress levels will be sky high when he returns. Fingers crossed. A heart attack would look better on the history books than anything else. (Next time not superglue you berk but rattlesnake venom or something. Plonker.)

Personally I think Gordo is doing the normal thing that he does when faced with uncertainty, he does nothing, no decisions, no risks, nada, ziltch, SFA. It's the only thing he sees that he can do at this point, sit tight and hope that the economy changes enough to give labour a chance in the polls in 2010. People are stupid, history shows that, look as far back as 2005 to see, they forget very quickly and if things pick up then these last few years will be forgotten when his core voters look at what he has done for them over the years and the Tories with their wishy washy policies will be unable to compete.

However, one thing Gordo has shown he can't control is the economy. It'll shoot downhill so fast we will be looking at the Soviet Union for ties and advice on how to control the revolting plebs. It could even get to the state where he can call the elections off until it suits. Maybe not this time but if they get in again, certainly that time. Mugabe style.

Mmmm. Maybe I'm not actually agreeing with him at all. Just one of his million and one statements most of which are not worth investing the limited time I have to listen to.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What a statement has been made in Glasgow.

Well of course we were all hoping for labour to get their ass kicked in Glasgow but I actually didn't think it would happen. Read here. I'm going to have another party.

Now this must be a blow that even someone as thick as Gordo can feel. His merry men must be running around now, less merry, making plans for the future. Sadly, those plans won't translate to an election for us but fingers crossed, as I said before, I've been wrong before. Although planning to cancel elections Mugabe style is more to their way of thinking.

However, it did make me think. It seems that every election over the last few months has come with a bit fat zero for labour. We just need more of them to erode away at labours lead. We can get elections in several ways, the incumbent resigns, Yeah! Right! like they are going to get their noses out of the trough. The next is they retire with illness, I wondered if stress would do it but as they lead sheltered lives this must be the only stress they are under and the smoking and drinking at their workplace, if they ever go that is, must help them combat that. Or they die. Now I like the sound of this one.

Now in the past I've prayed for the death of Blair but it just didn't happen. I'm sure at the time millions of people were doing the same thing, yet nothing happened, at all. Not even a bad cold. Millions of innocents children and adult alike have died, many in horrible ways and in excruciating pain because of Blair and Gordo's policies but those two seem to be immune. So clearly nothing will happen from that direction without some serious help and I do remember a saying 'God helps those who helps themselves' I wonder how we can apply that to these circumstances?

I'm not sure though how many politicians it would take to resign, or die (preferable option), before a general election was called though. I though originally that it would take all 640+ to resign or, die in an unfortunate accident, for an election to be called but now I'm not so sure. After all they can't all be bad. So giving them the benefit of the doubt we are only looking at 620 then.

Let's all get our heads down to pray. Let's try the stress first. They must have more today than they did yesterday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me.

It seems that I have been doing this Blog for three years now. I have made 1737 posts, including this one, and have a very small but loyal set of readers. I thank you all, next time you are in the area call in for a drink. Sadly I have no idea how many hits, misses or whatever I have because I don't record it. i did think about it once but as it was not part of blogger and just needed a tick in a box I just couldn't be bothered. I'm doing this for my sanity not for fame and glory.

Bit busy in RL now so I'll do some real posting soon. There is just so much to write about in the UK but there is just not enough time.

Anyway, off for some drinkies to celebrate still being sane and not shot by plod yet in the UK.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More people will die because of this.

It seems Mugabe is feeling the pressure. Someone, not Gordo, has told him to make some concessions and he is signing a deal on a framework. Read here.

A deal on a framework. Wow! What a concession. It must have taken hundreds of man hours of tough negotiations for that.

So that will delay to all the sanctions and talks for a while and in the meantime life in Zimbabwe will continue as normal. A very short run into a hell hole. Eventually nothing will have changed and it'll be back on the agenda but at the moment everyone will be smiles and pats on the back.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bit of honesty from Politicians.

I missed this on Wednesday but it was the quote of the day from David Cameron. Read here.

"There is an element to politics that is a bit like Tomb Raider".

Well I think he is right. You see Lara Croft is a made up character, has several attributes that attract attention away from what is really going on and lives a fairy tale life isolated from the real world. Everything just goes as the puppet master says. Remember how modern day fairy tales start 'If elected I promise....'. It's all one big fairy tale.

Lara Croft is just like a politician, except most are not that good looking, as in the end all you remember are the big tits.

Yes, Lara Croft is just like Cameron.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another failure by our whingy whiney leaders..

Well it looks like council snoops litter wardens will need to be accompanied by armed police on their travels. Read here about plod being assaulted by youths for telling someone to pick up litter. It's either that or arm the litter wardens.

What is going on with our society? It's about time we accepted that this namby pamby method isn't working. Let us sort it out, sure there will be an increase in violence at the start, but when these punks realise that it isn't all going their way it will calm down.

What alternative is there now? Our whingy whiney people have tried everything they can and with negligible success. About time they were pushed aside preferably into the gentle hands of these punks whom they have aided.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exactly how stupid are we?

Fuel is going up again but it's been postponed until after the by-election in Scotland. Read here. What a coincidence. But it has nothing to do with that. Of course not.

Well we will find out how stupid we are soon.

Monday, July 14, 2008

More authoritarian statements from the Busybody Medical Association.

I read this on my travels today about another call from Doctors in the BMA making recommendations that teenage drivers have the drink drive limit cut to zero. Read here.

Of course there is a million and one other suggestions where these old busybodies are sticking their noses in from smoking to sex. I'm assuming he isn't mandating sex but we can keep our fingers crossed. However I'm a realist and I can only assume that they are looking at limiting it. Probably to what they actually get now they are in a building far away from all those horny hot nurses.

I particularly liked the statement 'although there was a risk the move would be unpopular among young people, it would improve road safety'. No sh1t Sherlock. If we reduced the drink drive limit to zero and we also made it mandatory for BMA busybodies not to have had a drink for a week before you went driving that would also improve road safety. I should hope that of course this would be accepted as intended and not be unpopular among BMA busybodies. In this respect I must be one up and at least plod have a better chance of enforcing this one.

I have an additional proposal as well. I think all the doctors in the BMA should be out in the world fixing these issues hands on rather than sitting on their fat asses, drinking port and smoking cigars before driving home in their fancy CO2 polluting cars. They should be examined monthly to see if they are drinking, smoking and not taking enough exercise and if they are found in breach they should be jailed for being hypocrites.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Gordo's next tax wheeze. Ooops. He will miss it.

This is another area where we start with the thin edge of the wedge. Something acceptable to most but with the capability to be expanded. First you introduce legislation that allows Brits to be penalised for legal sex abroad. Read here. It may be legal there but our government thinks it shouldn't be so we will prosecute and fine you here even though you have broken no laws. Of course this is OK because everyone knows it's for the children. You agree with it or you clearly are a monster and as it will only impact child molesters then you have nothing to worry about.

Of course it won't be long before it is expanded. We all know that looking at a gun never mind touching one turns everyone into homicidal maniacs. Five years for you if you get found out using one whilst on a holiday. Get caught speeding and the UK is notified. Then Gordo slaps on a fine as well. After all Johnny Foreigner hardly gives out decent fines. You need to be punished.

Sadly for Gordo he will miss the best tax grab he could get. One that would be free and would get him little media attention, although it would not get him much it will be virtually cost free. Phase 1. Once we all have little trackers implanted in our heads, coming to a UK county near you soon, they can be monitored 24/7. Then when you exceed the speed limit, no matter where in the world you are, you can be fined. Of course by then the fine will come directly out of your bank account. Phase 2. We will define for every road in the world our own speed limits and then enforce them. It'll be for the children some of these other countries have speed limits too fast for our H&S guys and even they are not properly enforced by a speed camera every 25 yards.

Anyway. Warning to you all. Be careful with the holiday snaps and video. Go digital and visit a cybercafe to FTP them home or upload them. Soon they will be the evidence used against you in a court of law. Especially if you are stupid enough to take them to Boots or Max Speilmans so their snoops can turn you in for handling a gun on your holiday in Texas. Naughty person that you are.

The people have spoken.

David Davis has won his seat on a very large majority especially for a reduced turnout. Read here.

Now he can make his play from the back benches knowing that his constituents have voted for their policies.

I would venture a guess that the low turnout was due to the 22% of labour voters who decided that they were not going to vote for a Tory at all no matter what. It's unbelievable that they are still thinking that way but there is Socialism for you. Stupid to the end.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pacifists and Liberals.

Found this post via Theo's site. It is about how Liberals are causing issues around the world. Read here.

Now I do agree with this post and would expand it a bit. We are certainly living in the age where we feel comfortable and don't want to risk anything and just sit and wring our hands, talk and then expect the issue to resolve itself or for someone else to step up to the bat. When we are the only people that can make a difference then it is our obligation to do so. Yet we don't.

In 100 years time we will look back at this time as the time where we allowed millions to die for a PC ideal based on assumptions about our species that is not true. We do work well with boundaries and knowing that if we go over them we will be punished is a deterrent. That's how we learn as kids and as we can see if it is not followed then we quickly learn that we don't have to follow rules because nothing will happen. Harsh words just don't cut it. Soft words, like we are doing are just laughed off.

So in my opinion there is a time for talking, usually we come to a compromise, but if not when an impasse is reached then the next stage is diplomacy by other means, or war as we know it. However, we just never stop talking. We never get to the stage where we actually do something outside talking. This allows atrocities like Darfur and Zimbabwe.

Of course when it comes down to things that are part of our individual leaders master plans for looking after their interests then the whingy whiney liberals and pacifists don't get a look in. Sadly, this is where it goes wrong with the US. They seem to believe that almost everything they have an interest in is sufficient reason for them to get involved in.

Pacifists and Liberals. Why do they get into positions of power? Sweet talking and what they say sounds good. It may sound good but it won't work for our species, never has and never will. yet we keep on trying. Time after time after time.

When will we learn? Another 40 years I think after we have entered another dark age.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Typical Politicians.

It seems that to encourage voting they are considering entering all voters in a prize draw. Read here.

It seems that 'almost 70% of people wanted a bigger say in local issues, but she said the "structures and culture" of politics "sometimes alienates them.'

Dozy politicians. The structures and culture that alienates us is the fact that politicians are totally useless and don't reflect what we want and there is virtually no difference between the main parties. We have very little choice, basically the colour of the rosette, but everything else is so similar that we can't tell the difference.

So after careful examination by the combined intellect of our wonderful leaders they decide to bribe us. I wonder why it is that slipping someone some money is seen as a valid solution? I suppose when that is your experience it is difficult to see alternatives.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Food crisis coming.

and it's all our fault. What a surprise. Gordo is shouting about how much each household wastes and we should do something about it. Read here.

Nutters suggest that we stop supermarkets giving 2 for 1 offers on perishable goods, which is about everything I buy in 2 for 1 offers. Thus effectively doubling the cost for me on those items.

So not only is the price of food going up because our government, among others, has founded another market in biofuels which raised prices worldwide, now special offers are to be targeted which will also increase the cost of food. Couple that with inflation and the increase on taxes that actually reduces our disposable income and we can see there is clearly a crisis coming.

All made by politicians. Every single decision they have made is the wrong one. That takes some doing as even those nice devices that generate random Yes/No answers couldn't get it wrong as many times as these useless twats.

The storm is coming. We better be prepared.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some things are just bad for you and need regulated.

And it seems Tofu is one of those things. Read here at where Tofu compares with cannabis and comes out about the same, imo.

How I laughed at what all these whingy whiney people must be thinking now. that's if they have the capability though. LOL.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

It would appear a simple task but civil servants are involved.

Here is a schoolgirl who due to a mix up because she was born on holiday in Spain is unable to get her birth registered and get a passport. She resides in the UK. Read here.

Perhaps she should just go to her local council and claim asylum in the UK as she is from some backward country. She will get full UK id, a council house and probably a shed load of cash. The ironic thing is that she would have to undergo the citizen test. Personally I would fail so I suspect she would to. I wonder if that means she would get kicked out.

On the plus side that means she can't be on our master KGB style database nor will she required to get an id card because she can't prove who she is and as she will work on the black market (Shhh it does exist) she won't have to pay income taxes either.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

This must stretch the use of the word natural.

I was reading this article about a 'man' who has just had a baby girl.

She/He was a woman that had a sex change to become a man.
She/He married to a woman. I assume a real one this time.
She/He was inseminated artificially.

And it was classed as a natural birth. That stretches the English language somewhat.

Poor little tyke.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mugabe loses marks in Diplomacy test.

It seems Mugabe told the West to 'Go Hang'. Read here.

Our government, in an usual show of speed, has already examined that statement and given him 2 out of 27 for diplomacy.

It seem if he had used punctuation he would have got 3 points. Read here.