Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I think I may have misread this.

It seems Road Safety Advisers are calling for the ban of mini skirts and crop tops.

Mr Ettinghausen said: "Anything you do in the car is a distraction, whether it's eating, drinking, using a mobile phone or smoking. But smoking in particular can be very dangerous." Read here. That is for the 25% or so of smokers in the UK.

Bag from Perverts Anonymous said "If you a girl in mini skirt and or a crop top, your concentration on driving will immediately vanish.". That is for the 50% or so males in the UK assuming gays of both sexes cancel each other out.

Fair enough. It is true. To be honest it's the only reason I go out in the summer. Otherwise it is too hot for me. In addition It's why I've looking at a Hummer as my main car. To make sure Summer lasts longer.

These whingy whining people are going to ruin everything. Suicide will seem like a bit of excitement in our lives. Make sure when you go you take as many of these whingy whiny people as you can.


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