Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Politics for a dummy like me.

I was reading this article on Strange Stuff and about half way down I thought this is too complicated for thickoes like me. It may be OK for Chris, the author, but it's way to complicated for me.

I'm a simple person with a simple mind and it shows. The election can be examined and people can have many opinions on the results. So, as you knew, I have an opinion as well.

It's not too complicated.

People don't like Labour. Even those that suck on the teat of government employment and social security.

People don't like the Tories either under Cameron.

People don't really see any of the other parties to be mainstream. The protest votes as such. The Greens of course are now starting to impact on people and not in a good way so they seem to be getting unpopular and will undoubtedly disappear. God forbid that they should ever take power and I think most people are coming around to agree with that nowadays.

So bearing in mind there are a few hard core voters for each party who would vote for them even if Hitler was reincarnated and was their leader. This hard core means that there will always be someone voting for each party. Therefore someone has to win. No main party will get zero votes.

So Labour is the most hated party this century. Even core Labour supporters are leaving it in droves. Yet they didn't get the drubbing they deserved. Why? The answer is the Tories are not that much better. So people don't see who to vote for and abstain. A common understanding on why voter turnout is declining.

So the election results are a sign of the state of democracy in the country. Nobody to vote for and all the parties so similar that there is nothing to differentiate them. Yet, there will always be a winner and they will crow it's the will of the people and the losers can use the facts of the election as a +ve spin for them as well in some way. All Win Win for the parties and the big loser is democracy which is seen as a farce now by most people.

The only glimmers of hope there really is on the horizon is that David Cameron is lying to get elected or that the UKIP makes the leap to mainstream politics due to the increased role of the EU and the fact that with so much corruption and dishonesty it looks like they are at least acting like a mainstream party. They just need a closet gay to top it off from what I can see and they will have it all. DK do you have anything you need to say? :)

The sad state of democracy in the UK.


At 7:16 pm, Blogger james higham said...

...I'm a simple person with a simple mind and it shows...

Not so simple, Bag. i think you have it taped pretty clearly here.

Plus you scored 6 out of 10. That's a closet genius.

At 11:18 pm, Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

Yes, Bag: join us and help us to make that leap to mainstream politics.


At 10:41 am, Blogger Bag said...

Hung by my own petard again. I'm just not cut out for politics as you can tell.


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