Monday, May 14, 2007

Syria fights terrorism as well.

Seems this guy has been arrested and forced to confess to being a terrorist. Read here.

Strangely he has now been released. He faced no charges and did not get to see the inside of a court. Lucky him. If he was Syrian over here he would still have another four years to go.

However, he is now requesting that the British authorities complain to Syria. Good luck with that. I do not think we have the moral high ground now and it gives a green light for all these countries to do what we do and claim terrorism justifies it.

If I was the Syrian authorities I would be revisiting my release programme. They need to ensure that he is released providing he does not talk about his ordeal or he has to go back. A la David Hicks.

These Syrians have a lot to learn from the experts. But, they have barely started using our legal systems so they just need a bit longer.


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