Friday, August 04, 2006

There is one positive thing.

At least the West is consistent in it's desire to push democracy. Let's keep on pushing our values on others. Cuba is next for a call to be democratic. Read more here.

Although what brand? We could push the one that doesn't work properly in the UK or doesn't work in the US or doesn't work, for the west anyway, in Palestine. I still think it's better than the alternatives but can't we get it right at home first?

Never mind what is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. Never mind we are moving on Iran and Syria. We still have time to advise Cuba. And, I have no doubt supply arms and funds if a few dissidents want them. Of course if it was the other way round it would mark Cuba as a terrorist country like Iran but as it is the US then it's OK. No hypocrisy here.


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