Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wouldn't it be ironic is Israel brought Blair down.

It seems that even delaying his holidays isn't going to help our beloved leader against the critics of his policy on Israel. Read more here.

This could be what rounds up enough support in the Labour party to get our beloved leader kicked out. Blair must be considering if he wants a holiday at all for the next few months.

Would it not be a cruel twist of fate that his inaction in Israel make Blair a scapegoat in a situation he actually has no real control over whilst his real actions in Iraq and his demolition of our democracy, among others, have had no impact at all.

The best Blair could do would be to put his name alongside those that call for Israel to stop it's attacks. Of course he can't do that without the permission of Bushdiscussing with his allies. And Bush sees this as part of TWOT. The more other countries do the work the less the US has to do.

Think of the stress this is putting on him. He may have to go on health grounds. That would be a nice solution for him. Not kicked out but resigning for health reasons. Slightly different from the arrest and war crimes trial I was hoping for but, of course, resignation does not rule that out for the future.


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