Thursday, June 29, 2006

Surprising news.

Seems that to combat the threat from witchcraft we have amazingly enough generated the following recommendations.

1) Create a register of children who may be subject to such rituals.
2) Collect movement data of children for this register.
3) Create procedures for child protection.
4) Good practice guidelines for agencies looking after these people.
5) Forge better links with other organisations.

Read more here.

It's got so predictable I could save the country a fortune by allowing use of my patented template.

1) Create a database of X.
2) Monitor citizens who have the potential to do X and store the data in the database.
3) Set up a department or a sub department to monitor this database.
4) Generate lots of paperProduce procedures and processes to manage the department.
5) Allow them to stick their oars work alongside private agencies and resources.
6) Forge links with other governmental intrusive databases.

See easy as pie. A five year old could produce recommendations that the government would love with that template.


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