Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's do our bit to screw up our surveillance society.

Of course we should always use tools like PGP and try to fit in some keywords in simple messages as part of our everyday tasks.

Here is something else to look at. I got the information from Spy Blog. A Tor server. I remember reading about them a while ago but it was newish then. Read and download from here.

Read and download here. I'll look at setting one up to go with my anonymous server which really could do with an update now that I think about it. I've not looked at it for a long time.

As an add on I just read this in Samizdata about passive resistance. I must confess I like to do that where I can as well. Me, being an awkward b4$^&rd. I just can't afford to get arrested at this point.

But I think one of the most pleasing aspects of being an outspoken git is the number of times I have discussed this with my work colleagues and friends and had some animated discussions about Islam, crime, our government etc. Over the last year more and more have been coming around to similar views. Pity this didn't happen before the last election but there is still time.

Anyway, start talking to people and point out a few things to them. Things they can only get from the blogs not the MSM. You will be surprised how many people want to do the right thing. Although one persons right thing is not necessary the same as yours. At least they can see changes need to be made. Some of these even have access to tools you may need in the future. Make some friends now just in case. Nudge nudge.


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