Thursday, August 03, 2006

Let's have some joined up thinking.

Seems someone is calling for the closure of some women's prisons. Read more here.

Now I'm not convinced that we should be reducing the sentences of women nor changing the sentences given out. From my understanding two thirds of women from these prisons reoffend. Clearly the punishment does not work too well. So we of course have to believe it is because prison doesn't work on women specifically because of, well, womens things. So the poor things should not have to put up with imprisonment. What about equality? Why does equality only ever work against white, working, middle class men?

My first thoughts on reading this is we are calling for more prisons but building them is expensive, although we seem to be coming around to this idea. The problem is if our wonderful leaders thought a bit more they wouldn't need too much funding. The call should be to have them reassigned as mens prisons. No building costs and the wardens are already there.

A a brewery could in not organise piss they up. reorder as you see fit. I used to think that was just a phrase but I now actually know it is true.


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