Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Simplifying crimes.

I've been reading up on hackers and virus(virii?) writers and it appears that lately when there is not enough evidence for the hacking offence it appears that the poor smuck is found to have kiddie porn on his system.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get really suspicious. Seems there are now only three major offences in the UK.

Terrorism, which allows them to keep you without charge and incommunicado. Seems threaten someone with a weapon which already has a law in place and you are charged under the Terrorism Act. Saves them having to justify the decision. Then they search till they find something or they let you go but you can't talk about it as it exposes their intelligence resources.

Child Porn, which ruins your whole life, and can be subject to interpretation. School races can't be filmed or photographed. Parks and swimming pools the same. If you are sent a picture what do you do? If you send it to someone that is an offence. What if you delete it and ignore it. If it's discovered in a search for avoiding a coppers eye you will be up on charges. Life entry on the sex offenders register. Soon, perhaps, a web based system for people to check up on.

Speeding, where unless you are a serving police officer, you lose lots of dosh and potentially the ability to get to work. All for being ten miles over the limit on a motorway. The best bit is the council can put cones on the hard shoulder of the motorway, no workers, shut it down to thirty or forty limit and set up cameras over a few miles. Rake it in. That's the business to be in. Soon make up an deficits due to bad management then.


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