Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where will the UK be in a few years?

I've just read this article where Blair is using our money to travel to the US for a party and a job interview with Rupert Murdoch. It really makes my blood boil that having taken our great nation to it's knees in the manner of Monica Lewinsky Blair then runs off to the US to live in luxury.

In the socialist nightmare we call the UK there have been many, many policies put in place by Blair with the support of the traitors in the Labour party that have made our society much worse. Many knee jerk reactions, called policies, have also impacted on our society in negative ways. Crime is up, traffic is in chaos, people are powerless and impotent, the forces of law and order are lined up against citizens not criminals and frustrations are rising. Politicians do not listen to the people at all, nor even pretend to. So much for the mother of democracy. Although you could say democracy is what got us here. After all we voted for our current lot three times. It actually shows us how our checks and balances can be subverted by our politicians.

It seems to me that the main two things that you need to know is that you are dependent on our nanny state for everything and because of that dependency you pay more money to the state than we ever have before. Non-compliance results in fines and imprisonment. Compliance just means registration and being ignored. Only those working outside the rules are flourishing. Crime is up, people are powerless to defend themselves and our protectors, the police, are filling forms and chasing up three year olds kicking balls and kids in tree houses. Any objectors are called racists and anti-social.

I was reading in an article that Labour are bringing in all these immigrants hoping that they will reward Labour by voting for them. It's been said before in the blogs. It will probably work in the short term but I think it will backfire spectacularly. These people are bringing with them a culture so different to ours with a life of crime and little morals. They have slightly different techniques for dealing with their enemies and, with a bit of luck, they will vote against our politicians the same way they do in their own countries, with violence. Sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed.

So, my conclusion is that we, as individuals, have two choices.
1) Emigrating to the US. Leave the UK to implode. There are a lot of things wrong with the US but it now still looks to be the best society in the world.
2) Stock up with ammo and supplies for the coming civil war. Legal stuff only of course. Must not break any of our numerous laws.
Hope that a leader comes along who can reverse most of the last 10 years and bring the UK up to it's rightful position in the world. Unfortunately, I don't see any on the horizon. One who can make some changes;
- Make a choice EU or US based on what is best for us not the politicians with their noses in the trough. Either get out of the EU completely or get in properly and make some changes.
- Bring the immigrants currently in our country into our culture and make them part of our society or kick them out. Only allow in those that we need from now on.
- Bring this current political crowd to justice for the crimes they have committed in our name via our legal process.

It's a sad period for democracy when, especially after WW2, where a charismatic leader can lead us down a dark path so far in so short a space of time with us being powerless to stop it. The terrorists are winning TWOT and the funny part is that they are really powerless without our politicians supporting their case. So in a way our politicians are winning TWOT but they are on the other side from us. No change there then.


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