Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who in their right minds would want to lead this country after Blair.

After Browns comments on Trident and the statement that Britain has some tough choices to make surely everyone in the UK who is not on the dole must be concerned about the tough choices they are going to have to pay for.

Seems that not only are they spending billions on a defence system of little use in the modern world and security services to ensure we don't have any more terrorists killing people and fixing the screw up that are our pensions we also have to spend on transport, infrastructure, energy and welfare policies. What exactly does that mean? Besides of course we need to spend more. The transport part should be easy because we already pay more than enough for that but of course as the funds are used for something else it won't be. I'm not sure what he means by infrastructure as the only infrastructure I can think of is water, energy, communications and transport where he lists transport and energy separately. The others are dealt with by others anyway. So maybe he means Planes, trains etc. Energy is the usual hot potato. Nuclear seems the only way to go but there are concerns. All options have side effects. So it's a minefield. Finally, welfare policies. He does mention flexibility in the statement so clearly they are looking at changes there as well where we have to be flexible again. Could this signal the end of the gravy train for some of the claimants? Read more here on Browns comments.

The bottom line is that there are decisions being made now that will have repercussions for decades. Our replacement nuclear deterrent will commit billions spread over decades. Our transport policies, aimed at forcing as many off the road as possible, will change the way we work and play. Turning many, many more of us into criminals. Nobody will invest in pensions that are no longer an investment at all and are going to be worthless to the majority of people and those already saving will be watching those who have not saved and thinking that they too could have just pissed it against a wall. At least they ones who drank had the pleasure at that time.

Who in their right minds wants to pick this up as PM and run with it when this is all going to come to a head in the next decade. I see Brown picking it up and finishing off this term just to get the pension boost and the title of PM on his CV. Who can blame him for looking after number one. But surely even he can't seriously be hoping to win the next election. It is all bluster. Labour really need to lose the next election if they are to survive. To plainly be the architects of the fall of the UK to even the thickest voter. Maybe that is why the Tories put forward Cameron. Hoping that they lose again and trying to put forward someone who they know will not get any support. It was obvious from day one he was of little use to anyone except the other political parties. Look out for announcements closer to the election that diminish the Tories standing even further.

I'm thinking of working abroad for a few years until after the inevitable riots and anarchy have died down. The government is planning for that also. Removing all weapons and getting us used to police assassinations so that they won't even make the news. On the negative side the politicians who architected it will be safe and well protected from the populaceterrorist scum and on the plus side it will remove a few social claimants and free up a few jobs for others.


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