Friday, August 04, 2006

Evil huntsman gets a lesson. I think.

This looks to be a strange case.

Huntsman chases a couple of foxes with dogs and tried to call it hunting with guns. The League Against Cruel Sports disagrees but the police are not sure. LACS brought the case to court at a cost of £65K after the police refused to prosecute based on the evidence available.

Our huntsman was fined £500. We could club together to pay that but it's probably less than he would have paid for the hunt anyway. Read more here. Sounds like the case was flimsy anyway.

Bottom line;
Huntsman down £500. Now has a criminal record but had a good hunt.
LACS down £65K. They are feeling happy another evil hunter is dealt with.
Government up £500. They feel they are doing a good job.

All in all not a bad result. Everyone won. New fee for hunting looks to be £500 paid to the government. If they had wanted to put a tax on it they should have just said so.

I wonder how many of these court cases LACS can afford to win?


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