Saturday, July 29, 2006

Disproportionate response. A tool of retribution.

Thinking about disproportionate response made me think we need more of it not less.

If we had disproportionate response here then we wouldn't see as many criminals. The crime would not be worth the risk. Here of course we are civilised so if someone stabs you and trashes your house they get a small fine and a small sentence. If it was a large fine and a really large sentence then it would make others think twice. Unfortunately our society does not believe in that. So we wonder why we have a high crime rate and our kids are uncontrollable.

I want criminals to be fearful of their actions and thus make a conscious decision not to do the crime. At the moment doing the time is so inconsequential that doing the crime becomes more attractive.

How about 1st crime you get your sentence. Mugging = 3 years or something. No parole. 20% off for a guilty plea, if the evidence is not overwhelming. Next offence is burglary, base sentence is 5 years so punishment is 5 x 2 as it's your second offence = 10 years and so on. That way after a couple of crimes persistent offenders would be away for a while a people that steal a chocolate bar will not get life as chocolate bar = 6 months or so.

I wouldn't think we would even have to build new jails. As the first lot go in the rest would be considering other options like real work.


At 11:07 pm, Blogger Jay.Mac said...


Sems like the only crime that the British government thinks is serious is possession of a firearm- that's an automatic five year sentence. And a victimless crime too.

And yet a man can molest a young child and be out of prison in less time than that.

I'll take soaring prison populations and low crime over our current situation any day.

If only it would occur to a politcian to suggest building a few more prisons to deal with our rising crime rates.


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