Friday, February 29, 2008

A new improved holocaust.

The Holocaust.

Those two words identify a period of time where millions of people died because of their race. Selected by genes so they were exterminated by a process that caused revulsion all over the planet when it came out. To such an extent it has involved pursuing the perpetrators all over the globe for the last sixty odd years to face retribution for their part in it. Even mere denial that the holocaust took place is a criminal offence.

It was deemed to be so horrific that it was never meant to happen again.

Of course being human we seem to avert our eyes when this goes on until it becomes so obvious that we have no choice but to recognise it. I understood from books that the holocaust was not recognised by the free world as such until the allies entered Germany but current day understanding of Bosnia/Rwanda/Zimbabwe seems to give me a hint that the same level of recognition was given then. People knew but just turned a blind eye until it was over. Until we stop doing that these holocausts and genocide will continue to go on. Hell, Soon we will be at war with the muslims. That will be interesting how we identify them. Hint : We won't. Bullets and bombs never have.

So it interests me when the Israeli's themselves say they will be starting a holocaust in Palestine. Read here. What does that mean? Surely the people who for decades have ensured he persecution of the people who performed the holocaust on them are not considering doing the same thing to others? Are they now saying that a holocaust is justifiable?

Now I for one would not be concerned in the slightest if the Israeli's wiped out the palestinians. No one else seems to want them or be prepared to help them in any way except to keep them in the situation they are in to give them leverage over Israel. They seem to live lives so hopeless that death seems to be preferable to them. If that is their wish it would be cruel to deny it.

Regardless of what the meant. You would think that someone who was Israeli would be careful about the use of the word holocaust. So unless they actually mean a new improved holocaust.

Perhaps what Israel means by holocaust is that it is prepared to wipe them out. They should be aware however that many would end up in the Hague if they do. A fact known to hamas and all the others pushing the stupid palestinian people into making war on Israel. I wonder how long it would take us to wipe them out if every day rockets were fired into London, Birmingham and Manchester. Not long I suspect. But we seem to accept it happening to Israel and even tie their hands behind their backs. Why is that? I just can't work it out nor do I actually see a valid reason why we do. It seems to be the arab PR machine and money influencing our media and politicians to give a public perception at odds with reality and we just accept it.

In the end the terrorists win, again. It seems despite our public posturing we seem to give a lot to the terrorists in appeasement. If they win they takeover and become legit. Such as Castro. If not they are given positions of power and influence like Mandala and Adams.

Just remember though that in Israel terrorists winning means annihilation. Israel has nukes. Somehow I don't see them going down quietly. Perhaps an improved holocaust means what will happen will be acceptable compared to what could happen if nukes start flying.

Remember as well that it was identified that armageddon would start in the middle east and in the not too distant future. Something to consider.


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