Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Politics of envy.

Seems Thames Water has decided that your water bills won't be based on how much water you actually use but on the size of your house. I'm glad my electrickery and gas bills don't work on that principle.

So a single person living in a mansion will be paying significantly more than a million polish workers living in a one bedroomed flat. Read here.

They must be getting desperate for cash. Now does this not bring back memories of the poll tax. Where it was argued, rightly, that as it was not household based but based on numbers in the houses the tax should be charged to individuals. However, as usual, this way it will be the posh nobs in that big house who will be hit so who cares.

Now they say that it made the changes after a customer survey. Mmmmm. Funny that I wonder how they worded that and I'm sure that there were many other complaints about the service provided. I bet they are not making so many sweeping changes due to that.

I suspect though this is a back door way for them to get meters in houses. After all going metered isn't an advantage until this sort of thing comes into play.

Won't be long until this comes to our local supplier. Personally I'd pay the difference and forget about conservation at all. Put big tanks on the roof until the compulsory metering is enforced.


At 6:28 pm, Blogger John East said...

I think many future taxers learned the lesson of the pole tax, that a fare tax under which all users of council services would pay their individual dues was not in tune with the direction of public opinion. Apparently socialists can't get their heads around such a concept so they decided to riot instead, and anyway, it's so much easier to persecute pensioners - they don't riot.

At 10:35 am, Blogger Bag said...

John, That is so right. Like all bullies they find the weakest and make them the target. I've been thinking for a few days now that I actually don't understand why Socialism isn't dead after all that happens.just shows how stupid the general public really is.


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