Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Government loses control. Again.

Well, well. It seems that yet again our government has lost control of its resources. Read here about our secret police going off on their own and not following procedure.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as if I remember the Soviets lost control of their secret police under Beria. It should be obvious that this sort of thing happens once these laws are approved. But of course our useless MPs don’t actually see anything further than their own snouts and have leant nothing from history at all.

Now I do have two questions about this episode of Keystone Cops.

1 If the security services think that MPs are actually working against the UK then why should they be provided a refuge? For one thing they think a few members of the public is and they get to but them but it seems they think the MPs are but don’t get to bug them. All because they want to be above the law because they are privileged. Yet it appears that this may not actually be the case. It appears that MPs can be bugged if the situation warrants it. Read here about Nick Robinsons understanding. It seems that weasel words were used even when the Wilson doctrine was created. So it seems that even then the opportunity to bug opposition MPs was more important than anything.

I realise that if they have broken the law the chances are is we won’t get told about it. It’ll be brushed under the table the same as every other illegal or immoral activity these guys do. It’s the nature of the state to protect its own.

2 Why are we holding Babar Ahmad in prison? He has already been there since 2005 and has not committed any offence in the UK at all. Why should we imprison our citizens at the behest of a foreign state which has different moral values than our own?

In short I can understand why we need to bug people to gain intelligence on criminals. It should be by due process and follow the law and MPs and senior civil servants should be treated as members of the public. It should then be admissible in court and it would then be all legal and above board with nothing coming out of the woodwork.

In addition we should only imprison people in the UK if they have broken UK laws and the charge warrants it and we should only arrest UK citizens on receipt of a properly formatted extradition order on an offence that is illegal in the UK. It seems that the UK is set up so we have to follow UK law when abroad and follow the rest of the world’s laws when we are in the UK. That is not right. In this scenario it is possible to never leave the UK, not even have a KGB style passport, yet break a US law and be extradited for trial.


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