Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oh dear. This is what happens when you talk without a brain.

It seems that having a real job rather than working for the government has it's downsides.

There are calls for Rowan Williams to quit and he won't be able to say I have the PMs full support so I'm gripping on to the position I have with a death grip. Read here.

Keep up the pressure guys. Remember Dr James Watson who was persecuted for telling the truth. It seems being pig headed and arguementative does work sometimes. Unless your target is government of course.


At 9:50 pm, Blogger Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

You mean there should be Sharia Law in Britain, Bag?

At 11:52 am, Blogger Bag said...

James, No there should not be Sharia law in Britain.

Everyone should follow the law of the land. No-one should be above the law. Even our government which so often thinks it is.


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