Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paranoid Britain.

From an article on Mr E's site on a man who was arrested and his DNA sampled and recorded for the crime of having an MP3 player. Read here.

Isn’t it a good example of life in Britain that some dozy cow is walking around in such a state of fear that she mistakes an MP3 player for a gun? Clearly she isn't one of our brightest citizens. I bet even now she is telling everyone about it and saying 'Better safe than sorry'.

I accept that things like this could happen even with less dozy citizens but for them to continue, take his DNA and bundle him into the van like the KGB back in the 80s is a bit much for a supposedly free society. They don't even attempt to pretend now.

Although I did think of one other thing. He was lucky. Our dozy coppers are so useless that if it had been me I could be dead now. I like rock with a beat and loud and I keep my MP3 player in my pocket and the only way I would have heard them was to turn it off. If he had reached into his pocket to turn it off he could very well have had a real bad case of lead poisoning.

Although I did think that this maybe the governments way to reduce crime. Make sure everyone is too frightened to go out with a MP3 player, a mobile phone and it would reduce crime as there wouldn't be anything to steal. How long before it is a crime to carry an MP3 player? You are under arrest under the 'Encouraging a mugging act of 2008' by carrying an item that a mugger would be interested in. Muggers will be saying to the Police. Arrest him he is delibrately flouting that MP3 player and tempting me to rob it. Book im Danno. Listening to MP3s One.


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