Friday, February 08, 2008

Not wanting to give DNA is grounds for suspicion.

OK. Let's face it. The guy who screwed that models murdered body doesn't really have a chance imo. His dabs and DNA are all over, and in, her. He has no alibi and he is clearly a nutter. (allegedly) :)

But the interesting thing I found is that how he reacted to the police call to supply DNA is being used against him. Read here.

Now I wouldn't give DNA voluntarily. If I was guilty I'm pretty sure that would still be my stance. Yet it now appears that that fact can be used against you as evidence.

We had grounds to suspect him M'Lud because he did not volunteer to give his DNA and be recorded for life like any good law abiding citizen would do. So we raided his house and shot his ass when he rolled over and shouted at us. Of course there was no DNA match but we can't understand it. If he was innocent why didn't he offer his DNA on request? OK. Verdict of suicide.


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