Friday, February 01, 2008

This would be interesting if it was backdated.

I can't wait to see the output from this call from all the parties to declare how much they are paying their families with our money.

The Tories say that "just over" 70 - out of a total of 193.
The LibDems say there were "about 12" Lib Dem MPs, out of 63.
Labour seems to have missed out how many. I suspect they are still trying to total them up. Our supercomputers must be running flat out.

Now I suspect that if the current real figures came out there will be more than that paying family members. Although I bet that over this weekend there will be a few people finding their cushy jobs suddenly terminated so that when the required figures come out it will not be too bad.

I think I would like it if they actually had to declare who from their own families they employed over the last year. Somehow I suspect that it will only be from the 1st April and not backdated.

What an appropriate date though.


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