Saturday, February 23, 2008

Now this is ironic. American politics.

Looks like Hillary has shown her skill and experience in politics.

First of all, she spends all her campaign money on her friends lavishly and inefficiently.
Second, she is being as lazy as possible by concentrating on the early states only.
Third, she has made no contingency plans for if her highly thought out master plan hit a problem.
Fourth, her highly polished campaign team couldn't even work out how she was going to be funded and she ran her campaign into the ground.
Fifth, she seems to be relying on the democrats ignoring democracy to win.

Read the story here.

She was so convinced that she was going to walk it that she didn't actually bother to do much in the way of planning, campaigning or finance. She clearly was spending her time celebrating the win she was going to walk while everyone was convinced the Republicans had no chance.

Now if this is what she was doing whilst campaigning for what is one of the most important things in her life then think what she would be like if she became the next President.

First of all she will spend, spend, spend to her friends till the cupboard is bare.
Second, she will be as lazy as possible and concentrate on what she sees as important which will be her Socialist agenda.
Third, she won't have any contingency plans.
Fourth, she won't be able to work out where the money comes from and run the country into the ground.
Fifth, democracy will be the last thing on her mind when she is president.

Thinking about it that sounds so similar to what happened here with Gordo. All you Americans out there should look at the UK and think about that happening to the US. Don't do it. I need somewhere to move to soon.


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