Monday, February 18, 2008

It looks like a quick decision for Toshiba.

It looks like Toshiba may be about to concede defeat in the HD format skirmish. Read here. I won't call it a war because it looks like it will be over too quickly. It is a good decision for us if they do as it removes the uncertainty of potentially us, the punters, choosing the losing format.

Now I'm not an expert but it looks to me like this time around the best format won. Unlike last time when many people chose the best format and the poorer one came out on top plus it dragged on for years so many people lost out. Read here for some comments on the differences.

Well done Toshiba for a sound marketing decision and one that will save many of us a significant amount of cash. Now we can expect that the prices will come down rapidly as manufacturers concentrate on one format only.

Still need to save for the HDTV though.


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