Sunday, February 24, 2008

The wisdom of age or insane rumblings?

I have been thinking about why it is that every time we as a country digs itself out of the mire we vote labour and screw our country up for decades again. Is it some masochistic thing we Brits have?

The ideology can't be the sole reason. The basic ideology of socialism is that we should all be equal. The labour way of course is to screw everyone into the lowest common denominator and the libertarian way is through allowing us all to compete no matter how our upbringing. Neither is perfect but the socialist way leads to disaster every time so why do we choose it.

I can barely remember back to the late 70s, showing my age now, where we actually had power cuts, strikes and three day weeks. Mainly because I was out all the time the cuts, strikes and a three day week didn't impact me too much but I do remember watching it unfold and making a decision that I would never vote labour. I was going to do something with my life.

So I was wondering why is it that 30 years later we have done exactly the same thing again. Allowed a socialist government to screw us all and in particular the people they were supposed to help. The lowest paid are impacted more by Gordos stealth taxes than the higher paid. They have in reality chosen to pay more of their own money into the bloated state. You have just got to laugh.

The conclusion I came to is simplistic but I think accurate.
1) The bulk of the people voting for labour are too young to have been born or remember the disaster that was the 70s. No knowledge of recent history.
2) We don't actually teach socialism at schools. Only socialist propaganda by the teachers to a captive audience. History stops at 1948 or something in schools. No knowledge of the atrocities committed in the name of socialism over the decades.
3) Socialism ideals are sold on fairness and morals. Yet there are no discussions on exactly how that would work with a species like us. Just the aims and who can argue against fairness? Playing on our sense of fair play.
4) Everyone assumes that they are the lowest on the ladder. They therefore assume that any boost with improve their lot in life at the detriment of the toffs. It is pure selfishness.
5) They are actually so vindictive that they would rather others suffered, including them, if they felt a toff was being screwed. Pure envy.

So here we are again. Country looks like it is entering a recession with the cupboard bare. We have put in place the apparatus for a police state. Our brightest and best are leaving in droves and being replaced with people that don't even like our way of life and want to replace it with their own. We also have the spectre of the EU to make our transition to what the old soviets tried to do and failed. We are now so dependent on the state for our handouts that whatever they put in our way we just nod and follow instructions. Like the sheep we have become. One thing is clear though. We will be working off the folly of the last ten years for several decades.

Democracy, the bedrock of our society, has for all intent and purpose vanished. We have removed trial by jury, inquests with no public scrutiny and the powers to arrest and remove property under no more than a suspicion a crime has been committed. Criminals no longer fear punishment because the state has no interest in crimes not against the state like not payment of council tax, income tax and other income streams. Criminals don't pay too well to the state. They just cost money. The EU is being given powers from our government that they have no right to give. The laughably named opposition party is so bad that even against the most useless government in history they are barely making headway. It's looking worse for the UK than ever before. Although I do wonder if it is a conservative ploy to make sure they don't win the next election. After all when we hit the rails who really wants to be the one holding the steering wheel? If the wheels come off before the next election then Cameron will be replaced by a real politician who the tories think can straighten our country out. Restructure our PFI etc. and steer us away from the cliff edge, or, at the very least, we have a party with support that can.

We used to be the greatest nation on earth with innovation and hard work being the cornerstone of our success. All over the world British was used with pride and it meant something. What has happened to our moral backbone? We have become worse than weak. We are pathetic relying on handouts and meekly accepting a society we shed so much blood to reject in the early 1900s. Is it because over the last 50 years we have not had to shed any blood for our freedoms that we have become complacent? It seems that brought out the best in us and made us a force to be reckoned with. The British bulldogs stood up to be counted then. Maybe the muslim, russian or chinese threat may actual be what we need. Something to fight for. And the best bit is all the labour supporters who voted for these clowns are just the right age to be called up. How sweet that sounds.

One thing is certain. Gordo won't stop until he is removed. He is steaming full speed ahead with his policies despite the fact they are not working and there is nobody willing to stop him. Where is our Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg? I do find it unbelievable that everything that he has touched has failed. I can't think of one thing that he has been involved with over the last 10 years that has worked as intended. If I was his missus I wouldn't let him touch me with a record like that.

So not looking too good at the moment for the British Bulldog. Chained up and its teeth removed and neutered but it does get to watch daytime TV so at the moment it is happy. Although I would imagine that action will be taken if power problems cut of his fix of Oprah and Crossroads.

I'm depressed now. Think I'll move to Wales where at least I'll be looked after by socialist scum in my old age with the state paying.


At 12:53 am, Blogger John East said...

Spot on, particularly 1) no memory of the past, and 3) socialism as being seen as fair and moral.

I can look back and remember the attraction of that nice cuddly uncle figure Harold Wilson, and the cold skeletal Alec Douglas-Home. As an almost teenager, it was obvious to me that the socialist won hands down, particularly as I had no realisation what self centred bastards most of us are, and what slick liars most politicians are.

But I think the most devastating point you identified is the simplest, 1) lack of memory. I've been pondering this for some time, and suspect there is something like a law of society which says, "Any changes in society which progress sufficiently slowly to appear negligible from one generation to the next are unstoppable." I suspect that this law on its own could account for the collapse of any given civilisation, and might explain why most civilisations come to an end after a few centuries.

At 9:29 am, Blogger Henry Crun said...


The answer is a simple one, well maby not that simple.

Having pulled Britain back from the brink of the 3rd world abyss, Margaret Thatcher is painted by the left wing media as the wicked witch of the west.

Simply not true. I was not living in Britain at the time, but viewing events from afar, I could see that from the disaster of the Wilson/Callaghan era, Thatcher pulled this country up by its own bootstraps, refused to prop up ailing industries and made everyone stand on their own two feet. Without the headstrong Mrs Thatcher, the Conservatives foundered and ran out of ideas. Along came Mr Smarmy and promised to be whiter than white (although I suspect Trevor Phillips might hava ad a word afterwards.

There are some among our population fror whom work is a complete anathema. Labour know this and would rather prop them up in return for votes, whilst exploiting workers from other parts of the EU who will work in appalling conditions for less than the minimum wage but are unable to vote. So who gives a shit?

I believe that if ever there was a case for qualified voting, it is now. People will be disqualified from voting for the following reasons:

a. Reading the Sun Newspaper
b. Reading the Daily Mirror
c. Watch the Jeremy Kyle Show
d. Drive a white van.
e. Live in Scotland or Wales or NI. Fuck off, you have your own parliament now.

The other alternative is to invest in a truckload of piano wire and 600-odd lamposts.

At 10:10 am, Blogger Bag said...

John, I am hoping that technology will be the savior of our civilisation but the way we spend money on new ways of killing people rather than research makes it a slow process. I think socialism is actually on it's last legs as it is only our politicians and the media that are keeping it going now. The next time socialism is kicked out we need to make sure we put in place a media that treats it like child molestation. Although I actually think socialism is worse.

Henry, I think it would be difficult keeping track of all the jobs that disqualify you from voting. In the end only about fifty people would be eligible.
So I am, reluctantly *laughs*, forced to go for the piano wire. Although 600? That must be the first batch only.

At 1:36 am, Blogger thud said...

a well considered rant...hard to disagree with any of it...damn...I like a good argument.

At 3:54 pm, Blogger UBERMOUTH said...

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