Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well she is almost right.

Reading through yet another article about underage Scottish drinkers and how they plan to mark the bottles with UV to detect who is selling them. Read here.

Just another control process being put in place by our sour faced socialist leaders.

The last statement in the article though made me laugh.

"I don't want to demonise all young people at all but there are a minority in certain parts of Scotland that are making life miserable for everyone else," she added.

If you removed 'all young' then that sentence describes her and all her miserable cronies. They have removed all fun from society for anyone under 21 and are now destroying one of the few refuges left to them. they won't be happy till they are all sitting in front of the TV singing some rousing socialist marching song. It is nice though to see Scotland is just as thick with those useless scum as we are and it's also making them miserable as well.


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At 7:17 pm, Blogger Bag said...

James, I would hate to be a kid growing up in this country now. I have never drank but I suspect I would be sloshed all the time if I was 16 or 17.

bear in mind that there must be thousands of drunks now. It's one of the few things left for us.


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