Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well what a day.

Was worn out after my holiday. Too much time pottering about actually doing nothing. I'm convinced I got more done whilst I was working.

So woke up late today.lucky I was working from home. Then I had forgotten my passwords lucky our Helpdesk wasn't to bad for a change so I got in eventually.

Then downloaded a ton and a half of EMails which blocked my account. Our Email system stops you sending if you exceed the quota they set. Sadly it meant quick responses can't be sent until you get down below the limit. I was helped by the company here. In my absence they implemented a new system that automatically deletes all EMails more than 120 days old unless it is flagged retain.

Well I went on leave, they publicised the policy and implemented the software. It sent everyone a list of the items that would be deleted and told them to set the flag or when you logged in after the 1st Jan it would delete them. A list was sent out again in the last week and thus when I logged in I had set off a chain of events that was still running when I suddenly realised the import of the EMail I was reading. So another call to the Help Desk to recover my large stash of deleted Emails. They were not happy and I was furious. Didn't last long because I was too tired and could not be bothered.

Then I packed in early because I'd had a hard day. Now off to read some blogs and catch up with the days events. See if my prayers have been answered.


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