Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new ploy on the war on drugs.

I like it. A new ploy on the war on drugs comes from Canada.

In pretty much the same way as our government says no one is responsible for their own actions then we have a drug user who sued her dealer because he made a profit from an illegal drug. Read here. Because he wouldn't divulge his source the judge deemed he had lost the case. Must have been some interesting logic there. Fits in with the idea of double punishment for your crimes though and a way to bypass the laws and make certain criminals pay twice or potentially even more.

However like all these actions there are a couple of -ve bits. Soon people will be suing everyone for making a profit from anything and this case will be a good starting point. The second and probably more concerning will be drug lords actually bumping off these people who claim or even their family members. After all won't be long before someone gives out their names and this would also be a warning to the dealer who is under pressure.

Of course this is Canada so may not yet be up to the same standard as the US but from what I understand with the gun ban, for legal users only, and everything it is getting there.


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