Friday, January 04, 2008

I see the next step in legislation.

Too often we here people complaining about corporate interests being foisted on the public. Usually it's just an anti capitalist speech been given by communists who really do not accept that their system does not work. Tried and failed, time after time after time throughout time.

However, sometimes, there is a case to be heard. Restrictive practices such as making people divulge information or sign up to services that are not required because they are in a very powerful position. Abusing their power. Sadly this is one area where even someone like myself things needs something to be done. Sadly, in this case the guvmint should do do something. Oh how bad that makes me feel to say that.

Then of course we have things like this. Wetherspoons is implementing a policy where parties with children are being limited to what they can drink. To stop them staying too long and not looking after the kids. In their minds parents obviously can't manage their own time and Wetherspoons is going to do it for them. Read here.

But as per the smoking ban that gives Weatherspoon a problem. As in this article people will just go elsewhere. But in our interfering nanny state they see a solution. Let's get our dozy guvmint to do something. It's for the children so only paedophiles and bad parents would object, which one are you?, and it will cut down on people drinking. It's a win win.

And of course it may mean that pubs will lose customers but never fear extensive investigation, of just under two people has shown that if kids were not in pubs they would consider going more often. So really they would not lose out and who knows they may even increase their customers.

Who can argue with logic like that?

Weathspoon's I hope you go bankrupt.


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