Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gloomy forecast.

I wonder how in this day and age we still have so many people who actually believe in the Socialist agenda. We all talk about we should do this to help people and there is no doubt there is much we can do but we never have a middle ground.

On one side we have a group whose aim seems to be to keep the machine going and the status quo in place and the other side is a group determined to smash everything down to the lowest common denominator.

It is likely that if you are reading this you are in a group that comprises the top 10% of people on this planet. The remaining 90% look with envy at what we have. We look with envy at the top 10% of our group. In that elite group, 1% of the population of Earth, they look at their top 10% and want to be there and it goes on until we get Bill Gates and his ilk striving to be number one.

Nothing wrong with that though. Where it goes wrong is that down the ladder our envy makes us selfish. We don't care about those under us we only care about us being equal to those above us. Even worse we are more than happy to tread on those below us as we try and drag down those above us.

This is the reason Socialism is popular. They sell the message of equality for all and we misinterpret the message. We see ourselves as bottom of the pile and thus we will be given a lift up. The truth is it is only done by dragging down those above us. But who cares, right?

Over the next few years though our system will really be tested. People from the other 90% are actually coming into our countries in droves. They will tip the balance and then as the masses realise that it is now them that are being dragged down it become them or us. Society as we know it will explode. It, as extremes, will then go one of two ways.

1) Hard liners such as the BNP and other like organisations will be brought to power. We will set up barriers between ourselves and other countries and restrict immigration and trade. Many who have peacefully coexisted with us for decades whilst we struggle will be killed or displaced to die.

2) We will be overrun by the third world and we will be forced to meet their requirements or die. We will become one of the many Islamic states and all of us will face misery and death on a daily basis. Our lives, as we know it, will be over.

Personally I am hoping for a middle ground. One where we can sort out the issues keep our identity as British and, theoretically, Christians and make immigrants conform to our society not impose their own on us.

Sadly I don't see any of the current crop of useless politicians upsetting the status quo. None will grab the banner, like the BNP does, and step forward except of course with a more reasoned agenda. So the pot boils and eventually it will overflow.

Although with news items such as Lionheart and Dr Nazir-Ali becoming more frequent is it the case that we are now starting to see the almost boiling water starting to spill over. Hopefully one of our useless politicians will see some votes in it and actually come out with some decent policies. I doubt it though our politicians only seem to make things worse.

Better start stocking up on all the necessities in life and make friends with the local drug dealers and porno kings. I've heard they have access to terrorists who can get us some weapons. Although whats the betting that with the scum they normally deal with they wont have anything to do with me. Too scared I'll be the man. Just my luck.


At 2:30 pm, Blogger Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Love your perspective, Bag. I don't look with any envy at the top 10% of the 10%, the prats. Let's be happy what we are.

At 4:02 pm, Blogger Bag said...

James, I am, you are, but you just have to look around. Most don't.

We all are selfish in some way. That will never change but at the same time we are all generous people.

There is a way to sort it out but not the way we seem to be going. If we did we could solve most of the problems on this planet and leave us free to advance as a race.


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