Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sorry if I gave offence.

Sorry, I lied.

In this modern age we seem to have to get involved in everyones little tragedies. Littlejohn has a piece here just below the one on Gordo, well worth a read on his own, of our shared sadness for Phil O'Donnell who died at the weekend.

Now I can understand it is a tragedy for the family and although in our callous way we make jokes about these thing we never make them to the families concerned. We do not belittle how they feel and would never do anything or say anything regarding those feelings. They get our sympathies but usually we don't get involved in the grief we are just silent bystanders.

Since Princess Di. We seem to as a nation join in to these things as if it is one of our own that died. It seemed everyone was caught up in the wake. You could not go anywhere without it being the topic of conversation.

Now I have great difficulty getting caught up in these and after Phil O'Donnell was wondering why. I have come to two conclusions.

1) I could easily get caught up in someones death as part of a massive group.
2) Our outpourings of emotion are artificial.

The first is easy. Say for example Gordo died today. I would be caught up in the mass celebrations that would spontaneously take place around the UK. Although not involved in his death, Hopefully no evidence :) , I will certainly get caught up in the wake and be cheering my head off.

The second was a bit more difficult. They must be artificial because we don't really know these people and yet there are tears and genuine emotions involved. But when I thought about it it was the people that had opinions of their own that didn't seem to fall into this mass hysteria. Felt sorry, Yes, but not joining in the hysteria.

So I came to the following conclusions. We have started to enter the final stage when we just follow people blindly like sheep. One person cries so we all join in because we are conditioned to do so.
The people that don't automatically do this are accused of not bothering about people feelings and having no respect.

Tale for example this guy, Matthew Parris, made a joke about killing cyclists and there were 200 complaints from cyclists. All because of an accident two years ago. Read here. They really are a whingy whiney bunch of people. Jokes are made all the time about others which I bet they all laugh at whilst prancing about in their florescent lycra. Now it appears that a tragedy two years ago means that nobody can ever make another joke about cyclists in the future. Ever. Not even to take the mickey out of lycra.

So added to this our PC attitude. I think that nowadays mass hysteria of the non violent kind is one of the only things we are allowed in this society so we are encouraged to do so. It keeps us quiet and busy on other things so they can sneak about under this cover and screw us around more.

So expect more people to complain about things in 2008. More apologies from people. Wonder how long it will be before they feel confident enough to take on Clarkson and Littlejohn? Probably never but they may go directly to the top and whinge and whine. Until there is no dissent and we will have nothing to joke about. What a thought. We will all be in tears when someone stubs a toe. Those that don't will be taken away for reeducation.

God. I'm so depressed.


At 12:50 pm, Blogger Henry Crun said...

If Parris had any balls at all he would have told them all to fuck off.

People who complain about being offended deserve to be offended.

At 1:14 pm, Blogger Bag said...

Yes I agree, but I have no doubt his column depended on it. He would have been told just apologise.

Nobody likes to be hated or lose their job over these things. Until someone with some balls stands up this will continue.

This is where I see people like Clarkson making a stand. Thats why they won't get picked on like this though.

At 7:49 pm, Blogger Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

That's a great point, Bag. Wonder what jokes could be made about my death. I'd like to hear them beforehand, you understand.

At 10:26 pm, Blogger Bag said...

James, depends how you go.

atm the odds are on being murdered by a nut case. I'll have to look something up as I can't think of anything myself.

At 7:54 pm, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

I think that everyone in the public light seems to deserve a "Public Funeral" just because they are "famous". Reality TV in reality. People really must have very boring lives.


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