Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is it just me?

I was reading the article about the review of the de Menezes case. Read here.

I particularly liked the statements such as;
The report says 17 witnesses said they had not heard officers shout a clear warning before opening fire. (Yet he persistently ignored their calls and resisted)
Operation Kratos had not been deployed on the day - but some officers had believed it had been. (Commands to kill civilians are so ambiguous that nobody was sure if they were active or not)
London's Metropolitan Police made serious and avoidable errors in killing an innocent man. (Hard to believe after all they have never done this before... Oh wait... They have many many times. Police have probably killed more innocents than the bad guys. For our protection of course)

Yet no one faces justice. It seems that many of the recommendations in the report were already being acted on. So clearly that meant that we should just forget the whole thing.

Can you imagine how well it would go down in court if I walked out into the street and killed someone because I thought he was a threat to me. Later, of course, I would find out he wasn't but since then and before I went to court I had put thought about it and put in place procedures to make sure it never happened again. Oh! Thanks OK then. You are free to go. Oh! and have a free holiday on the taxpayer. Thank you, M'lud.

Is there anyone in government circles nowadays that can be brought to justice under the disney laws in this country. They can take us for revving in a racial manner and looking at coppers suspiciously is cause for suspicion by our unaccountable servants but they literally get away with murder time after time and nothing is done.

Makes me think of the old soviet system more and more. We are not quite there yet but we don't have that far to go. I'm sure glad we lived under the threat of nuclear holocaust to purge that ideology.

It seems to be just us that actually sees a problem with all this. I have friends, and *cough* family, who think this is acceptable in the fight against terror. I hope we don't have to lose a family member before it hits home.

I wish the de Menezes family luck in their pursuit of this to the EU courts. Maybe it's time the EU actually did something for us.


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