Friday, November 23, 2007

What is going on with our Justice system?

It seems that we have declined to extradite an actual terrorist because the poor diddums believed she had got away with it. Double jeopardy issues. Of course now she has. Unless Germany sends in someone to rectify the mistake of course. Read here. So much for the War on Terror.

Now at the same time we are extraditing people who committed their alleged crime in the UK, read here, to face a very expensive and difficult trial in the US and we are also changing our laws so we can put more people through this double jeopardy route to ensure that our governments wishes are performed. Of course only for real crimes, murders, terrorism, burglary etc. wont have this used but telling the truth about government incompetence and our MPs will have you tried repeatedly until you go bankrupt.

More pointers that there is something clearly wrong with Justice in the UK.


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