Monday, November 26, 2007

Integrity has a new meaning.

Well it seems that more are falling on their swords. This time for the latest contribution to the labour party finances that broke the law. Now correct me if I am wrong but isn't breaking the law illegal even if it is for such a worthy cause as the labour party. Should Mr Yates not be racing down there to arrest this guy and his accomplices. They must have an open and shut case on at least four people. The guy who stumped up the cash, David Abrahams, his two conspirators who acted as agents to launder the money, Janet Kidd and Ray Ruddick, and our not so innocent scapegoat, Peter Watt, who admitted he knew what was going on. Possibly even others but those four are dead to rights.

But they will all plea insanity. Being labour supports must be a clear symptom so they will most likely get away with it. Fingers crossed someone presses charges.

But to be honest the bit that I found the funniest was Peter Watt's statement 'had always "prided myself on having complete integrity"'. You have got to be kidding! How does that stack up against the statement by him that 'he had known about the arrangement'. You cant have integrity and deliberately break the law.

Integrity. He clearly does not know what it means. Read the full story here. Obviously his compensation for quickly falling on his sword may quickly turn to dust if he is prosecuted.

Fingers crossed the whole lot is confiscated as it was clearly deliberately paid in a manner to deceive and that these four, at least, spend some time behind bars for their crimes. It's about time these people got something for their crimes and not a peerage.

And notice how quick these guys as falling on their swords. Good package and away from Gordo. These golden handshakes must be too good to turn down and Gordo seems to be making the arrangements very quickly. Funny that it seems the only efficient thing in Whitehall at the moment. The fall on your Sword Redundancy Package.


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