Monday, November 19, 2007

Progressing to the stone age.

Only because the bronze age was too resource intensive and would only offer us a 79% reduction in our carbon rating. Read here about how our targets could be set at an 80% reduction.

This is clearly beyond parody. We have no chance of making a 60% reduction never mind an 80% reduction. This is clearly just another contest to see who has the biggest. The Tories may as well go for 90% for all the good it will do them.

I think if we nuked all our methane producing politicians then we might have a change of meeting 40%.

Although it is interesting that Gordo thinks it will create new jobs. So do I. For one thing he will need inspectors and more paper pushers, at well paid rates, and if a reduction ever took place and all the machines are switched off we will need someone to drag the produce to market and tend the fields. Of course non of those will be well paid jobs but who cares. They won't live long enough to draw pensions and they won't have any social security to provide a cushion for any falls.

With rats now making a comeback and this sort of thing coming in the Dark Ages here we come. Although on the brighter side. the more life becomes Hell on Earth the more religious we will become. Makes a religious war that much easier.


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